5 Best NFT Games in 2024 for Earning Without Investments

5 Best NFT Games in 2024 for Earning Without Investments 2024

Interested in NFT games with money withdrawal without investments? Earning through NFTs is not a new trend in 2024, but combining entertainment and income – online games and earning money – is a fresher trend.

You can try both passive income, which doesn’t require much involvement in the game, and active participation in the buying and selling process in games that demand constant player attention. The choice is yours. We will tell you how and on which games you can earn more money.

What are NFT games?

NFTs, or blockchain-based tokens, are used in video games that can be played on Android or iOS to represent virtual items. NFTs are unique and can be transferred on digital platforms, meaning each token is one of a kind and can circulate among players. This means it will have its own market value based on its utility and demand.

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Developers use NFTs to create unique items in their games. With them, they can make each item unique. Like other cryptocurrencies, NFTs can be bought, sold, or traded, and they are stored in a digital wallet. For example, if you’re playing a game where players can collect and trade swords, shields, and armor, if these items were interchangeable, players could swap their swords for shields or vice versa. However, if these items were NFTs, each sword and shield would be unique, allowing players to trade with each other without relying on a third party or developer. These items are in demand among collectors because they are unique and cannot be replicated.

5 Best NFT Games in 2024 for Earning Without Investments 2024

How do NFT games work?

In NFT games, non-playable tokens are used as the foundation for player interactions, rules, and ways to move within the game. Users, for example, on Android or iOS, can use NFTs to create characters or find, create, purchase, or trade NFTs in the game.

Typically, developers create NFT games using smart contracts — unique contracts built on blockchain technology. Smart contracts are encoded directly into the blockchain and execute as soon as the gameplay performs a predefined set of functions.

NFT games that can be played on Android or iOS differ from many video games in that the value of in-game assets extends beyond the gaming context. Smart contracts transfer ownership rights of in-game NFTs to players when they fulfill the required criteria. Players can either continue to use their NFTs in the game independently of developers, transfer the token to another gaming platform, or sell it outside the gaming environment.

Users can play or develop two types of NFT games that utilize NFTs and blockchain technology, each with slightly different designs. You can also find both features in a single NFT game.

  • NFT Games – “Play to Earn”

As the name suggests, “play-to-earn” NFT games allow players to earn money while playing. This type of design typically operates on tokens that players earn by completing in-game tasks and reaching milestones.

  • In-Game NFTs

NFT games that can be played on Android or iOS allow you to earn NFTs and trade them within the game or exchange them for real money. This is an original way to generate income. Examples include in-game currencies used exclusively within the game:

  1. Character avatars skins;
  2. Weapons;
  3. Tools;
  4. Gloves;
  5. Trading cards;
  6. Pets;
  7. Other in-game items.

Benefits of NFT games

NFT games offer several advantages compared to their non-NFT counterparts.

  • Ownership

In traditional games, players are not true owners of their in-game items, currencies, or achievements. Since these digital assets exist on a centralized server controlled by publishers/developers/companies, they can be taken away at any moment and cannot be used outside the game.

In contrast, players in NFT games have sovereign ownership rights over their digital assets, just like physical items. They can possess, create, and trade them at their discretion. This form of real ownership creates a new level of immersion and player engagement, as evidenced by the trend of people collecting physical items like rare coins, stamps, cards, and other memorabilia. Before the advent of NFTs, creating collectible digital items was impossible because the durability of any item was ephemeral and uncertain. At any moment, the server to which the digital item belonged could go offline, and the collectible item would cease to exist.

As long as the blockchain is operational, NFTs will exist. This adds a new dimension to the gaming experience and deepens players’ connection to their digital items and the systems that support them.

  • Interoperability

All NFT games created on one blockchain are interconnected thanks to a common underlying infrastructure, allowing them to interact with each other in various forms without any permissions. For example, since they can exist outside the game in which they were earned, NFTs from one game can be used in another game (or games) and serve a different purpose in that game.

  • Monetization

They are connected to a larger built-in economy consisting of all other applications built on top of the blockchain. Players who buy or earn in-game NFTs gain immediate access to open blockchain markets where they can freely buy, sell, or trade their NFTs. This opens up the opportunity for players to earn real money by playing games, although sometimes the profit can be ephemeral.

