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How to Create a New Facebook Ad Account

In Facebook Business Manager, you can add advertising accounts that are available to you, as well as gain access to accounts owned by other users. This article explains how to create a new Facebook ad account and what limits there are on creating advertising accounts.

How many advertising accounts can be created on Facebook?

A user can manage up to 25 advertising accounts.

Facebook has natural limitations on various systems in their platform, and advertising is one of them. First, according to this page:

“You can be an admin, advertiser, or analyst on up to 25 advertising accounts if the account owner or admin gives you those rights. […] Keep in mind that when you create a campaign on Facebook for the first time from your personal Facebook profile, you’ll be the owner of that new advertising account. You can only own one advertising account at a time.”

What this means:

  • Firstly, you can be an admin of only 25 accounts simultaneously;
  • Secondly, you can only have one account at a time;
  • Thirdly, being an admin does not mean being the owner.

We all start with a limit of creating one advertising account. The limit may increase once you make your first confirmed payment. Limitations may be adjusted due to your past spending and usage of advertising accounts. Poor account health may also hinder limit increases.

To find the account creation limit, click on “Business Info” at the bottom of the left-hand Business Manager menu.

How to Create a New Facebook Ad Account: Guide (2023)

At the bottom of the Business Info section, you will see how many advertising accounts can be created on Facebook. If you believe you are entitled to an increased limit, contact Facebook.

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Why create a new Facebook advertising account?

To launch more ads without risking the quality scores on the main account

With a second advertising account, you can launch ads that you consider more risky. You can see how new strategies work without consequences. Of course, the lower the quality on your second account, the more expensive these experiments will be. This is a potential reason to launch more than one advertising account, but you can also conduct cheaper experiments with limited display durations on the main account.

Another reason is for advertising a business or product that is prohibited on Facebook

You will have to go through this process every few weeks or months when Facebook receives reports on advertising and bans your advertising account.

To add multiple payment methods

According to Facebook’s rules, you can use multiple payment methods on one advertising account. However, bot trust will be higher if you link one bank card or one PayPal account to one advertising account. This division allows not only to increase trust with machine algorithms, but also to more effectively control the budget.

To distinguish rights

When working with a team, there may be a need to distinguish rights between members. For example, to give one buyer access to one advertising campaign, and to give another the ability to manage all ads. You can set different access levels for each team member from one business manager, which has multiple advertising accounts added to it.

To manage clients’ advertising campaigns

For example, if you have two clients for whom you need to launch advertising, if the clients create their own advertising accounts and make you an administrator or advertiser on them, you will be able to launch ads for them. If you are launching ads on Facebook for clients, you must either launch them on separate advertising accounts or on the client’s advertising account. For this case, you can also use the Business Manager. Definitely, it is not worth launching ads on Facebook for clients from one account, as you risk all ads on that account if it is banned.

To create multiple pixels for tracking

If you have websites with very different audiences, creating a new advertising account in Facebook is necessary. If Facebook tries to optimize conversions, they will know which types of people usually attract your lead magnet or who buys your product. Facebook tracks the types of people who come to the site or convert. When Facebook shows your ads, it tries to show ads to those types of people who are more likely to take the actions you are optimizing based on Pixel tracking history. And of course, within the targeting parameters that you have already set. If you have different audiences, there are several options:

  • Creating a Facebook advertising account to fully separate ads and pixel data. In our opinion, this is a simpler option.
  • Create a new Facebook pixel and then make sure you choose the correct pixel when creating ads. If you do this, use the Facebook Business Manager.
How to Create a New Facebook Ad Account: Guide (2023)

How to increase the limit of Facebook advertising accounts created

The limits of Facebook Ads Manager are as follows:

  1. A user can manage up to 25 advertising accounts.
  2. An advertising account can contain up to 25 users per account.
  3. Regular advertising accounts can contain up to 5000 ads that are not deleted.
  4. Regular advertising accounts can have up to 1000 ad sets that are not deleted.
  5. Regular advertising accounts can contain up to 1000 advertising campaigns that are not deleted.
  6. An advertising account can contain up to 50 ads in an ad set that are not deleted.

These restrictions apply only to advertising and campaigns that are not deleted. Once you reach any of these limits, you will need to delete old campaigns and their ads.

If you see the message “You have reached the maximum number of advertising accounts you can create right now” while creating a Facebook advertising account, like this:

How to Create a New Facebook Ad Account

…then it doesn’t make sense to do the following:

  • Delete old advertising accounts;
  • Fix errors on active accounts;
  • Pay off debts.

There is only one legitimate way to create multiple Facebook advertising accounts, and that is through “Facebook Business Manager.” Business Manager can handle up to 5 advertising accounts, and you cannot request more. This is what is meant by a “legitimate, but limited method.”

You can have only one advertising account, and you can be an administrator for up to 25, but only five can be added to Business Manager.

How to create multiple advertising accounts on Facebook

When you register on Facebook, you are assigned an account ID by default. Go to Ads Manager to see your personal Ads Manager ID located at the top left.

How to create multiple advertising accounts on Facebook

If you already have an account but want to create a new one, you will need a Business Manager account. If you don’t have a Business Manager account yet, create one first. You can create a new advertising account in BM, after which you will receive a new advertising account ID.

