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Gambling creatives in 2023 – what approaches to use

Welcome all, The Creatives here!

A creative is the first thing a potential client encounters. At the very least, it must cause a desire to click on the ad and see what the essence of the offer is.

In the article, we will analyze those approaches that were actively used and are being used in 2023.

Requirements for creatives

Here are the basic things which everybody reading this article should know:

  • A creative should use the currency that is in use in this GEO, often it will be local, but sometimes euros / US dollars are used instead (it’s worth google and study the issue before approaching new countries for yourself).
  • Always use the native language for this GEO, and if the country is multilingual (like India or Malaysia), choose the most popular one.
  • Use local names for news, programs, and the like. The same applies to banking applications, where it is necessary to accurately reproduce their interface in a creative.
  • If there are people on your creative (often there will be), then we choose personalities known in this country, or people with a proper appearance for it.
  • We convey emotions from winnings, we charge the user with the fact that just in five minutes they will be as lucky as a person from the creative, and all that remains for them to do is to follow the ad and step further along our funnel. That is why in the vast majority of gambling ads we see a video creative instead of a static banner and we recommend using them as well (a picture with the text “you’ll win right now, just click, there’s money” is unlikely to motivate the user).

Try to adapt creatives as much as possible, the more “native” apps, people, programs, etc. will look in the video – the less doubt the user will have.

Attention is best caught in the first 2-3 seconds, preventing a person from simply scrolling through our ads.

So now let’s move on to approaches.

Big win in slots

An easy-to-implement approach.

The essence is no less simple: the slot is spinning in full-screen format, a bonus game is knocked out (often), in which a person wins and instantly receives money for a popular banking application in his region.

A similar example is shown below:

Definitely, you have met such creatives even without working with gambling, they take advantage of a juicy picture and deserve to at least take creatives with this approach into the test.

News and Media

This is always updated according to the GEO, which receives traffic from the news as if it were a TV channel, a media, generally news about how some person or persons won (or are winning right now) a lot of money in some online casino (in which one the affiliate decides).

An example of this approach is from Australia, where the newsperson tells how thousands of people have already won and are winning in the new application, then a video is shown with scrolling and winning in some slot (against the background, by the way, some luxury elements).

The approach can be called classical. It pours, pours and definitely deserves to be taken for a test.
Inspires confidence, especially for older users.

Emotions from streams

Twitch and the like are watched by a large number of people nowadays, there is often an intersection with the target audience for gambling, and popular personalities themselves are also opinion leaders (to some extent). Therefore, taking a popular streamer in this GEO and his most vivid emotion, adding a notification from the bank about successful replenishment and adding “gameplay” in the slot of the target casino, we get a ready-made creative with a streamer emotional approach.

Examples of these approaches, where for a couple of seconds the user sees a familiar, rejoicing face, a bank notice and then a slot:

Also, to some extent, a classic approach that is still functioning for more than a year, and its sources are probably easy to find.

Popular personality

In addition to streamers, any country has its own celebrities, stars, popular bloggers, sometimes it is possible to take their video and adapt it to a gamble creative with simple editing, as in the examples for Turkey below:

Undoubtedly, it’s a good functioning approach that is used on most GEOs, but there are certain downsides: it is not always possible to find a suitable source; it does not always convey the desired emotion to the user; after all, popular personalities are perceived by society ambiguously.

However, if you come across a good source, then it makes sense to test the creative.

Luxurious lifestyle

An approach aimed at first arousing envy, and then passion. Most often, a person in a luxurious setting or with some expensive brands tells (and shows) why they are so successful and where the money comes from.

The money comes from the casino, of course. Again, the affiliate decides from which one.

Here are the examples of such creatives:

The person sits in the car / shows the car and then smoothly (or not smoothly) reveals the source of their income.

These examples, because of the presence of girls in the creative, can partly be attributed to the next approach, but we will talk about it below.

Also, it is specifically on these examples that the game with lottery tickets is illustrated, which is almost always a misslead, it is worth looking for sources with slots / roulette.

Anyway, just as in case with the previous approach, it makes sense to take this one at least for the test – if you have sources.

Adult approach

The target audience in gambling and adult is generally similar. Someone at some point realized this and took up the implementation, from which the junctions are full of creatives with some emphasis on beautiful girls, moreover, they do not have to be the main character in these videos.

The emphasis and those very 2-3 seconds to capture the user’s attention are the most important things.

As we have already mentioned, here are many examples and implementation methods.

Here are some of them:

As you may have understood from the examples, the adult cannot be called a completely separate approach. There can be both news, and luxury, and an approach with a popular personality – whatever comes to creator’s mind.

We can talk about the effectiveness of the mix of adult and gambling a lot, because on the one hand, an affiliate is more likely to receive a lot of clicks with the adult than without the adult – however, it also has significant disadvantages, here we will indicate them:

  • It’s harder to get through moderation and it’s easier to get a ban by highlighting something adult
  • Traffic quality. Probably the worst traffic comes from these creatives
  • Most of the creatives with these erase lottery tickets – in most cases are missleads

Whether to use such an approach or not remains the choice of each affiliate. We have only outlined a huge upside and the most obvious downsides.


We want to especially highlight creatives, a large number of which can be found in various junctions, including in the Facebook advertising library.

So here you can see people standing in front of ATMs, receiving money while at the same time playing slots.

There are really a lot of similar creatives at all GEOs. Why it works? Probably because people get real cash, not just numbers in a bank app (there is an assumption that this approach is best used where online banking has not yet been implemented).

Similar examples, some of which coincide with the previous category:

To use this approach or not is also the choice of the affiliate since it’s a very situational approach.


There are definitely classic and working approaches – like ones with media, emotions on streams, popular personalities and simple colorful full screen slot scrolling that are worth using in most tests. In addition to them, there are relatively fresh adult creatives, which should be taken with a grain of salt, but there is a feeling that it is worth trying at least once.

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