Evadav is an advertising platform that specializes in push notifications. The network provides about 300 million ad impressions daily, collaborates with over 4,000 webmasters, and has almost 1,000 advertisers. The network works with traffic from all over the world.

To start working with Evadav as an advertiser, it is necessary to deposit at least $100 USD. There are 8 ways to top up your balance. The platform operates on a pay-per-click payment model only.

Detailed statistics allow you to get data on the progress of the advertising campaign by clicks, impressions, see the cost per click and the CTR of the ad, as well as find out the total expenses for any selected period of time. To increase the effectiveness of advertising, Evadav allows adding sites to black and white lists.

Ad moderation takes no more than 20 minutes, after which the campaign will immediately start running. Technical support works 7 days a week without weekends.

For webmasters who want to connect their site to the network, Evadav does not set minimum requirements for the number of site visitors. You can connect a site with traffic from any GEO and any topic that does not contradict the law.

The minimum payout amount is $20 USD. Payments are made automatically without commission every week when the minimum balance is reached.

Webmasters can transfer funds from their balance to the advertiser’s balance within the system through a personal manager.

Evadav’s referral program allows earning 5% of the revenue of referred webmasters.

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