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Multilogin is a tool designed for simultaneous work with multiple accounts on websites and social networks. It was created by developers from Tallinn in 2015 and was recognized as the best Estonian startup at the time. Currently, the product is used by over 10,000 active users weekly, launching more than 13 million sessions. The platform is available in three languages: English, Russian, and Chinese.

The browser has several significant advantages over its competitors. First, it implements data storage separation. Each created profile has unique cookie files and local caches stored in isolated storage, which eliminates the possibility of data leaks.

Second, Multilogin does not prevent sites from reading browser fingerprints, but allows it to be done by substituting real user device data with other data.

Third, the program allows automating repetitive actions, eliminating the need for manual execution of identical scenarios.

Moreover, Multilogin is great for team collaboration. It not only allows creating profiles but also sharing them among team members. Each assistant is given permission to perform certain actions within their competence.

Multilogin has not one but two anti-detection browsers. The first one is called Mimic, created on the Chromium engine and modified not to send information about the client’s real device data. The second browser is called Stealthfox. It was developed based on Firefox and allows for broad settings and management of its own fingerprints.

Multilogin offers several pricing plans ranging from $99 to $399 per month. Each plan includes working with an unlimited number of devices, unlimited encrypted cloud storage, full functionality for managing browser profiles, two browsers, integration with leading proxy sellers, support for HTTP and SOCKS proxies, and complete emulation of Chrome and Firefox.

It is also possible to create an individual pricing plan by purchasing only what is needed in the required quantities. Purchases can be made through bank cards, PayPal, Wire Transfer, and cryptocurrencies. Payments are accepted in dollars and euros.

Multilogin hires young people who want to work remotely in a friendly and progressive team consisting of more than 40 people from 10 countries around the world. There is an unusual referral program, which allows you to receive $500 for each recommended candidate who gets hired, and $1000 if the person is hired for a management position.

In the reviews, those who have already worked with Multilogin note the simplicity of the interface and settings, the availability of all necessary functions, the absence of problems with account crashes, and responsive customer support.

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