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How to Safely Transfer Channel Ownership Rights in Telegram

In 2023, many social media and blogging enthusiasts have switched to Telegram, which has led to increased interest in the details of managing a channel. In this article, we will discuss how to transfer ownership rights of a Telegram channel and address relevant questions regarding changing administrators.

Is it possible to become the owner of someone else’s Telegram channel without losing your own account?

First, let’s understand why someone might want to transfer ownership of a Telegram channel to another person. This usually happens when a blogger hires an SMM specialist to promote and manage the channel. Another common scenario is selling one’s channel or group.

In the latest update of Telegram, a manager can transfer full administrative rights of a channel to another owner. To do this, you need to enable several options in the Telegram settings.

How to transfer ownership rights of a channel or chat in Telegram – step-by-step instruction

There are several conditions to properly configure Telegram for transferring ownership to another user. Let’s talk about them.

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Step 1. Set up two-factor authentication

Telegram channel ownership rights transfer

Two-factor (or on iOS – two-step) authentication is necessary to protect your account from unwanted interference. Telegram will require a password if someone tries to log into your account from another device.

The option of two-factor authentication should be enabled 7 days before transferring ownership to another user. If you don’t have it enabled, you won’t be able to change the administrator instantly.

Here’s how to enable it:

  1. Open Telegram;
  2. Find and open “Settings”;
  3. Go to “Privacy and Security”;
  4. Click on the “Two-Step Verification” section (on iOS – just “Cloud Password”);
  5. In the “Create Password” field, enter a password of your choice.

Remember this password well, as you won’t be able to access your account without it.

Step 2. Show activity

If you don’t show any activity on your account, the system won’t allow you to transfer ownership rights. You need to be active on Telegram at least 24 hours before changing the administrator.

Step 3. Update the application

To transfer ownership, you need to install the latest version of Telegram.

The first three steps were preparatory. Now let’s move on to how to transfer ownership rights to another user through different devices.

Step 4. Transfer ownership rights

Transferring ownership rights on iPhone and Android:

  1. Open Telegram;
  2. Open the desired channel/group;
  3. Click on the channel name;
  4. Click on the pencil icon (“Edit”);
  5. Go to the “Administrators” section;
  6. Click on the “Add Administrator” button and select the user who will become the owner;
  7. Activate the required options by sliding the toggles;
  8. Find the “Transfer Ownership of the Channel” line below and confirm the action;
  9. Enter the password created during two-factor authentication (step 1).

Done, ownership rights have been transferred. We will describe which options to enable in step 7 a little later.

How to transfer channel ownership rights in Telegram

Transferring ownership on a computer:

You can also change the administrator in Telegram using the web version. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the web version on your PC;
  2. Open the desired channel;
  3. Click on the “…” icon to open the field for changes;
  4. Click on “Manage Channel”;
  5. Select the “Administrators” section;
  6. Find the name of the new administrator;
  7. Configure the options for transferring ownership rights;
  8. Transfer ownership;
  9. Confirm the action of transferring ownership rights;
  10. Enter the security password (from step 1);
  11. Click on the checkmark.

Done! Now let’s talk about the options that need to be activated to transfer ownership rights. You can choose and customize them according to your preferences:

  • Make changes to the profile description of the public channel;
  • Create posts and write messages;
  • Edit publications;
  • Delete messages;
  • Invite users to the channel;
  • Appoint channel moderators.

Below, we will discuss what to do after you have transferred ownership rights to another user.

What happens after I transfer ownership rights of a channel to another owner?

After you make another person an administrator of your channel and give them all the necessary options to manage it, you are no longer the creator and lose all your rights. The new owner has the right to block you, remove you from the chat, or revoke your administrator status. You won’t be able to regain your ownership rights.

How to avoid scammers when selling Telegram channels and transferring ownership rights

Selling Telegram channels depends on different goals and is done in different ways. Some people make deals through specialized exchanges, Telegram channels, social networks, or acquaintances.

Scams are common in Telegram, especially when dealing with bots.

There are several rules that can minimize the possibility of encountering fraud:

  1. Use trusted exchanges and platforms to buy/sell a Telegram account;
  2. Check the buyer’s profile (it’s easy to tell if the buyer is a bot);
  3. Use trusted and reliable escrow services;
  4. Don’t give the channel buyer your phone number before transferring ownership rights, as a fraudster can hack it.

