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How to Create a Fake Chat in Telegram, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber

It is impossible to avertise in gambling, dating and some other affiliate marketing verticals without fake conversations. The most popular schemes in these areas involve a simple link – advertising on social networks + a Telegram channel, where grateful users write to us about how they became rich on your schemes (and memes). We tell you how to create a fake text message conversation for Telegram, WhatsApp and Viber on your own or with the help of services.

What is a fake text message conversation?

A fake text message conversation is a fake dialogue that resembles a real one. Some create them as jokes, others for sentimental videos on TikTok, and webmasters do it to increase the realism of their channels.

A video guide on fake chats creation.

For what verticals are fake conversations needed?

First and foremost, for all those associated with gambling. One of the most effective ways to work with top casino affiliate programs is to drive traffic to the casino through Telegram channels, Facebook groups, and spam.

The target audience of such offers are gamblers who can easily be hooked by “everyone was lucky and you will be lucky too.” They are eager to lead on free spins, bonus account, and other promises. Creatives can be different and it depends on a lot of things, and since this very article is not about gambling creatives, we will not elaborate this topic further. But if you’re interested in it, we have an article on gambling creatives tendencies.

That’s where we will need a fake dialogue in which other, supposedly channel participants, share screens with withdraw funds and boast about how cool they helped to succeed and buy cool stuff.

You can use spy tools and get creatives from there. But keep in mind: such creatives can easily be tracked through a picture search, so you still need to change them. Or you can make fake-conversations yourself.

How to create a conversation without a service

Get friends to help: prepare a script for them and ask them to send you messages according to it. If you have several accounts in WhatsApp or Telegram, you can create a conversation with yourself.

You can also use special services and bots. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

How to get a fake WhatsApp conversation for free in Fakewhats.com

  • Visit Fakewhats.com and choose what you need in the settings section.
  • Now enter messages, choosing the “Messages” section in the menu at the top.
  • Press the download button under the chat to download it.
  • Done! The chat looks very similar to a WhatsApp chat.

How to create fakes for anyone and anything

Website: fakedetail.com

Fake Text Message Conversation How to Create a in 2024 2024
Create fake text message conversation.

This site is super cool, intuitive and with a free constructor. There are settings for any messenger, divided into different devices. You can make a fake for any social network, as well as for SMS on Android and iOS.

To create a fake text message conversation, you need to choose either Social Media or Text Messenger, and then the messenger for which you are making the fake. For example, we want to make a fake for Telegram.

So, in the opened window, we need to set the settings for one ‘person’ – avatar, etc. Then we fill in the same thing for the other and send messages from them to each other:

Done! Don’t forget to press the download button under the conversation to download the screenshot.

Of course, to make the conversation more believable, additional proofs will be needed – photos, screenshots of checks, etc.

5 tips for creating fake text message conversation

  1. Make sure the send time of the messages changes for the participants – they should have a ‘pause’ of 1-5 minutes;
  2. Make sure that in the settings, everything that can be set on its own is filled in – so that technical information does not come out and does not spoil the screen at the most critical moment;
  3. Try to come up with the screens on your own – someone else’s scripts can be posted in cases. They can be easily googled and understood that they are fake;
  4. Use emojis and stickers if possible, but not too much – people usually don’t spam them in a business dialogue;
  5. Set a normal profile picture for the participant, not a pixelated cat in one of the examples. After all, now they try to put either personal photos or something neutral on the avatar.

As you can see, creating a fake conversation is not that difficult. The main thing is to make sure that the time changes in the dialogue and the messages are not sent almost simultaneously.


Why do webmasters need tools for fake chat?

To increase consumer trust in the product/service being sold. People are more likely to trust other people, rather than “someone unknown.” Positive reviews have a positive impact on the product’s image and the level of trust in, say, “this IT-specialist got mad at a casino and leaked its schemes.”

Where do creative elements, imitating chats, come from?

Gambling, especially casinos, simply cannot exist without it. The combination of Telegram and target audience provides a stable income year after year. Both approaches change and evolve, just as the evolution of social networks, but fake chats have a strong impact on people’s trust.

What if there is no service for the desired messenger?

Take a friend, play out a “performance” in the chat, delete the extra. In any case, there are services that allow you to simulate any social network. The main thing is to search for these services properly.

How to identify a fake chat?

To identify a fake chat, it’s important to be vigilant about certain key indicators. Usually, fake messages contain grammatical errors, unusual phrasing, or misspellings, which are red flags for scam or phishing attempts. They often request sensitive personal information, such as passwords or bank details, or prompt you to click on suspicious links. These links can lead to malicious websites designed to steal your information. Additionally, fake texts might come from unknown numbers or mimic the format of legitimate companies but with slight variations in contact details or branding. Always verify the authenticity of a message by contacting the supposed sender through official channels. Avoid responding to or clicking links in texts that seem suspicious, and consider installing a reputable security app that can flag potential spam or phishing messages.
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