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AdMobiSpy is a mobile ad spy tool for top advertising networks covering over 180 countries worldwide.

The tool analyzes 23 advertising networks and 6 pop-up networks, processing almost 30,000 ads daily. Recently, the ability to monitor video ads has been added.

For those involved in mobile affiliate marketing, AdMobiSpy helps to find the most profitable sources of traffic and analyze traffic based on multiple parameters in the niche of interest. The tool allows tracking competitors’ actions, viewing the “pillows” and landing pages they use, and identifying the ones that show the best results.

AdMobiSpy is a powerful tool for marketing and advertising agencies to create a successful advertising strategy with the ability to forecast campaign results. With a vast database of ready-made creatives for any niche, the analysis of competitors’ experience, and the consideration of past mistakes, campaign setup can be completed much faster.

Using AdMobiSpy, the complicated mobile advertising segment becomes transparent and easy to understand, reducing the time spent on developing custom ads, decreasing costs for identifying the target audience accurately, and eliminating the need to work with multiple sources of information.

The search for interesting ads is highly customizable. With over 15 filters and a keyword search, users can search for the freshest ads or the most popular in each section. AdMobiSpy provides detailed statistics for all the found creatives. The tool already has over 6 million ads in its database.

AdMobiSpy provides mobile app monitoring with customizable tracking parameters. Users can set notifications for any parameter changes detected by the tool.

The tool also allows easy saving of all ads, pre-landers, and landers on the user’s device.

AdMobiSpy offers a free trial with limited functionality. For full access to all features, three paid plans are available.

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