LuckyAds is an advertising network that was founded by the creators of LuckyOnline, a CPA network, in late 2018. It was voted the “Best Native Advertising Platform” in 2020 by Affbank Awards. LuckyAds is a reliable partner for advertisers, ad agencies, business owners, and webmasters. The platform allows them to easily find relevant and financially-solvent audiences for their products and services. LuckyAds has over 5000 partners and provides approximately 2.5 billion ad impressions per month.

Advertisers can receive traffic on a CPC model with a starting click price of 1 cent, and the minimum balance replenishment amount is $10. The platform has a strict moderation policy and partners with verified websites across different niches to ensure the quality of purchased traffic.

Native ad format is one of the most effective forms of advertising today, and LuckyAds offers several types, including recommendations, photo ads with titles and descriptions, quote-style ads, and expert comments.

Targeting settings allow advertisers to select the GEO and device types: desktop, smartphone, or tablet. The platform also offers Black and White lists for site and block IDs. Ad campaigns are launched within 15 minutes thanks to the 24/7 moderation team. If not all funds are spent, they can be withdrawn through customer support with a response time of less than 30 seconds.

Webmasters can add their sites with 100 unique visitors per day or more to LuckyAds, with traffic primarily from Russia, the CIS, and Europe. The platform allows doorways and free hosting sites, but prohibits pirated content, adult content, and any material that violates the law.

LuckyAds offers an easy-to-use ad block builder, allowing partners to customize ads according to their website’s concept and design. The placement of blocks is safe and won’t incur any search engine penalties. The extended statistics feature shows data on hosts, clicks, and earnings for webmasters.

The platform also has a loyalty program with a gift shop called LuckyStore. The internal currency, LuckyCash, is earned for selling traffic and can be exchanged for electronics, appliances, and other goods.

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