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Espyge is a spy tool that helps to solve analytical and monitoring tasks related to teaser advertising in the CIS-countries. The platform’s beta testing started in 2021.

Currently, the tool is capable of tracking the situation in 11 traffic sources across 9 CIS-countries. There are more than 60,000 available advertisements on a daily basis, and the database is constantly being updated with over 25,000 landing pages.

The list of available teaser networks for analysis includes Teasernet, RedTram, Recreativ, Oblivki.biz, Mixadvert, Mgid, LuckyAds, DirectAdvert, Adskeeper, Adpartner, AdNow, and BodyClick.

Using Espyge, you can find all the components of profitable linkages among your competitors, such as creatives, placement platforms, time, GEO, browsers and devices, “padding,” and landing pages. The materials are sorted by the time of appearance, lifespan, popularity, and real trend.

With this data in hand, you can save time and money on testing your hypotheses and immediately build your successful marketing strategy.

Any chosen offer is now easily accessible. Its popularity in various traffic sources and demand in different countries are clearly visible, providing valuable insights for marketing decisions.

Liked creatives can be saved in a separate “Favorites” tab for easy tracking of their performance dynamics, comparing their effectiveness against each other, and seeing the duration of the ad campaign’s run.

All promo materials, including ads and landing pages, can be downloaded to the user’s device with just one click.

Espyge offers several pricing plans. The “Demo” plan is designed for familiarizing with the tool and its functionality, displaying a limited part of the base of creatives and landing pages, with no sorting or filtering available. The “Professional” plan allows access to all the platform’s features and logging in from two devices. The third option is called “Team of Professionals,” which is ideal for affiliate marketing teams and agencies.

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