Clickadu is an international advertising network that started its activities in 2014. Initially, Clickadu dealt exclusively with click-under and pop-under formats. However, over time, the range of advertising formats has expanded significantly. Currently, the network has six formats: push notifications, pop-under, in-page push, SKIM, instant text message, and video pre-roll.

Today, the network provides over 2.3 billion impressions daily in 200+ countries around the world. High-quality traffic is provided by 4,500 webmasters with their own platforms of various topics.

Clickadu cooperates with more than 5,000 advertisers on a regular basis. The network works equally successfully with mobile and desktop ad formats. There are different payment models CPM, CPC, SmartCPM, SmartCPA.

The network provides the ability to run traffic on offers of a wide range of verticals (from dating, webcam, gambling/betting, sweepstakes to Wap-clicks, PIN-submits, VPN, social apps (mainstream dating), tools, utilities, and others).

For precise tuning of advertising campaigns, the platform has a multitude of targeting options. You can choose the geography, operating system and its version, device type, browser and its language, mobile operators and type of connection to the network, presence/absence of proxies. There is the possibility of setting a schedule for displaying ads by time, as well as configuring black and white lists. Statistics will show the progress of the advertising campaign in real-time.

The network has a fraud protection system that successfully filters bots. As a result, the advertiser receives clean, live traffic. To provide the best coverage worldwide, Clickadu has created its own data centers around the world.

You can top up your balance via Visa/Mastercard, PayPal, Webmoney, or Paxum. The minimum amount to replenish the balance is $100.

Webmasters can earn with Clickadu on a CPM model. This network is attractive because it allows you to monetize 100% of your traffic. Rates per thousand impressions vary depending on the geography, platforms, and other traffic characteristics, but overall show higher profitability compared to other networks. The network provides high demand for traffic, a clean feed (thanks to policy and moderation), and offers six ad formats developed in accordance with Google requirements. Top partners providing a large amount of high-quality traffic can count on increased rates. The network provides a personal manager for each webmaster.

Partner payments are made weekly or every two weeks via PayPal, Webmoney, Paxum, Crypto-wallets, and Wire. To withdraw, you must have a minimum balance of $10.

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