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SpyOver is a tool that allows monitoring of advertising campaigns in teaser networks. It has been on the market since 2017 and is actively used by affiliates, marketers, and advertisers. The platform enables tracking of competitors’ actions, finding the most popular products, and optimizing their own advertising campaigns.

Currently, SpyOver analyzes ads from 15 international teaser networks covering 115 countries. The tool already has a database of about 8 million ads.

Ad searches are carried out on platforms, keywords, and links. Ads are filtered by geography, language, devices, and browsers. In addition, SpyOver has a database of 70 partner CPA networks and 8 leading trackers through which traffic flows.

SpyOver provides a detailed graphical statistics for each discovered ad. It analyzes the lifetime, number of impressions, platforms, countries, and devices. SpyOver also tracks redirect chains.

If the language of the found ad is unclear, the tool will translate it into English.

All discovered ads can be downloaded one by one or as a group.

SpyOver stands out by not only searching for ads but also for landing pages. The database of collected landing pages has already exceeded 200,000. The search for landing pages is carried out based on titles, text, and external links. Additionally, landing pages can be downloaded.

SpyOver provides a free trial access with limited functionality, as well as two paid tariffs. The service accepts WebMoney, PayPal, or bank card transfers.

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