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Nutra Offers in Affiliate Marketing: What Are They?

In affiliate marketing, there are many verticals – categories of offers that you can earn from. One of such verticals is “nutra.” In this article, we will explain what it is, and how much you can potentially earn in this vertical.

What Are Nutra Offers in Affiliate Marketing?

“Nutra” refers to beauty and health products. For example, products designed to address various health issues or to maintain young skin. The target audience for such products includes those who are tired of dealing with specific problems or those who want to maintain a youthful appearance.

Now that we understand what nutra offers are, let’s delve into the different types they can take. Broadly, this vertical can be divided into six subcategories:

Weight Loss Products: These include products like Goji berries or various dietary supplements, ranging from powders to bars and meal replacements. The primary audience for these offers is women over 30. The key focus when promoting them is on achieving fast results without much effort and showcasing real-life success stories.

Nutra Offers in Affiliate Marketing: What Are They?

Products for Penis Enlargement: This category includes various creams, lotions, dietary supplements, and other products aimed at enhancing male virility. The primary audience for these offers is men, but with the right approach, they can also be marketed to women. In most cases, affiliates promise fast results without a loss of sexual sensations when promoting these products.

Joint Pain Relief Medications: This subcategory covers remedies for joint pain and pain relief medications. These are often comprehensive medicines or dietary supplements that not only alleviate pain but also aid in the recovery of damaged joints. The audience for these products includes athletes over 20 years old and people aged 35 and above who are concerned about their joint health. Emphasizing natural ingredients, fast pain relief, and the restoration of normal joint function is essential when marketing these products.

Potency Enhancers: These encompass various dietary supplements and medications that enhance erection quality. The primary audience is men, but women can also be targeted. When promoting these products, it’s advisable to highlight their natural composition, safety, and long-lasting effects.

Skin Care Products: This is one of the smallest categories within nutra. It primarily includes so-called “hype” products that are popular for a short period. For example, products like blackhead removal masks. These products should be marketed to women, showcasing the effects of their use and emphasizing their safe composition.

Health Products: This subcategory also includes a limited number of items, such as dietary supplements for heart health, thyroid health, muscle support, and more. Offers in this subcategory should be targeted to a specific audience, highlighting their effectiveness and composition.

The most popular subcategories are the first four. There is always demand for products in these categories, and you can find offers for them in most CPA networks.

How to Drive Traffic to Nutra Offers

There are various sources of traffic for nutra offers. We’ll tell about the most popular ones. 

Teaser Networks

Teasers are short, intriguing advertisements placed on various websites. Clicks and impressions for teasers are often very affordable, and with the right approach, they can yield decent lead conversions. Teasers with advertisements for male enhancers and potency products are most commonly placed on adult websites. In other subcategories, teasers are used less frequently but are still applicable.

To earn money from traffic with teasers, it’s important to consider that users are generally not initially interested in the product. You can attract their attention with clickbait, then direct them to a pre-lander page, and finally to the advertiser’s landing page. This user journey typically results in higher conversions compared to directing traffic directly to the offer. If you’re interested in teaser traffic and want to know which teaser networks are the best, see our article on this topic.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are messages from web browsers or mobile applications that appear on the user’s desktop. They allow you to create personalized messages, are cost-effective, and can yield good conversion rates. While the use of push notifications is more popular in other verticals, such as dating, they can also be used for promoting nutra offers.

Working with push notifications has its own intricacies. More on push notifications and push ad networks here, including a top-list of push ad networks.


One of the cheapest ways to generate leads is by using organic traffic. You can create an informational website about joint diseases and drive traffic to relevant offers from there. Or you can place advertising banners on websites related to your niche. Alternatively, you can take a simpler approach by creating doorway pages for each group of keywords and using them.

Social Media

Another popular source of traffic for nutra offers are social medias. You can place advertisements in thematic groups by posting links to offers related to a specific product. For example, you can post links to male enhancement offers in a group for car enthusiasts with an audience over 40 years old. You can also set up targeted advertising, but in most cases, you’ll need to use cloaking or other methods to bypass moderation.

If you want to buy targeted advertising, you’ll need to understand what cloaking is. We’ve written a lot about it. Read our article on cloaking if you want to work with the same account for a long time without having to create a new one every day.

You can also obtain traffic from messengers, through pop-ups, banner advertising, and many other methods. Everyone looks for their top-performing combination by testing various options.

Nutra Offers in Affiliate Marketing: What Are They?

Which Affiliate Networks Provide Best Offers

Choosing the right affiliate network is the key in working with nutra and in affiliate marketing in general. Here are some of the best affiliate networks that provide best nutra offers:

  1. LemonAD: LemonAD is focused on international GEOs and operates in categories such as beauty and health, sports, 18+, accessories, and household goods. They have over 500 in-house offers with exceptional payouts for tier-1/2 countries. They provide a variety of landing pages, promos, and materials in the respective GEO languages.
  2. Traffic Light: Traffic Light is a CPA network with a wide selection of GEOs and over 2500 offers, including nutra, gambling, subscriptions, and physical goods. They offer expert support, free PWA/ANDROID apps, 3-hour payouts, and various withdrawal methods (card, Capitalist, Yoomoney, etc.).
  3. MyLead: MyLead is a multi-vertical affiliate network with 3000+ regular and in-house offers covering dating, gambling, cryptocurrency, e-commerce, sweepstakes, and nutra. They accept traffic from various sources and types, excluding fraud. MyLead provides tools like smart links, deep links, hide links, API, and a unique Content Locker feature.
  4. CPA HOUSE: CPA HOUSE is an affiliate network by the Push.House advertising network. They offer nutra, dating, gambling, betting, and other verticals with 650+ hot offers. Their GEO coverage includes the CIS, Europe, and Asia. CPA HOUSE provides its own customer support, tested creatives for each offer, and a wide range of promotional materials.

These affiliate networks provide a variety of good nutra offers and cater to different GEOs and niches, so you can choose the one that suits your affiliate marketing needs. You can find more nutra affiliate networks and some overall information on nutra in our top-list of nutra affiliate networks.


Nutra, being one of the most popular verticals in affiliate marketing, functions on relatively the same basis as other verticals. Traffic can be driven from teaser networks, push notifications, SEO, social medias, etc. If you want to work in nutra vertical and drive traffic to health and beaty products, make sure you’ve chosen the right affiliate program!

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