5 Best NFT Games in 2024 for Earning Without Investments 2024

A diagram showing the difference between a closed in-game economy and an open gaming economy, where players own their items and can sell them. NFT games offer an open in-game economy with sovereign ownership of digital items and currency.

For NFT game developers, this open economy also opens up new monetization pathways. For instance, developers can receive royalties every time the digital products they create are sold on the market — an economic model that no longer requires game developers to optimize for constant and repetitive in-game purchases at the expense of the player experience.

They are also more expensive to produce, leading to increased value, and come with inherent advantages such as permissionless operation, sovereign ownership, and access to open markets that many traditional games do not (or cannot) offer.

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How to earn money in NFT games?

As we already know, in Crypto NFT games, users receive tokens and digital assets in the form of NFTs. These are often referred to as play-to-earn games and investment games because they allow players to earn tokens that can generate income for them. Players can sell special wearables or utilities they acquire for free or at a lower cost in the game (as bonuses) for larger sums of money.

The more value and passion people invest in these items and tokens, the more their worth increases globally. Players invest their time and money in these games. Below are some of the most popular ways to earn in NFT games.

  • Earning in-game currency

Most cryptocurrency NFT games are designed with the aim of rewarding users with these tokens, which potentially can bring financial rewards as they gain popularity. One such game in 2021 was Axie Infinity, where players earned tokens.

5 Best NFT Games in 2024 for Earning Without Investments 2024
  • Earning in-game NFTs

In-game NFTs are another way to generate income from playing NFT games through gameplay without any commission. The value of items from gameplay usually varies depending on their rarity or usefulness in the game.

Axie NFTs obtained in the game are typically sold for an average of $270, providing additional income. The demand for these in-game NFT items usually increases as more people join the game and use them.

These in-game items and NFTs are finite and limited to create scarcity and increase the value of rewards. This means you can earn money by trading them for real money or building a brand based on your special in-game collections.

5 Best NFT Games in 2024 for Earning Without Investments 2024
  • Tournaments and Events

In some MMO games, special events and tournaments are held, giving players the opportunity to earn unique rewards for participating and farming artifacts for themselves. Some are willing to pay significant amounts for various simulators.

5 Best NFT Games in 2024 for Earning Without Investments 2024
  • Virtual Real Estate

Virtual real estate refers to objects in the metaverse. There are many crypto games in which players can buy, sell, and build on virtual plots.

5 Best NFT Games in 2024 for Earning Without Investments 2024
  • Mining

Perhaps you’ve heard of Bitcoin mining. In blockchain, the mining phase typically begins right after the release of a new game. Miners initiate the process of introducing currency into circulation for use within the game. Cryptocurrency mining involves solving complex mathematical problems to create the next block. It’s an expensive and resource-intensive process.

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It’s important to note that mining coins puts a significant load on your graphics processing unit (GPU). This earning tactic is usually intended for individuals who have the means to invest in mining rigs.

5 Best NFT Games in 2024 for Earning Without Investments 2024
  • Becoming an Influencer

Most top gamers leverage their followers to teach strategies for achieving the highest gaming level with minimal investments.

It’s also an opportunity to become brand ambassadors for existing and upcoming games. The crypto and NFT space is driven by influential individuals, opening up many opportunities for those in the gaming space who live-stream their games.

  • Becoming a Gaming Consultant

Many leading gamers have the opportunity to share their experiences and provide valuable feedback to gaming companies to improve their products with minimal investments, making them better for others.

Gaming consulting is a significant role and an excellent opportunity to earn substantial income while playing NFT cryptocurrency games with minimal investments.

  • Becoming a Community Leader

The crypto NFT space thrives on community. It’s one of the fastest ways to make money in this space, as it can be a means to establish your brand within it. Building communities serves as effective advertising and helps you gain the right audience for your products. NFTs also attract affiliate marketing specialists.

How much can you earn in NFT games?

The earning potential with crypto games and NFTs is limitless, and you can employ various strategies, including minimizing investments. Individual players can earn $500 per month, and users on the platform receive $100 each day.

The amount you earn also depends on the in-game currency’s value, play frequency, and skill. In games like Axie Infinity, which is playable on Android, new players can earn between 75 to 300 SLP per day depending on these factors. In Bomb Crypto, newcomers can earn four to five BCOIN of in-game currency in a single “Treasure Hunt” run.

