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SpyTeg is a monitoring and analysis spy tool for adult advertising, launched in 2019. The platform allows you to receive data from 6 advertising networks, such as ExoClick, JuicyAds, TrafficJunky, EroAdvertising, TrafficStars, and TrafficFactory, which place ads in more than 70 countries around the world.

At the moment, there are more than 170,000 adult-themed ads and about 1500 landing pages available. The database is updated daily, providing only up-to-date information.

SpyTeg allows you to analyze native, teaser, banner, and video advertising. The convenient search function allows you to search for creatives by text, redirects, publishers, as well as information placed on the landing page. There is a filter by sizes available.

Each ad in SpyTeg comes with detailed statistics, providing the user with a daily and weekly trend, the total number of views, and their count in the last month. Data can be filtered by dates, countries, languages, device types, and browsers. A separate slider switches the platform to show only new creatives. Each ad or landing page can be downloaded with a single click.

Thanks to the translation feature into English, users will have no difficulty understanding texts in other languages.

Thanks to its wide range of features, affiliates and affiliate networks can find effective campaigns from competitors, identify the most in-demand offers and creatives about them, and see all the links, including ads, transit pages, and landing pages. The necessary materials are saved in the “Favorites” section and are always at hand.

So, SpyTeg provides an opportunity to save time and money that would have to be spent on creating and testing a promotion strategy from scratch. With the help of this adult ad spy tool, you get ready-made solutions that are relevant in the present time.

The platform offers several pricing plans. A free demo access is available, allowing you to evaluate all the advantages of the platform. The “Professional” plan provides unlimited functionality and allows you to work with two accounts. The “Corporate” plan is suitable for affiliate marketing teams and agencies, and allows simultaneous connection from up to six devices.

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