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Adspoiler is a tool that analyzes advertising posts in Vkontakte groups. It has been on the market since 2015 and currently scans over 20,000 communities of the most popular social network among Russian-speakeks. All data is updated in real-time, providing users with the most current information.

Adspoiler makes it easy to search for the most effective communities for advertising. All groups are sorted by the number of users, coverage, gender, and age of participants, as well as CPA and CPM. You can also see the number of advertising placements in each group.

Detailed analytics include changes in audience activity over time, the number of bots in the community, and the growth chart of the group with advertising posts taken into account. Subscriber growth can be viewed weekly or monthly.

Adspoiler is a tool that allows you to easily track the activities of competitors, view the advertising creatives they use, and identify the groups where they post and the number of subscribers they attract.

You can also view your own advertising campaigns using Adspoiler, receiving detailed reports for days, weeks, and months. For each creative, there are numerous parameters available, such as cost, reach, the number of subscribers, and the average cost per conversion.

With Adspoiler, it’s easy to build retargeting audiences. The tool filters the audience that has shown interest in specific creatives and exports it to a separate file. All that’s left is to launch a new advertising campaign for these “warmed-up” customers.

Adspoiler provides two pricing plans, with basic and advanced functionality. You can try the unlimited functionality of the tool for free for 24 hours. Authentication is done directly through VKontakte.

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