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AdPlexity is an international advertising spy tool established in 2010. It tracks desktop, mobile, and native ads worldwide, covering about 80 countries.

The tool provides comprehensive statistics on thousands of ad campaigns. Mobile ads from 15 exchanges and PopUp ads from 5 networks are monitored. AdPlexity is the only tool that can monitor campaigns across more than 120 operators.

The AdPlexity search function works on multiple parameters, allowing for efficient ad campaign monitoring.

If a user inputs a keyword, the tool will display all landing pages where it is present.

It is possible to track all advertising campaigns launched by a single affiliate.

The platform analyzes websites and shows which ads are being run on them.

AdPlexity is capable of finding campaigns promoting offers for specific affiliate networks. Currently, over 100 affiliate networks are available.

The tool provides a detailed analysis for all discovered campaigns:

  • Where the affiliate buys traffic for this campaign;
  • Which websites give the highest amount of traffic;
  • Which mobile devices, browsers, and operating systems show the best performance;
  • The campaign’s lifespan and its daily activity, also known as a trend.

AdPlexity provides information about the affiliate network that each discovered landing page belongs to, the tracker being used, and displays a list of redirects and all outgoing links.

All found creatives and landing pages can be downloaded to the user’s device in a single click in an archive format.

If the existing tool features are not sufficient, additional CPA networks, domains, or offers can be added for a fee by the tool developers.

AdPlexity does not provide free demo access, but users have the option to take a virtual tour of the tool with support manager guidance.

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