How to Make Money Reviewing Amazon Products: 8 Best Ways to Get Paid for Reviews

8 Best Ways to Get Paid for Amazon Reviews in 2024 2024

Have you ever written a product review after making a purchase? Your answer is probably “yes”, so here’s something new: you can review Amazon products for money. It’s a perfect opportunity to get an additional side hustle while doing what you do. So how to get paid for Amazon reviews?

Amazon has over 220 million customers in the United States, meaning that around two-thirds of the American population use this service. 93% of them read reviews before making a purchase, a well-known fact among most sellers. That’s why they’re eager to prompt you into sharing your opinion.

Read on to find out how to make money by reviewing Amazon products.

How to Write Reviews for Amazon and Get Paid

You can monetize your opinions on Amazon products with social media, affiliate blogs, content writing, and many other ways. But there’s one big catch: you can’t write paid reviews. They all should be authentic and share your real experience with the products.

Amazon’s customer product reviews policies clearly indicate that sellers cannot ask users to leave a positive review or modify an existing one in exchange for a refund or compensation. Violating these rules may result in blocking your account. 

This is done to make sure the review section is trustworthy. Amazon has a zero-tolerance policy towards such violations. However, there are many legit ways to make money on Amazon reviews and we’ll cover them in the next section.

Top 8 Ways to Get Paid for Amazon Reviews

Your Amazon account is more than a place for shopping. It combines many legitimate ways to earn by writing product reviews for brands and products. We gathered the 8 best ways to make income with Amazon reviews.

1Survey Sites
2Amazon Videos
3Amazon Vine
4Amazon-related social media
5Amazon Reviewer Sites
6Affiliate Blog
7Book Review Websites
8Product Reviews for Blogs

Survey Sites

Surveys are a simple and flexible way to make income by providing feedback. Companies use them all the time to learn their customers’ opinions of their products, services, and brands. Your thoughts go straight to the research companies that gather data to evaluate trends on Amazon.

You can use some of the best online survey websites to get paid:

Your rewards will consist of cash, gift cards, promotions, and free products from Amazon. It’s a great way to get paid and ensure your reviews help companies improve their products.

Amazon Videos

Amazon allows influencers and creators to upload “Shoppable Videos” that can drive sales and generate commissions. These can be product reviews, unboxings, how-tos, or shopping guides. This feature is available for members of Amazon’s Influencer and Associates programs. 

Start earning with Amazon Videos in 5 simple steps:

  1. Sign up and join the Influencer Program.
  2. Create high-quality recordings.
  3. Upload them to your Influencer Storefront.
  4. Promote your work on other social media.
  5. Earn commissions via affiliate links.

If you’re not sure how to prompt people to follow your links, we shared how to promote affiliate links in our previous article. This will help you discover more ways of promoting your links and getting paid.

Amazon Vine

Amazon Vine is a reward system that offers shoppers to receive free products in exchange for their honest reviews. This initiative helps potential buyers make informed decisions and provides valuable feedback to sellers. However, it’s an invite-only club, so getting in might be challenging.

Follow these steps to get invited to Amazon Vine:

  • Write helpful reviews that earn votes from other users;
  • Publish high-quality reviews frequently;
  • Always add photos and videos;
  • Try covering products with few or no reviews;
  • Focus on the products, not the shopping experience.

If this is something that may grab your interest, then start by writing detailed reviews for all your purchases on Amazon. Most users believe these tips helped them get an invitation into the network.

These are among the biggest social media platforms in the world, with over 3 billion users combined as of April 2024. Using these platforms to publish Amazon-related materials like product reviews and unboxings is a great way to monetize traffic.

You can start monetizing these platforms with these steps:

  1. Create your YouTube and TikTok accounts.
  2. Come up with a memorable and relevant name.
  3. Choose a niche like tech gadgets or beauty products.
  4. Create reviews, comparisons, tutorials, and shopping guides.
  5. Optimize your videos with keywords, thumbnails, and branding.
  6. Monetize your posts with affiliate links or other means.

If you’re into working with social media, then consider monetizing your Snapchat account as well. This will let you repurpose your work across different platforms and formats. It’s the best way to get the most of your shots and get paid more.

Amazon Reviewer Sites

Amazon reviewer websites connect reviewers with brands looking for feedback on their products. These platforms offer discounted or free products in exchange for honest reviews, allowing you to earn through the products you receive and potentially other rewards.

Such sites are:

Write detail-oriented Amazon reviews covering all features of the product, and there will be great demand for your opinions. People often need opinions covering all aspects such as design, functionality, usability, potential issues, and more. That’s where you can grab their attention.

Affiliate Blog

Creating an affiliate blog is an effective way to earn money by reviewing products in collaboration with the Amazon Associates program. This is where you’ll get all affiliate links to integrate in your content. Whenever a user follows one of these links and makes a purchase on Amazon, you’ll get a commission from that sale.

The club doesn’t have a minimum referral requirement or quote to join. You start earning right away with no hassle. However, note that your Amazon account’s balance can be escheated if your account is inactive for 3 years, according to the program’s policy.

Here are some tips to start your affiliate blog:

  1. Focus on a niche with market demand to help you make more profits.
  2. Buy a domain and hosting on popular hosting services like Namecheap or HostGator.
  3. Create only high-quality content with videos, photos, and useful overviews.
  4. Optimize your SEO with keywords and backlinks.
  5. Repurpose your content for social media, email marketing, and guest posting.

These steps will help you start your blog to make a living from Amazon sales. If you’re still not sure whether affiliate marketing is legit or a scam, read our previous article with all the explanations. We show how it works and share tips on how to avoid obvious scams.