You will not be able to add an advertising account to Business Manager if:

  • The advertising account you are trying to add has already been added to another BM. An advertising account can only belong to one BM. Instead, you can request access to the advertising account;
  • You have already added a personal advertising account to Business Manager. You can only add one Facebook account to Business Manager. Instead, you can create a new account in Business Manager or request access to another account;
  • You have reached your limit for adding new advertising accounts to your BM. There is currently no way to request additional accounts for advertising. The account limit increases based on your advertising spend.

How to create a second Facebook advertising account in Business Manager step by step

  1. Go to your Business Manager settings.
How to create a second Facebook advertising account in Business Manager step by step

2. Click on “Accounts” from the menu on the left. Then select “Ad Accounts”.

Request access to a facebook ads account

3. Click on the blue dropdown menu “Add”.

4. Choose one of three options:

  • Add an Ad Account;
  • Request Access to an Ad Account;
  • Create a New Ad Account.
  1. If you want to request access or add an account, enter the account ID.
  2. Follow the prompts to select people and access levels.

Note: Deactivating an advertising account does not remove it from your Business Manager. The deactivated advertising account still counts towards your limit.

Creating a new Facebook advertising account after being blocked

When your Facebook ad is restricted, you can be blocked temporarily or permanently. In this case, we will discuss temporary blocking of an advertising account. Additionally, Facebook can ban:

  • Business Manager;
  • Page;
  • Your entire Facebook profile.

Temporary blocking is preceded by the blocking of advertising campaigns with violations. When there are too many violations, the account receives a temporary block. In this case, there are no claims against the account by moderators, and no rules for conducting advertising and user behavior in Facebook have been violated. Unlike a permanent ban, violations for temporary blocking should not be serious (i.e., there is an opportunity to fix them).

The reasons for temporary blocking may include:

  • Changing your IP address;
  • Changing your payment method;
  • Other suspicious activity.

To remove the temporary block, you need to eliminate existing errors:

  1. Delete ads that violate the rules and create new ones.
  2. Make sure you follow the latest rules for advertising in Facebook (they change periodically).
  3. Verify your identity (selfie, phone, email).
  4. Pay off any outstanding debts if it was the reason for the block.

After these issues are resolved, the temporary ban will be lifted automatically after some time. If the restrictions are not lifted, contact the Facebook Help Center for assistance. Be patient and do not expect a quick response.


Creating multiple Facebook advertising accounts can be a valuable strategy for managing campaigns for multiple clients or different audiences. However, it’s important to follow Facebook’s guidelines and limitations to avoid getting blocked or banned. The only legitimate way to create multiple advertising accounts is through Facebook Business Manager, which can handle up to five advertising accounts. It’s also crucial to avoid common mistakes such as deleting old advertising accounts, fixing errors on active accounts, or not paying off debts. If you encounter issues such as a temporary ban, it’s important to address the underlying problems such as removing violating ads, complying with Facebook’s advertising policies, verifying your identity, and paying off outstanding balances. With proper management and compliance, multiple advertising accounts on Facebook can help you reach your marketing goals effectively.


How do I create a new ad account on Facebook?

To create a new ad account on Facebook, log in to your Facebook account and go to the Facebook Ads Manager. Click on the three horizontal lines in the upper-left corner of the screen and select “Business Settings.” Click on “Accounts” and then “Ad Accounts.” Click on the blue “Add” button and select “Create a new ad account.” Follow the prompts to enter the required information for the new ad account, such as the account name, time zone, and payment method. Once you have entered all the required information, click on the “Create Ad Account” button. Facebook may ask you to verify your identity and payment method before the new ad account is created. Once the new ad account is created, you can switch between ad accounts by clicking on the three horizontal lines in the upper-left corner of the Ads Manager and selecting the desired ad account from the drop-down menu. You can also grant access to the new ad account to other users or partners by going to the “Ad Account Settings” and clicking on “Add People.”

Can you delete a Facebook ad account and create a new one?

Yes, it is possible to delete a Facebook ad account and create a new one. However, it’s important to note that once you delete an ad account, all associated data will be lost and cannot be retrieved. Additionally, if the deleted ad account is linked to a Facebook Page, the Page will also be deleted. It’s recommended to archive campaigns, ad sets, and ads before deleting an ad account to keep historical data. To create a new ad account, go to Business Manager and follow the prompts to set up a new account.

Can you have multiple Facebook ad accounts?

Yes, it is possible to have multiple Facebook ad accounts. In fact, Facebook encourages businesses to create separate ad accounts for different advertising objectives, such as separate accounts for different brands, product lines, or geographic regions. Each ad account must have a unique payment method and can be managed by different people with assigned roles and permissions. However, it’s important to note that creating multiple ad accounts to bypass Facebook’s ad policies or to engage in fraudulent activity is not allowed and can result in account suspension or termination.

Why can’t I create another ad account on Facebook?

There are several reasons why you may not be able to create another ad account on Facebook. One common reason is that you have already reached the limit of ad accounts allowed per Facebook profile, which is typically five ad accounts. Another reason could be that your existing ad account has been flagged for policy violations or suspicious activity, which can prevent you from creating a new ad account. In this case, it’s important to resolve any issues with your existing ad account before attempting to create a new one. Additionally, you may need to verify your identity or payment method before being able to create a new ad account.

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