Facebook Ads Introduces New Payment Method “Net 30 Payments”

Net 30 Payments Managing Advertising on Facebook Ads 2024 2024

“Net 30 payments” is a new feature that allows advertisers to invoice their campaigns within 30 days after the placement of the ad on Facebook Ads. This allows advertisers to plan and pay for their advertising campaigns over a longer period of time, which can be especially useful for larger companies that plan large advertising campaigns.


In this feature, you can choose the payment method that will be used to pay the invoices, such as a credit card or bank transfer. It is important to note that using this feature may require prior authentication or identity verification to ensure the security of transactions.

“Net 30 payments” can simplify the process of managing advertising campaigns for advertisers on Facebook. It allows them to have a more flexible financial planning and convenient account management, which in turn can improve their overall efficiency in managing advertising campaigns.

Difference from standard payment methods

Standard payment methods in Facebook Ads, such as payment with a credit card or PayPal, require immediate payment after the placement of the advertising ads. For example, if you placed an ad on Facebook Ads on February 1st, you will need to pay the invoice within a few days.

With “Net 30 payments”, the advertiser can place the ad on February 1st and the invoice will only be issued after 30 days, i.e. March 1st. The advertiser has 30 days from the time the invoice was issued, i.e. until April 1st, to pay the invoice.

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This can be useful for advertisers who plan large advertising campaigns or who wish to have more flexible financial planning.

How to activate “Net 30 payments”

To activate the “Net 30 payments” payment method in Facebook Ads, you need to do the following:

Make sure you have a business account in Facebook Ads; Go to the “Payment Settings” section in your advertising account; Add information about the payment method you want to use, such as a credit card or bank transfer; Choose “Net 30 payments” as the payment method for your advertising campaigns; Follow further instructions to complete the activation process.

Please note that requirements and procedures may vary depending on the region and country, so it is recommended to check the details on the Facebook Ads website or contact Facebook support.


In conclusion, the “Net 30 payments” feature is a significant step forward in improving the process of managing advertising campaigns on Facebook Ads. It allows advertisers to invoice after 30 days following the placement of the advertisement. This helps them plan their finances and increases their efficiency in managing advertising campaigns. This feature demonstrates Facebook’s ongoing commitment to user convenience and improving benefits for advertisers.

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