How to Transcribe Video to Text: 5 services and software

How to Transcribe Video to Text 5 services and software 2024

There are currently a huge number of videos online that contain useful information. However, many people find it inconvenient to work with this format for various reasons. From this perspective, one might ask: “How do I transcribe video to text?”, in other words, how to create a decoding (transcription). Let’s take a closer look at the programs and services that can do this.

Is it really possible to transcribe video to text?

Back in the day, the manual method was used for this: you had to watch the video and type the text at the same time. But now the need for such “old-fashioned” methods has practically disappeared, as a huge number of software and service applications have been developed that can help solve this task. Of course, not all of them have high-quality conversion capabilities.

For example, most programs have problems with the quality of transcription. This is especially true for word endings and sentence construction. Therefore, some fragments have to be improved.

It is really possible to quickly transcribe video to text format! The entire process will only take a few minutes.

What is the purpose of transcription?

The process of manually or automatically transcribing video files is called transcription. Its main task is to transfer and edit text. At the same time, noise, pauses, incorrect phrases, and junk words are removed. The resulting text should have a logical structure and meet all spelling standards.

This procedure is most relevant for business and the digital sphere. Video transcription is most often needed for the following purposes:

  • For knowledge transfer. Transcribed information can be used for printed materials such as books, magazines, notes, etc.
  • For website promotion. Videos are a source of unique content that can be easily translated into print format. This material allows you to obtain interesting ideas or expert opinions.
  • For bloggers. In order for the video to be of the highest quality and user-friendly, subtitles are required. These can also be obtained through transcription.
  • For increasing sales. Information from video conferences or phone conversations can be used to create specific scripts for responses. Many people use transcription in SEO and affiliate marketing.

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Ways to transcribe video to text

The method of converting video to text can involve listening to the video and simultaneously writing down the content, or simply running an automated program. The results will differ accordingly. The text obtained manually is more accurate and conveys the meaning and presentation more effectively. As for the program, it converts the content quickly, but the material may require additional work.

Manual transcription

The most straightforward and old-fashioned method of transcription involves listening to the video and typing the content in a text format. Some use voice input to simplify the task. In other words, the user listens to the information and immediately duplicates it into the microphone to transfer the text to a written format. In either case, this requires a lot of time and effort, especially when working with long videos. The quality of the resulting text from voice input will also be far from ideal.

Transcription by freelancers

Of course, it is easier to entrust the transcription work to a freelancer than to spend time on it yourself. The cost of transcribing audio and video to text on the Fiverr platform starts at $10 for 30 minutes.

How to Transcribe Video to Text 5 services and software 2024

Services and applications can speed up the conversion process, but cannot fully replace human effort. Text created by a skilled freelancer has a logical narrative, quality editing, and no errors. The resulting printed version is 99-100% ready for further use or publication.

In addition, if a clear technical task is formulated, the freelancer can arrange the text according to dialogues or do additional formatting. Finding an executor is quite easy through social networks or specialized exchanges. The latter option is the most optimal since several authors will respond to the application at once, allowing the advantage to be given to a person with a portfolio.

Services and Programs

Currently, there are many online services and programs available for automatic transcription of videos. Each application has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is important to note that there are both paid and free versions available, and even the free options can do a good job of converting video segments.

Note: In practice, even the most powerful automatic translation systems cannot compare with manual labor. However, using automatic transcription can significantly save time, and only requires superficial editing of the resulting texts.

Proven programs for converting video to text

The most powerful and effective converters for transcribing video to text are based on neural networks. The systems have the ability to qualitatively convert sounds into written format. Undoubtedly, paid applications have a higher quality of conversion, but the advantage is relative. As a rule, the quality of decoding depends to a greater extent on the audio quality of the video.

Let’s take a look at the 5 best programs for converting video to text.

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GoogleDocs is an online program that does not require installation or payment. The transcriber listens to the video through a microphone or headphones, and GoogleDocs does the transcription. To use it, just go to Google’s online documents and find the feature in the “Tools” tab.

How to Transcribe Video to Text 5 services and software 2024

Advantages of the program:

  • it is free and works with many languages;
  • it is possible to use it simultaneously with other resources;
  • it works on any device that has internet access;
  • it automatically saves the converted material;
  • all that is needed for work is a microphone, headphones, and silence.


  • the converted version does not always have high quality. If the speech rate in the video is fast, words can be lost in the file;
  • the application turns off when switching to another tab;
  • the conversion speed is relatively slow.

As a result, the received text often requires further editing or even rewriting. To get a good result, it is important to clearly pronounce all words or find high-quality videos.


This is a popular video hosting service that has a colossal amount of video content. The service has the ability to automatically attach subtitles to videos. With certain settings, the user can extract text throughout the entire video.

