The leading international advertising platform, acting as an intermediary between advertisers and webmasters.

Since 2007, the network has been known in Russia and the CIS as MarketGID.

Today, Mgid is a large native advertising network and one of the top three global leaders in terms of audience coverage. The company has 5 offices in different parts of the world, with its main office located in California, USA.

The network has traffic from more than two hundred countries, and over 30,000 platforms of various themes are connected to the platform. The advertising network support team operates in 65 languages.

Mgid collaborates not only with regular advertisers, but also with well-known global brands and companies, including the music channel MTV and the car manufacturer KIA motors.

The merger of MarketGID and Mgid opens up a completely new level of earning opportunities for partners.

Advertisers from Russia and the CIS countries will have access to new global markets for promoting their products. Now there will be an opportunity to monitor advertising campaigns launched around the world from a single platform account. The platform’s balance can be replenished in many ways.

In turn, website owners will have additional monetization opportunities. The network now allows monetizing traffic from all GEOs and devices. Advertisements from top brands and major global corporations will be displayed on platforms that collaborate with Mgid, which will significantly increase revenue.

The advertising blocks for placement on websites have an expanded list of formats. This makes it possible to set up the most natural display of advertising on website pages. The content of Mgid ads will automatically adjust to the users’ geography, displaying only relevant content.

Collaborate with market leaders to have the best conditions, broad audiences, cutting-edge technical solutions, and, of course, high earnings.

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