Fixing (and Preventing) Facebook Ads Rejections

Fixing and Preventing Facebook Ads Rejections 2024

Rejections of ad campaigns on Facebook Ads started to massively appear last year. This issue is still more than relevant but fear not! We’ve identified several methods to combat them:

  • Working with creatives. Many believe that rejections are mainly a problem with creatives, and they are right. In this perspective, you should avoid:
    • Any images of currencies;
    • Any words that can be synonymous with ‘Earn’, ‘Win’, ‘Discount’, ‘Promotion’, ‘Get’, etc.;
    • Too bright colors, ‘selling red’ included.

NB: Facebook reads text in the creatives as well.

  • Several workarounds. Facebook wouldn’t be Facebook if it didn’t work differently for everyone. Some things work for some, but not for others. That’s why you should also try the following:
    • When the ad is under moderation, turn it off. After it passes moderation, turn it back on;
    • The 1-1-1 launch scheme. While under moderation, set the budget of the ad campaign to $2, and after the moderation, raise it and duplicate ad sets;
    • Launch the campaign through delayed start;
    • Change geo, if the offer allows. When launching in Latin America, there are a lot of rejections, while in Asia they’re significantly fewer.

Also, in chat rooms, people said that domain trust helps to fix this problem. They suggested using redirect from YouTube or cloaking through Google Translate, but we didn’t use this, you can give your feedback in the comments.

  • Working with setup. Having your own farm department in this regard gives its benefits, if you know how to do analytics properly. The best setup works with a private message from main previously restricted Facebook Ads account and trendy accounts with at least minimal spend ($250+ is perfect).

We hope these tips will be of use in your work.

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