How to Transcribe Video to Text 5 services and software 2024

To start the transcription, it is enough to turn on the “subtitles” mode. In practice, not all videos are transcribed perfectly due to low sound quality and background noise.


  • Works for free, options are simple;
  • Supports transcription of many languages;
  • The service contains a huge amount of videos, so you can work on one tab.


  • There may be many breaks and lost words in the text;
  • It works poorly with low-quality soundtracks.


DownSub is a program that allows for higher quality transcription of information from YouTube videos. It provides the ability to do additional editing and download the resulting text. It can translate to any language. To use the program, simply paste the address of the desired video, after which the download and conversion will begin.

How to Transcribe Video to Text 5 services and software 2024


  • Free;
  • Allows for work with many languages;
  • Recognizes speech well and converts it to text;
  • Ready files can be downloaded.


  • Only supports YouTube format;
  • Conversion may have flaws with low-quality videos.


This is a decent automatic speech recognition program that provides easy management and the ability to edit the resulting text. The system can be conditionally called free, but registration is required. In free mode, you can use it for one month and convert videos up to 30 minutes long. Subscription payments expand the capabilities. Currently, it only works with English files.


  • Converts finished files quickly;
  • Simple management;
  • Supports work with videos in almost all formats;
  • The process of decryption is performed by artificial intelligence;
  • Works with more than 100 languages.


  • Maximum capabilities are available only in the paid version;
  • The resulting texts need editing;
  • The service does not use punctuation marks.

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Transcribing video into text is a popular process that allows you to get texts from video format. Many programs and services have been created for this purpose, the best of which are described above. However, it is important to understand that applications are not capable of perfect conversion. Usually, after transcribing, the user will need to perform additional correction of the obtained material.


How can I transcribe video to text for free?

There are several free tools and software available online that can help you transcribe video to text. One popular option is YouTube’s automatic captioning feature, which can automatically transcribe videos uploaded to the platform. Other options include using free transcription software such as Express Scribe or oTranscribe, which allow you to manually transcribe the video. Additionally, you can use online transcription services such as Sonix or Temi, which offer limited free trials for their services. However, keep in mind that the accuracy of these tools may vary, and it may be necessary to edit the transcription manually for best results.

Can Google transcribe video to text?

Yes, Google offers a transcription service for video through its Google Cloud Speech-to-Text API. This service uses advanced machine learning technology to transcribe speech from video and audio files into text. It can recognize and transcribe speech in multiple languages, and offers high accuracy for a variety of audio quality levels. However, this service is not free, and pricing is based on the duration of the audio or video being transcribed. Additionally, users need to have some technical expertise to integrate the Google Cloud Speech-to-Text API into their workflow.

How do I manually transcribe video to text?

To manually transcribe video to text, you’ll need to follow a few steps. First, watch the video and transcribe what is being said, either by typing the text directly into a word processing program or using a specialized transcription software. It’s important to pause and rewind the video as necessary to ensure accuracy. Second, identify the speaker(s) and note any relevant nonverbal cues or background noise that may be important for context. Finally, proofread and edit the transcription for accuracy and clarity, and add timestamps to indicate when each section of text occurs in the video. It’s a time-consuming process, but manual transcription can offer higher accuracy than automated tools, especially for complex or technical content.

How do I transcribe video to text into Word?

To transcribe video to text into Word, you can use a combination of manual transcription and copy-pasting. First, manually transcribe the video by typing out the spoken words into a word processing program or specialized transcription software. Once you have a complete transcript, you can then copy and paste the text into a Word document, making any necessary formatting adjustments as needed. It’s important to proofread the final document to ensure accuracy and readability. Additionally, some transcription software may offer the option to export transcripts directly into a Word document, which can streamline the process.

What is video-to-text transcription?

Video-to-text transcription is the process of converting spoken words from a video or audio file into written text. This can be done manually by listening to the audio or watching the video and typing out what is being said, or it can be done automatically using specialized software that transcribes speech using machine learning algorithms. Video-to-text transcription can be used for a variety of purposes, such as creating closed captions for videos, generating transcripts for research or legal proceedings, or creating searchable text versions of audio or video content.

What types of videos can be transcribed by GoTranscript’s video-to-text transcription service?

GoTranscript’s video-to-text transcription service can transcribe a wide range of video types, including interviews, speeches, webinars, podcasts, and YouTube videos. They can transcribe videos in various formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, and others. Additionally, they can provide specialized transcription services for specific industries, such as legal or medical transcription. However, it’s important to note that the accuracy of the transcription may depend on the audio quality and the clarity of the speakers’ voices. In some cases, additional editing may be required to ensure accuracy and readability.

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