According to Investopedia, the average CryptoKitty sells for around $65. However, some have been sold for over $2 million, and certain ones are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

5 Best NFT Games in 2024 for Earning Without Investments 2024

5 Best NFT games without investment and money withdrawal

Before delving into the best NFT games, let’s understand how to play them. First, you’ll need a cryptocurrency gaming platform that supports NFTs. Most players on Android or iOS opt for Blockchain or Ethereum, as they are known for their security and are recommended for beginners.

After choosing a platform, you can download the game on Android or iOS and create an account. Then, you’ll need to use cryptocurrency to make a deposit and purchase NFTs. This is the only way to acquire the NFTs you need in the game.

Once you have them, you can trade them or use them to level up your characters. You can also earn NFT tokens by completing tasks or inviting your friends to join the game. Here is a list of the best NFT games:

5 Best NFT Games in 2024 for Earning Without Investments 2024


Etherlords is a card-based online game that you can play on Android or iOS, based on the Ethereum platform. It has its own in-game currency called ETHER, and by playing the game, you can earn ETHER tokens. The game is free to play. It’s an excellent way to earn tokens while at home or in the office.


CryptoKitties is a game where you can collect, breed, and sell virtual cats. Players can buy and sell kittens, and you can earn by selling rare creatures. CryptoKitties is extremely popular and is one of the best non-playable token games available in the gaming industry.


Decentraland is an online virtual reality game that you can play on Android or iOS, where you can create your own world or purchase land from other players. You can buy and sell land parcels, or you can build your own VR world and charge other users for visiting it. It’s an excellent way to make money and interact with other players.


CryptoLoans, which you can play on Android or iOS, allows you to earn tokens by lending money to other players. If you lend money to another player, you receive rewards in the form of CLT tokens, which you can use to pay off your own loans. It’s a great way to make money while also improving your reputation on the platform.

How to withdraw earnings from NFT games

To withdraw your earnings to a card or wallet, you will need an exchange platform. For example, you can transfer NFTs from your wallet to a card on Coinbase Prime. Log in to Coinbase Prime to withdraw money to your card or wallet. On the Portfolio tab, next to the Search icon, find NFTs > select the asset you want to withdraw to your card or wallet. Next to “View Collection”, select the ellipsis icon > “Withdraw” to your card or wallet.

Essentially, you can withdraw money to Binance through Android in a similar way. Binance is a platform or exchange that allows you to exchange and withdraw currency. Registering on the Binance exchange can be somewhat complex, but the Binance platform allows you to perform the necessary operations efficiently and quickly. Operations with various DeFi assets, including Bitcoin, are possible on the Binance exchange.


As we have seen, blockchain-based games and NFT technology are new ways to interact with games. They allow players to own unique items that cannot be transferred or traded with other players.

NFTs use blockchain technology to verify ownership rights and enable players to earn tokens by lending money, breeding rare kittens, and much more. If you’re looking for a new and exciting way to play games with the goal of earning, then NFT games are for you. It’s an excellent way to earn by playing crypto NFT games, trading, and exchanging items in the crypto world. If you want to try something new, you can start by searching for games that utilize NFTs.

You can also create your own fantasy football game using NFTs and build an audience from scratch. Now that you understand what NFTs are, you can move on to practice.


NFT games owe their popularity to two main interests – the desire for quick earnings and the thrill of it. They allow combining gameplay, passive income, and the excitement of currency trading.

Is it possible to earn in NFT games without investments?

Yes, it is possible to earn in NFT games without investments because downloading the games themselves is free, and earning through trading processes is also cost-free. All you invest is your time.

CryptoKitties, Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, Splinterlands, and Sandbox 3D are among the most well-known NFT games. These are the most popular and profitable crypto and NFT projects where you can play and earn cryptocurrency.

What currency do NFT games use for payment?

Payments in games can be made in various currencies. It can be well-known cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or in-game currencies. In any case, you can transfer your earnings to wherever you need or even withdraw them entirely.

In which NFT games can you earn more?

One of the most profitable NFT games is CryptoKitties, which allows users to buy and sell kittens using Ethereum. CryptoKitties has accumulated millions of dollars to date. Each kitten costs several Ethereum (around $5), but this price can vary depending on supply and demand.

Where to store and how to withdraw NFT tokens?

You can leave the tokens you’ve earned within the game. Then, you can spend them on items you need. Alternatively, you can withdraw them through an exchange and convert them into fiat curr.

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