All of these rules do not guarantee complete security, but they provide hope for it.

Let’s consider a few exchanges through which you can make a deal to buy/sell a Telegram channel:


Telderi is one of the most popular platforms where you can sell Telegram channels, VK groups, YouTube channels, and Yandex.Zen.

The service has good reviews and a large database of different offers and services, including a secure buy-sell transaction.

Birzzha is a website with a convenient interface. To sell your channel, you need to pay for an application ($10, which will be approved by a moderator, after which your ad is published immediately on two platforms: the service and Telegram channel.

Fleep is a service with a project exchange, a delayed posting service, and a chat bot builder. Using the @FleepStockBot bot, you can place your ad for sale on the exchange.

Telegram exchanges:

If you are selling a Telegram channel, it is important to carefully present information that will help the buyer understand that you are not deceiving them, but offering a good product at an optimal price.

Earlier, we mentioned that to ensure a safe transaction, it is necessary to use an escrow service. An escrow is a person who ensures the honesty and transparency of the transaction. Here’s how it works:

  1. The escrow creates a chat and invites the channel seller and buyer;
  2. The seller transfers the administrator rights, and then the ownership rights, to the escrow;
  3. The buyer pays a percentage of the transaction (usually 2-3% of the channel’s value) to the escrow;
  4. After receiving the escrow’s commission, the buyer must pay for the channel (to the specified account) upon request;
  5. The seller confirms in the chat that the buyer has transferred the money;
  6. The escrow transfers the ownership rights of the channel to the buyer.

The buyer must be subscribed to the channel from the beginning.


In the article, we discussed why it may be necessary to transfer ownership of a Telegram channel to another user, how to do it safely, and addressed many relevant issues related to this topic. We also looked at exchanges where you can make a deal and sell a Telegram channel.

Selling a channel can be a well-considered and beneficial decision, or it can cause harm. Don’t forget that you won’t be able to regain your founder status after transferring ownership to another person.


How can I transfer ownership of deleted Telegram account?

If a Telegram account has been deleted, it is not possible to transfer ownership of the account or any associated groups or channels. The only way to regain access to the account is to restore the account within a certain time period after deletion, using the phone number associated with the account. Once the account has been restored, the owner can then transfer ownership of any associated groups or channels as needed. If the account cannot be restored, any associated groups or channels will remain inactive. It’s important to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to prevent the loss of access to important groups or channels, such as adding trusted administrators or transferring ownership to a separate account before deleting the original account.

What is the difference between admin and owner in Telegram group?

In a Telegram group, the owner is the creator of the group and has complete control over the group’s settings and membership. The owner can add or remove members, appoint or remove administrators, and change the group’s name and profile picture. An admin, on the other hand, is a member of the group who has been granted some administrative privileges by the owner. The level of administrative access can vary, depending on the owner’s settings. Admins can help manage the group by removing messages, inviting new members, or editing the group’s information, but they do not have full control over the group like the owner does. It’s important for group owners to carefully manage the admin roles to ensure that the group remains secure and operates smoothly.

What happens when owner leaves Telegram channel?

If the owner of a Telegram channel leaves, the ownership of the channel will be transferred to the most recently appointed admin with the appropriate permissions. If there are no admins with the appropriate permissions, Telegram will prompt the members of the channel to choose a new owner. If no new owner is chosen within a certain period of time, the channel may be deleted or become inactive. It’s important for channel owners to ensure that there are trusted admins with appropriate permissions in place to prevent any disruptions in the event that the owner needs to leave the channel for any reason.

How do you transfer ownership of a bot in Telegram?

To transfer ownership of a bot in Telegram, the current owner of the bot must first add the new owner as an administrator with the appropriate permissions. The new owner will then need to accept the invitation to become an administrator. Once the new owner has been added as an administrator, they can take ownership of the bot by revoking the current owner’s access to the bot’s account or by transferring the bot to a new account associated with the new owner. It’s important to note that transferring ownership of a bot may require some technical knowledge and should be done carefully to ensure that the bot continues to operate correctly.

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