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YeezyPay is a service that provides verified agent accounts with a high level of trust. These accounts significantly reduce the ban rate and have priority during moderation. This greatly helps entrepreneurs and affiliates comfortably increase their traffic volume. It is worth noting that the service fully refunds money from a Google Ads account if the account is banned. This is a distinctive advantage over other similar services, among other advantages that we will describe below.

A bit of theory

Agency accounts increase the level of trust of Google services to the advertising account, which reduces the likelihood of a ban. The second feature is that YeezyPay provides a unified panel for managing all advertising campaigns that the account owner is currently running (which is very convenient).

The accounts provided by this service allow you to avoid dealing with payments and distribute funds to advertising accounts without receipts and other paperwork. The service does it for the user. The user only needs to replenish the account with the required amount, after which the service itself will offer to distribute the funds to the advertising accounts.

Differences between an agency account and a personal advertising account

Agency account:

  • The ability to top up the Google advertising account, but with a service fee
  • A panel with all advertising campaigns on one screen
  • High level of trust in the advertising account
  • Low likelihood of blocking
  • The service guarantees to return the money
  • Allows only white advertising
  • Low campaign rejection rate, and the reason for rejection is often explained, after which the user can fix the issues and resubmit the application.

Personal account:

  • Account connection is only possible through Google Partners
  • Low level of trust in the advertising account
  • Average likelihood of blocking, even when using white advertising
  • Allows choosing any topic allowed by Google’s advertising policy
  • Average campaign rejection rate, and the reason for rejection is often not specified.

Advantages of YeezyPay

Now that we’ve figured out how the agent advertising account works, let’s take a look at the main features of the service.

  • The service fee is only 5%
  • Verified agent accounts with a high level of trust
  • All actions in the service are completely confidential, and registration is done through a Telegram bot
  • Payment is possible only with cryptocurrency. The service supports payments only in USDT and via wire transfer
  • Fast and friendly moderation support. The YeezyPay team solves every issue and responds instantly without pre-prepared responses.
  • Only allows white advertising.
  • GEO of advertising accounts is exclusively Europe.
  • Gambling and betting are possible through Google UAC.
  • The minimum top-up amount is $100.
  • Simple registration in 3 clicks without ads and documents.
  • A personal manager for each client.

The number of advantages is impressive, isn’t it? The team manually confirms each transaction and currently remembers every client. Service managers respond practically around the clock, thanks to which the ambitious platform has already found its customers.

How to register?

  1. Go to the website http://google.yeezypay.io/
  2. Click on the “Get started” button in the top right corner of the screen, or at the bottom of the website.
  3. Follow the link to Telegram.
  4. Activate the bot and request a unique link by clicking on the button suggested by the bot. Follow the link.
  5. Scan the QR code and top up the wallet of your personal account. The minimum top-up amount is 30 USDT.
  6. Click on the link https://my.yeezypay.io/invite/google
  7. Convert USDT to dollars by clicking on the icon with two arrows. Enter the desired amount and convert it at the favorable rate offered by the service.
  8. Send the invitation to your email by clicking on the icon in the center of the panel with the Google Ads logo. In the pop-up window, transfer the dollars to the account, enter the email address to which you will receive the invitation, and check your email. Important: it is not recommended to use the email address of an account that was previously blocked by Google services.
  9. Go to your email and open the email from Google Ads. Connect to the advertising account via the link in the email.

Your advertising account is ready! The steps are described in detail, so the instructions may seem concise. In reality, registration on the service takes no more than five minutes, and complete registration takes no more than fifteen.

Please note: during registration, the service does not require documents or identification, and payment is made through cryptocurrency – everything is completely private.

Further management is done through the Google Ads advertising account, so we will not describe the interface of the advertising account or its functions in this review.

Who benefits from this service?

Freelancers who work in affiliate marketing. Small business owners who want to attract traffic to their website. The goal is to increase website statistics and rankings, or to attract leads.


YeezyPay is a reliable and ambitious service that provides its users with Google Ads agency accounts with a high level of trust from Google services. YeezyPay’s agency accounts provide a low probability of blocking. The service guarantees to return all funds from the account in case of blocking, which allows you to resume the campaign without losses.

The platform does not request or store user documents, and funding is done through USDT. The service fee is only $5, and the minimum top-up amount is $100.

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