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How to use AI voice generators for voice-over in video creatives for affiliate marketing: 6 useful tools

According to recent trends, video creatives are much more appealing to users than static images. They can capture attention much better, they allow you to showcase all the benefits of a product or service in just 10 seconds, they have a positive impact on conversion rates – in short, everything a webmaster needs.

In this article, we will discuss extremely convenient and useful tools for voice-over in video creatives using AI voice generators. Neural network technology is constantly evolving, allowing for development of AI-powered voice software that can be very useful. We will examine which verticals can use these tools, what services are available on the market, and provide examples of speech generation.

Which verticals can use AI voice generators in creatives

The success of an advertising campaign depends on the quality of the creatives, but creating a short video can take several hours. Affiliates are willing to use any tools to automate routine tasks.

It often happens that you have a bright and dynamic video clip, but with mediocre or unsuitable text. You can try recording your own voice or hiring a professional announcer, but this takes time and money. In this situation, AI voice generatos come to the rescue. All you need to do is generate an audio track, overlay it on the video, and launch the creative.

AI voice generatos are primarily suitable for beginners who want to save time. They are also relevant for teams, but to a lesser extent, as this task is usually handled by specially trained managers.

Voice-over for video creatives using AI voice generators can be tested for any vertical, but specific examples show that advertising videos with AI-generated vocal emulation can work well for:

  • Gambling and betting – strong emotions are important in gambling. If they are delivered by a voice that is indistinguishable from a human voice, this can increase conversion rates.
  • Nutra – descriptions of products and their benefits can generate more trust from potential clients if human speech is used.
  • Finance – many banks actively use live voice-over in their creatives. You can create your own version and conduct tests to find out which promo materials work better – standard or unique ones.
  • Other verticals. If you prepare a small script and don’t skimp on sound and video, you can create high-quality video creatives for cryptocurrency, microloans, goods, and any other niches.

Video creatives can be tested by launching them on TikTok, Instagram Reels, or for video advertising on Facebook. The main thing is not to forget to adapt the video to the specific features of each social network.

There are many AI voice generators on the market that allows for speech synthesis and can convert speech to text, but not all of them can do it perfectly. Some platforms produce tracks with interference, while others synthesize a robotic voice that is not useful due to low conversion rates.


This AI voice generator is designed for English-speaking users and features a realistic female voice. The basic version is sufficient for creating short video creatives up to 10-15 seconds long. It has a simple and user-friendly interface, and playback is started by clicking the “Play” button at the top of the screen.

Cons: only one voice option is available in the basic version. Registration and an upgrade to the premium version are required to save files. It is not a free AI voice generator, but there is a trial period when the service can be used for free.

How to use AI voice generators for voice-over in video creatives for affiliate marketing: 6 useful tools

Wideo – free ai voice generator

A more advanced version of NaturalReaders offers several voice-over options for various geographies. It is not a completely free AI voice generator but it allows you to voice up to 2000 characters for free per day, and features a voice preview and the ability to adjust the speed. There are no serious drawbacks for this AI voice generator, except for the character limit, but this can be easily bypassed using proxies. The service can be tested using this link.

How to use AI voice generators for voice-over in video creatives for affiliate marketing: 6 useful tools
An example of a voice over

Sound of Text

This is an easy-to-use AI voice generator suitable for basic exploration of such systems. You input the text, select the language for the voice-over, and press the “Get Result” button.

The drawback is that this voice synthesis engine’s functions are limited. You cannot select different voice-over options, change the pitch or speed of the voice.

How to use AI voice generators for voice-over in video creatives for affiliate marketing: 6 useful tools


In addition to browser-based programs, there are also apps available, such as Speechify voice AI generator. It supports over 60 languages, HD male and female voice options.

This AI-powered voice software allows text-to-speech from articles to web pages, TXT to PDF files.

How to use AI voice generators for voice-over in video creatives for affiliate marketing: 6 useful tools

Other AI voice generators

In addition to AI voice generators services, there are alternative tools available. For example, a template for automation software ZennoPoster, which can automatically generate videos based on specified parameters.

ZennoPoster Templates

There are many cool templates available for ZennoPoster, and one of them automates the process of creating videos – the YouTube Video Generator. For $65, you can get a ready-made template that uses various neural networks. The template supports over 300 voices of sufficient quality.

The template set is ideal for solving problems with video creatives. If you want to generate many videos on a regular basis, this product can handle the task. And additional templates can become a tool for attracting free traffic from YouTube.

Main features:

  • Video generation, cloning, and merging;
  • Watermarking;
  • Audio track generation (like voice AI generators);
  • Overlaying scrolling text and background music;
  • Choosing the order of audio, photos, and texts.

Real Time Voice Cloning

There is a program that allows you to copy a voice from another audio file and use it as the basis for voice-over of another text, so it almost works as AI voice generators. It can also be used as an alternative to paid services.

To use it, you need to download and run the installer, load voice models, and start the program itself. Linux OS is required to run it, but you don’t need to install a new operating system. You can set up a virtual machine and run the script from it.

By the way, check out our review on Metavoice AI tool for voice modification!


Neural networks are constantly learning, and now AI tools (and AI voice generators specifically) can be used not only for testing, but also for real promotional campaigns in affiliate marketing. Although automation services cannot replace hand-crafted content, they can help quickly test approaches in creatives for certain combinations. And then order high quality voice overs.

Among other AI voice generators, the DeepVoice service from Google is known, but at the time of writing the article, it has stopped working: when you visit the page, a message appears about the absence of files in the GitHub repository.

Note that no tool except YouTube Video Generator generates videos, only creates audio tracks. You can make a video by hand or with editors like Supa and overlay previously generated voiceovers.

If there is no time to prepare content yourself, you can turn to freelancers or creative teams for help. It’s expensive, but you can save time testing different services and programs.

What is an AI voice generator?

An AI voice generator, also known as a Text-to-Speech (TTS) system, is a technology that converts written text into spoken language (vocal emulation). It uses artificial intelligence and deep learning techniques to mimic human speech patterns and produce lifelike voices. AI voice generators find applications in a wide range of fields, including voice assistants, accessibility tools for people with disabilities, e-learning, entertainment, affiliate marketing creatives, and more. They enable computers and devices to communicate with users through natural language generation, enhancing user experiences and making technology more accessible.

How to make an AI voice generator?

Creating an AI voice generator involves complex technology and specialized expertise in machine learning and natural language processing. It typically requires a team of skilled engineers and access to large datasets of recorded human voices. The process involves training deep learning models, like neural networks, on these datasets to generate realistic and natural-sounding speech. It’s a resource-intensive and time-consuming task that may not be feasible for individual developers or small teams. Instead, many developers and businesses opt to use existing AI voice generator APIs and services provided by tech companies.

What AI voice generator is everyone using?

The choice of AI voice generator can vary widely depending on individual preferences and project requirements. There isn’t a single AI voice generator that everyone is using. Some widely used options include Google Text-to-Speech and Amazon Polly for various applications, but the popularity of these tools can change over time as new AI voice generators emerge and technology evolves. The ones that can be applied in affiliate marketing are listed above, including NaturalReaders, Wideo, Sound of Text, and others.

What is the best AI voice generator?

Determining the best AI voice generator depends on your specific needs and criteria. There are several excellent AI voice generators available, each with its unique features and capabilities. Some popular options include Wideo, Speechify, Amazon Polly, NaturalReaders, and Microsoft Azure Text to Speech. The best choice for you will depend on factors such as your project requirements, budget, and desired voice characteristics.
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