Review of R2D Partners: Direct Advertiser of the Well-Known Brands — LEON and Twin

R2D Partners Direct Advertiser for LEON and Twin Brands 2024

R2D Partners is a multi-brand affiliate program providing offers in the betting and gambling verticals. Simultaneously, it acts as a direct advertiser for LEON and Twin — well-known and reputable brands. R2D Partners brings extensive expertise and experience, ready to blend with fresh ideas, offering webmasters a wide range of offers.

R2D Partners Direct Advertiser for LEON and Twin Brands 2024

R2D Partners is a direct advertiser of online casinos and betting platforms LEON and Twin, which have been operating for a long time. Since entering the market, their popularity has been steadily growing, along with audience loyalty. In one place, you can find a variety of slots, live casinos, and bets on both real and virtual sports. The casino websites have interfaces translated into several languages, making it much easier for webmasters to attract traffic, as they can choose from a range of geos.

R2D Partners Direct Advertiser for LEON and Twin Brands 2024

The affiliate program itself appeared not long ago — in November 2023. But that doesn’t mean anything because the experience of the team behind it is truly enormous: 15 years in the niche, so these guys definitely know what they’re doing.

R2D Partners are open to cooperation both with teams and solo webmasters. Experience in gambling and betting will be your advantage when registering in the affiliate program. Teams with large traffic volumes will find it easier to negotiate individual terms. To access private offers, you need to have a high level of trust and good performance on previous campaigns.

Allowed traffic sources include:

  1. PPC;
  2. SEO;
  3. ASO;
  4. Facebook;
  5. UAC.

R2D Partners offers cooperation on four payment models:

  • Revenue Share up to 45%;
  • CPA up to $500;
  • Hybrid and CPM/CPC — upon request.

Registration in the R2D Partners Affiliate Program

Registration in the affiliate program is semi-closed. This means that after you fill out the necessary data, your account will need to undergo a moderation process, which takes up to 48 hours. Access to offers will also need to be requested. Fortunately, there is no need to provide statistics from previous campaigns. This means that anyone can become a partner of R2D Partners.

R2D Partners Direct Advertiser for LEON and Twin Brands 2024

To register, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Name and surname;
  • Username;
  • Email;
  • Password;
  • Skype;
  • Telegram;
  • Traffic source.

You also need to accept the partnership rules and conditions and optionally subscribe to the email newsletter. After that, you will receive a notification that your account is under review.

Personal Account Overview

Once everything is checked, your account will be activated, and you will access your personal account. Here, you will find all the necessary tools for your work. For LEON and Twin, there is a separate interface — you can switch between them directly in the personal account — in the top left corner.

On the ‘Dashboard’ tab, affiliates can view statistics, which are visually presented in the form of graphs or pie charts, as well as view data on views, clicks, registrations, and other important metrics.

R2D Partners Direct Advertiser for LEON and Twin Brands 2024

Here you can also read the latest news, find your personal manager, and check the player you brought to the casino.

R2D Partners Direct Advertiser for LEON and Twin Brands 2024

The ‘Tracking Links’ tab consists of several sections. Here you can:

  • Create a tracking link;
  • Referral link;
  • View postbacks for registrations, deposits, activity, and their history;
  • Invite a sub-affiliate;
  • Configure API for receiving statistics.
R2D Partners Direct Advertiser for LEON and Twin Brands 2024

The ‘Reports’ tab will show how you’ve performed. You can generate them for:

  • General data;
  • Sub-affiliate activity;
  • Creatives.
R2D Partners Direct Advertiser for LEON and Twin Brands 2024

For each type of report, you can set the period for which you want to view the data, as well as for one of the two casinos. Everything is exported in CSV format.

In the ‘Partner Terms’ tab, affiliates have access to the FAQ section, can review the terms and conditions of cooperation, commission rates, and also contact support in case of any questions.

R2D Partners Direct Advertiser for LEON and Twin Brands 2024

Advantages of the R2D Partners Affiliate Program and Fund Withdrawal

There are many advantages to the R2D Partners affiliate program. The main one is that it offers only two well-known products. This means that cooperation will be maximally transparent and profitable, and you won’t have to look for better conditions. LEON and Twin are recognizable brands with a history. And they are not going to stop there. This is evident from how actively they purchase advertising for promotion. Such high-quality brand awareness growth guarantees affiliates a high conversion rate on offers and audience loyalty to the platforms.

In the affiliate program itself, all conditions have been created to achieve high conversion rates: you will be provided with everything you need to earn, informed about promotions and bonuses for players, assisted with promo materials, and provided with unique creatives.

R2D Partners Direct Advertiser for LEON and Twin Brands 2024

Products are localized for 15 geos. And we’re not just talking about websites, but also about support, landing pages, creatives, and payment solutions.

The strong CRM department puts a lot of effort into achieving multi-step and effective retention. For this, users are offered VIP management and localization in multiple languages. This ensures a good player LTV. For a webmaster, this is an important indicator, thanks to which they receive good payouts on RevShare.

There is also a loyalty program. In R2D Partners, you will be offered higher rates, advised on bundles, and offered special cooperation conditions if you prove yourself as a reliable partner. There are also some advantageous offers from partners and discounts on useful services for affiliates, which will also be shared with you.

The support service deserves a separate mention. Each affiliate is assigned their manager, who is always in touch. They are ready to help with creatives, links, and statistics.

The support service assists in all languages (of the relevant geos) and is available 24/7 — so there should be no problems with solving important issues at all. They will help you with technical questions and also share the insights of internal media buying. You can contact support through a convenient channel for you: by email, Skype, or Telegram.

Withdrawals are made through the personal account twice a month. The minimum amount is very small — only $100. The commission is charged to the partner.

There is no hold, and there are several payment methods:

  • USDT TRC20;
  • USDT ERC20;
  • Skrill;
  • Wire.

Reviews of the R2D Partners Affiliate Program

Despite the fact that the affiliate program has existed for less than a year, we have managed to find many positive reviews. Almost all of them praise the brands and also note the presence of converting offers and excellent support. For the rest — read for yourself.


Review from Casino Rei

«R2D Partners provide us with Twin and Leon — 2 casino brands that aim for perfection. Can’t recommend them enough!»


Review from Wiser Gamblers

«We had the pleasure of working with R2D Partners, and I can’t recommend them enough. Their dedication to providing top-notch support and a wide range of high-converting casino and gambling offers is truly impressive. If you’re looking for a reliable affiliate partner, R2D Partners is the way to go.»



Leave your feedback about R2D Partners in the comments section below this article. Share what you liked about working with the affiliate program, and if there are any shortcomings, feel free to point them out!

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