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Incogniton is an anti-detection browser that allows for simultaneous use of multiple browser profiles. The development team’s office is located in Amsterdam. The program interface is available in four languages: English, Russian, Portuguese, and Chinese. The program has a pleasant design and is easy to use. The browser can be installed on either Windows or Mac OS.

Each created profile has a unique fingerprint that includes parameters such as operating system, user agent, proxy, language, platform, screen resolution, time zone, GEO, WebRTC, and Canvas. Each profile can be given a name and placed in a group. The browser supports the following proxy types: HTTP, Socks 4, or Socks 5. Cookie files can be easily imported or exported.

Incogniton has many useful, and sometimes unique, features. For example, users can create a large number of profiles at once. Users can also choose to store data from their browser profiles on their own device or in a secure online database. In the latter case, data synchronization allows access to profiles from all client devices.

For team collaboration, separate accounts with unique logins can be created, and each account can be assigned its own roles with access to specific functions.

Incogniton can simulate text input, creating the appearance of live human typing, which provides additional protection against anti-fraud systems.

The program is also integrated with Selenium Python, which allows for the automation of many processes, including registration and login with just one click.

There are three paid plans with prices ranging from $29.99 to $149.99 and the ability to create 50 to 500 profiles. Each package includes premium support, API access, integration with Selenium/Puppeteer, and space for team members. However, there is also a free plan that allows for the creation and use of up to 10 profiles with no restrictions for six months.

Under the terms of the affiliate program, a personal discount coupon is issued to attract customers. The reward amount is 20% of all subscription fees paid by referred users. Statistics are available to track clicks and conversions in real-time. Payments are made monthly.

Incogniton can be an indispensable tool for those who need to work with multiple accounts on different websites and social networks simultaneously. With this tool, users no longer have to worry about maintaining anonymity online or possible bans and blocks. The tool stands out from competitors with its ease of use, wide range of features, and flexible pricing policy.

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