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Managing advertising expenses is not the most convenient thing to do, and if done incorrectly and going over budget, it can become quite problematic. Is there any logical solution? To simplify the endless amount of invoices, Google sheets, and reports, a good idea is to use a virtual card service that offers expense management within the platform. These services have accessible and convenient expense tracking, visible to the entire team, and, pleasantly enough, almost entirely eliminates accidental errors and numerical typos.

One of these services is Leading Cards, which we will be looking at today.

Leading Cards provides premium virtual cards for advertising. The company was created by affiliates with the slogan “ours for our own,” promising to solve all the familiar industry problems.

What Leading Cards offer

  1. Instant issuance of cards from over 12 issuers for different GEOs.
  2. Fresh trusted BINs (credit BINs, debit BINs that work with various platforms).
  3. Management of all cards through one wallet.
  4. Customization of all possible card parameters (yay! no exceeding budget limits!)
  5. No minimum deposit amount.
  6. Wallet can be topped up using a variety of convenient payment methods: USDT TRC20, USDT ERC20, BTC, or bank transfer. An additional conversion fee of $5 + 1.5% is charged for TRC20 wallet. BTC, ERC20 – 1%.
  7. Always available tech support.
  8. Ability to create a personal card management panel for each of your buyers and monitor their card activities.

The team always keeps a close eye on the market and is aware of the latest available BINs for media buying on Facebook, Google, Tik-Tok, Twitter, etc.


Create the necessary number of sub-accounts to manage your team’s expenses. Each sub-account has a separate balance, so you can set budgets, issue cards, and track expenses.

Easily manage all sub-accounts with your main account.

Card Terms

  • Card issuance fee – $6.
  • Top-up fee – 4.2%.
  • Monthly fee for each active card in the account – $5.

How to register with Leading Cards

The registration process may take slightly longer than you’re used to, but in this case, the lack of complete automation means a desire to provide you with a higher quality service. Is it worth an extra 10 minutes? We think so.

What do you need to do?

  1. Contact the support team @leadingCards.
  2. A manager will ask you a couple of questions about your company and its needs.
  3. Next, a Leading Cards manager will give you a detailed overview of the service and answer your questions.
  4. An employee will submit an application to create your account and deliver it to you within 24 hours.
  5. When you receive your account, an employee will help you top up your balance. The process is done through a convenient and fast bot.
  6. The first card is issued manually to ensure everything is in order, and you understand how to manage it, etc. All subsequent cards are created automatically and instantly.

How do we like the service?

We were pleased with the wide selection of BINs for work and their constant updating. The conditions for work are market-based, so you need to compare them with your current solution and price.

The service has a complete transaction history for cards, limits on certain cards, the ability to create sub-accounts for teams – in general, everything you need for convenient card management and expense tracking.

For all new users, the promo code “Conversion” is valid, which will give you a free issuance of three cards. There is no minimum deposit amount, so feel free to test it.

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