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Adheart.ru is a new spy tool that allows users to analyze advertising on Facebook. The tool was developed by Sergey Tsvetaev, who gained widespread recognition for creating popular services such as Publer, Adlover, and Telemetr.

The platform allows users to search and analyze advertising creatives placed through targeted advertising on Facebook in any format and in all GEOs. All verticals and niches are also available. Currently, the creative database exceeds 50 million, and all creatives are available for download. The tool contains over 30 terabytes of high-quality photos and videos.

Adheart’s materials can be found using a variety of criteria with the help of ready-made filters. It’s possible to search by text, links, applications, Facebook pages, and even by the creation date of the creative.

Every discovered creative has detailed statistics showing the time it was launched and the period of airing.

If you need to find applications that are promoted through Facebook, the tool will find them by name or only parts of it. The search can be filtered by specific dates and operating systems. At the moment, the tool has data on more than 40,000 unique applications.

With Adheart, you can get top applications for a specific period of time, for which there are the largest number of creatives. Each application can be analyzed by the number of creatives for a specific time period: from a week to infinity. There is an opportunity to track the entire promotion dynamics of a particular application.

The ‘Collections’ feature significantly simplifies the work of users by allowing them to instantly access previously selected materials.

The tool can be used in two modes: free and by monthly subscription. The free version has restrictions on the number of search queries and search results, as well as the inability to download creatives. The paid subscription, which provides access to full functionality, will cost 3000 rubles (around $40) per month.

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