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Aezakmi is an anti-detection browser specifically designed for creating unique browser fingerprints, known on the market since 2019. It is created for those involved in affiliate marketing, SMM, or sports betting. The browser allows anonymous surfing on the internet and staying unnoticed by anti-fraud systems while working with multiple accounts.

With just a few clicks, the browser enables users to create new unique fingerprints and control a variety of anonymity parameters, such as screen size, video card, operating system, language, time zone, WebRTC, GPS coordinates, User Agent, and Proxy.

Aezakmi also provides extensive capabilities for teamwork. Multiple computers can work simultaneously on a single account, and the browser allows the transfer of fingerprints along with cookies to other users of the service. Users have reported fast customer support and ease of use, along with a reasonable price.

Users praise the high speed of the service, as well as the simplicity of setup and intuitive interface.

In addition to the browser itself, the service team is engaged in farming and selling high-quality Facebook accounts. Initially, to buy accounts, it was necessary to be subscribed to one of Aezakmi.run’s tariff plans, but now any affiliate can be a buyer. Special wholesale prices are available when purchasing more than 30 accounts. The accounts are created from Russian mobile IP addresses, verified by SMS and email, have an avatar, fan page, configured pixel, allow for the creation of Business Manager, and have limits of 50/250$. Reviews from those who have purchased such accounts confirm their full functionality.

Aezakmi offers four different subscription plans. The first one is completely free, allowing users to test and evaluate all the features of the service for two days by providing their Telegram profile. This demo access allows for creating two unique fingerprints. If Telegram is not provided, the trial period is reduced to one day. The three paid plans differ in the number of profile fingerprints that can be created (from 1 to 1000) and the level of technical support, ranging from individual to team. Subscription plans can be paid monthly, for six months, or for ten months, with two months as a bonus.

The referral program works as follows: upon request to the support team, a partner receives a unique promo code. When registering, a person who applies this code receives a 10% discount, regardless of the chosen subscription plan, and becomes a referral of the promo code owner. The referrer, in turn, receives 5% of the referral’s expenses.

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