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Hilltopads is an advertising network that has been known in the market since 2011. The network’s main office is located in the United Kingdom.

Hilltopads offers several advertising formats including traditional banners, video ads, popunders, direct links, native ads, and push notifications, which was recently added.

The network works with both desktop and mobile traffic, and offers the possibility of monetizing adult traffic. Three payment models are available: CPM, CPC, and CPA.

The advertising solutions offered by Hilltopads are not recognized by ad-blockers.

For more precise targeting of advertising campaigns, a variety of targeting options are available, such as by country and city, user language, browsers and operating systems, mobile operators, device type, as well as by keywords, time, and IP addresses.

Partner support is available 24/7 and quickly resolves all issues that arise. The platform has three support departments, each with its own specialization: technical support, advertiser support, and webmaster support.

After a simple registration in the system, users can work with two accounts: advertiser or webmaster.

There are seven methods available for topping up balances and withdrawing earned funds. No commissions are charged in the network. The minimum withdrawal amount is 50 US dollars.

Hilltopads also has a referral program. Users can receive 1% of the top-up amount from referred advertisers, as well as 5% of the revenue from referred webmasters.

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