How to Increase SEO Traffic Using Google’s Gemini and Claudia AI

How to Increase SEO Traffic Using Gemini and Claudia 2024

So there’s a SEO-enthusiast who launched several startups last summer and has been gradually developing them. After the November Google updates, some of his pages dropped without any apparent reason. That’s why our enthusiast decided to cleverly redesign these pages. Our short article showcases how to increase your SEO traffic in a couple of hours.

As an assistant, he chose Google’s Gemini which differs from other things like ChatGPT with a more advanced thinking system and closeness to data sources (Google). Unfortunately, for now, you can’t directly feed pages to Gemini (well, you can, but through the back door), so our guy wrote this prompt:

Check the credibility and objectivity of the content of the article. Analyze what prevents it from ranking. Suggest ways to improve the content of the article from an SEO perspective for better ranking. Here is this article:

And he copy-pasted the article for Gemini. Generally, it’s best to copy-paste not the text, but the Google cache text (although some people say Google will soon disable it).

Gemini gave him a huge structured analysis with all the flaws and suggestions. Our SEO-enthusiast opened an Excel file and copy-pasted sentences from all the Gemini’s draft tabs into it, while asking several times to rewrite the analysis, playing with the tone, length, and other settings (buttons below the query window).

As a result, he got over 40 sentences, ranging from creating additional sections in the article to optimizing for unknown but quite relevant keywords.

Next, he asked to gather additional keywords for the article:

What keywords do you think should be used to optimize the content of an article. Provide a list of such keys.

Again, he reviewed all the draft tabs and restarted a couple of times. Eventually, he gathered all the keywords.

And finally, he could take a look at what the ideal article on this topic would look like from Gemini’s point of view:

Based on your research, unique and rewrite the content of the article following the suggested rules and tips for content improvement. 

Next, based on everything said above, he rewrite the pages, indexed them, and a few days later, he was glad to observe a significant increase in views/traffic. Also, our enthusiast used Claudia with rewriting the content because this AI tool produces the highest quality content (among all generators), provided the tone, formality, and professionalism are set correctly.

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