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Octo Browser is a versatile multi-platform anti-detection browser that provides maximum protection against identification by replacing the user’s “fingerprints” transmitted to the site. Moreover, it allows working simultaneously with multiple templates of such fingerprints.


Octo Browser is a multifunctional, cross-platform anti-detection browser that allows for maximum protection against user identification by replacing the “user fingerprints” sent to websites. These realistic user fingerprints are adjustable and coordinated within the browser, with their matching rules based on real systems to avoid detection by advertising algorithms.

With Octo Browser, maximum anonymity is ensured by accounting for all known de-anonymization methods, and developers are quick to create corresponding patches for any new methods that emerge. The browser also employs cutting-edge substitution methods to minimize the possibility of reverse analysis identification.

In addition to its robust security features, Octo Browser is user-friendly and intuitive, requiring no specific knowledge to operate. Its interface is designed for easy use by beginners.

The browser also includes a user profile template feature, allowing for the use of up to an infinite number of profiles simultaneously, depending on the chosen pricing plan.

Octo Browser’s flexible access rights system allows for collaboration with colleagues and partners while allowing for individual visibility settings. It supports all types of proxy servers, including https, socks, ssh, and more. Additionally, the browser includes a feature for saving valid proxies for future use.

Users can also leverage the power of Puppeteer, a powerful library distribution based on Node.js that works with the Chromium API interface via the Chrome DevTools protocol.

Finally, OCTOBROWSER is multi-platform, with versions available for both Windows and MacOS operating systems.


Using TOR IP addresses as proxy servers is not allowed. To fully unleash its potential, a 64-bit OS and SSD may be required. Tools related to API and Puppeteer usage are still in their early stages and currently have room for improvement.


Octo Browser, the anti-detection browser, is an excellent tool for both webmasters and those who want to maintain their right to anonymity. With its help, you can both safely surf the internet and transmit thousands of parallel information streams to the network, each of which will appear as traffic from an individual person.

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