Book Review Websites

Book review sites are an excellent opportunity for avid readers to make a living by reviewing their recently read books. These platforms connect reviewers with authors and publishers who seek feedback on their books, often providing free books and other rewards for detailed reviews.

The most popular book review websites include:

You won’t get rich with this method, but it’s a pleasant way to gain a penny while doing what you love. There aren’t that many places that pay you for reading books and providing an honest review. So you should grab this opportunity to get your hands on Amazon’s most popular new books.

Product Reviews for Blogs

Many blog owners partner with content writers to create product reviews for their sites. Although you’ll be paid a flat fee per order, you’ll usually have little flexibility in terms of what you review. This depends on the blog owner’s target audience and needs.

You can find such commissions here:

It’s also possible to contact blog owners directly and offer them your services. You’ll typically find their contacts in the website’s “About” section. Describe your offer and its value for the webmaster’s website. Providing samples or your previous reviews could significantly accelerate the discussion process.

Tips for Writing Amazon Reviews

You must know how to create useful and high-quality reviews if you intend to profit from writing them for Amazon. It’s also a necessary element to get noticed for the Amazon Vine program and get an invitation. We gathered 5 tips to help you prepare top-tier reviews, check them out.

Be thorough and provide pros, cons, and a rating

Amazon limits each review to 5,000 characters with spaces. This means you have all the space you need to write a detailed overview of the product. And it’s not necessary to share a strictly positive or negative rating. Your goal is to inform the reader about the product, its peculiarities, features, and everything related.

Always include these elements in your reviews:

  • Detailed description: tell the readers everything about the key features, performance, usability, and durability. You must help them get a full understanding of what they’re buying.
  • Pros and cons: list the product’s benefits and drawbacks to provide a clear and balanced view. This should be a prominent section in your text.
  • Rating: while Amazon provides a standard 5-star rating, you can come up with a personal rating for different elements. These could include design, usability, durability, and other criteria.

If your text provides readers more information than the vendor’s description, you already win. Amazon’s algorithms will place your reviews on top of the list. More people will see them, allowing you to build up a reputation with valued opinions. This is great for earning on Amazon in the long run.

Proofread your review and ensure it is captivating

Mistakes can significantly damage your rating’s reputation. People don’t trust illiterate writing and it may even be difficult to understand. That’s why you should use tools like Grammarly or LanguageTool to proofread your text and ensure clarity.

If you’re aiming for captivating your readers’ attention, then try these tricks:

  • Storytelling: integrate your evaluation into a story with an engaging plot that makes readers want to know what happens in the end. 
  • Clarity: avoid unnecessary slang and focus on using more colloquial language with structured text to make it readable for most people.

You may have your own style and approach, but your followers generate your views and profits. That’s why you should adapt to their preferences. It’s the only way to keep the money flowing from Amazon.

Add pictures and videos to illustrate your points

There are many ratings on Amazon with high-quality descriptions and opinions. But most of them lack one thing: visuals. If you want to stand out and illustrate your points in detail, then adding media is a must. 

8 Best Ways to Get Paid for Amazon Reviews in 2024 2024

Show your purchase from different angles, highlight specific features or issues, and demonstrate it in use. This will help your readers see the item without the marketing and promotional lenses used in descriptions.

Disclose if you received the product for free or were compensated in any way

According to the FTC in the USA and the European Commission in Europe, you are obliged to disclose whether you’ve been compensated or received the product for free. This is done to avoid biased opinions and ensure transparency in such matters.

There is usually only one viable option:

  • Add a separate section in your text stating that you received the item for free or got paid for it.

It’s essential to maintain clarity in your statement and avoid hiding it inside the text. Transparency and honesty are your main friends here.

Establish your own rating scale to evaluate the product

Creating your own rating scale can help you provide a more detailed opinion of the purchase. It’s a common practice among influencers to emphasize the points important for them.

Things you could include in your scale:

  • Quality;
  • Performance;
  • Ease of use;
  • Value for money;
  • Design;
  • Durability.

Let’s suppose you use all these six criteria in all your reviews. Keeping them consistent will help you easily evaluate each item because you’ll have experience with other products. Sometimes you can deviate from this scheme to add relevant criteria, adapting to the item’s specifics. The point is to provide additional value to your readers and ensure they press the like button under your text.


Reviewing items on Amazon is definitely a real way to make a profit. Although not all methods will bring you cash, some will provide you with free items and discounts. Also, try repurposing materials across your blogs, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and other platforms to increase your reach and earn an extra penny. 


How to make money reviewing Amazon products?

You can make a living through affiliate programs, social media publications, Amazon Vine, survey sites, and many other options. All your materials can be repurposed across various platforms, allowing you to cover them all at once with a single purchase.

How to start reviewing Amazon products for money?

You can start by joining the Amazon Associates program, launching your own blog, or writing for other blogs. It’s a great side hustle to make an extra few dollars on what you would normally be doing for free, even though you won’t get paid a lot.

Is it illegal to get paid for Amazon reviews?

Amazon’s guidelines are quite strict and they forbid vendors to ask for positive ratings in return for a refund or compensation. However, programs like Amazon Vine provide you with free items to leave your opinion to the public. You also won’t get into trouble for writing honest, unbiased, and transparent evaluations.

What is the Amazon Vine program?

Amazon Vine is an invitation-only program where top reviewers receive free products in exchange for their honest opinions and recommendations. It helps increase product visibility and provides valuable feedback to sellers.

How much money can I make reviewing Amazon products?

Everyone’s earnings are individual. According to ZipRecruiter, the salary of Amazon reviewers ranges from $51,500 to $197,000 per year. However, there is no guarantee that you will make the same profits because it depends on multiple factors.

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