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Undress AI Tools: How to Undress a Girl with Neural Networks

With the development of AI, some people may question themselves: “Are there undress AI tools that remove clothes from girls on photos?”. The answer is yes! Almost every neural network puts a block on this kind of content, but we still found loopholes that allow to generate a naked image of a girl online – both free and paid; an image, in which any girl will take a naked look.

What undress AI generators undress girls on photos in 2023

Let’s take a look at which undress AI generators allow you to undress any actress or model.


Midjourney is one of the most popular neural networks among designers and artists for creating art. With the beginning of the popularity of the program, requests for nude content have grown significantly, and the developers have tried to cut such a feature as quickly as possible. Therefore, the Midjourney algorithm will not give you explicit nudity, but if you choose the right prompt, you can get art with erotic overtones.

Midjourney’s price is as follows: For $10 you get 10 attempts to generate images, and for $30 you get unlimited access.


MidJourney undress ai

But even for the best prompt, most often the neural network produces a result with a disturbed anatomy of the human body. According to our observations, out of ten pictures, only one or two will be successful.

Bad example:

Undress AI Tools: How to Undress a Girl with Neural Networks


Deepsukebe is a clone of the DeepNude remote app that has already made a splash. In 2021, developers faced such a problem: the UK government demanded that such sites be banned, but after a while they were left alone.

This undress AI tool copes quite well with its functions, the generation will be influenced by the quality of the image, the clothes and the pose of the girl in the photo itself. The price of this program is as follows: For $1.99 you can get 1 unblurred image, for $9.99 you get 100 such images, and for $39.99 you get 500 images. There are also various improvements that are unlocked when paying for a subscription.

In order for the undress AI tool to start processing, you need to follow the Deepsukebe link in your browser, then upload a photo and go through the captcha. In demo access, you can only get a blurry image.


Undress AI Tools: How to Undress a Girl On a Photo (2023)

Stable Diffusion

This one will be the best option in the undress AI generators categoy. Stable Diffusion is a free and open source neural network that you will need to install on your computer. Step-by-step instructions for use will be after the comparative table of neural networks.


Undress AI Tools: How to Undress a Girl with Neural Networks


DreamPower is a Telegram bot. Undressing takes from 10 to 30 seconds, the image is of sufficient quality, but there are several conditions for everything to be successful. It is necessary that only one girl be in the photo, she must be in a swimsuit or underwear in good lighting and the resolution of the photo must be normal. You can also draw or highlight the area where the generation should take place in order for the undress AI generator to better read the human figure. If all these conditions are met, then the undress AI tool will be able to generate an image without any problems.

Dreampower price:

  • 10 treatments – $0,5;
  • 25 treatments – $1;
  • 50 treatments – $2,2;
  • Premium status – $3,3;
  • Full access – $5,5.

There is also a demo access in which you can generate one image.


Undress AI Tools: How to Undress a Girl with Neural Networks

Comparison Chart of Undress AI Tools

Undress AI ToolProsConsPriceDemo access availableFinal grade,
DeepsukebeSpeed and qualityPrice$2-$40In stock7
MidjourneyHigh-quality artGeneration problems$10-$30No3
Stable DiffusionHigh-quality, no need to pay, flexible functionalityRequires installation on a PC/laptopFreeNo8
DreamPowerSpeed and priceQuality conditions$0,5-$5In stock6

Step-by-step instructions for undressing a girl in a photo using Stable Diffusion

The flexible functionality of Stable Diffusion is a bit like the Generative Fill feature in Adobe Photoshop, it can also fill in an existing image with text. But Stable Diffusion, in addition to this, can generate an image based on only one text. By choosing the right prompt, you can get the desired result.

How to install the Stable Diffusion undress AI tool

First you will need to follow the GitHub link and download the assembly to the root of C drive. This program is a portable version and will only run from the folder where you placed it. Then you need to go to this link: GitHub, download “deliberate” from the “Running on Window” section and move it to this path: C:\stable-diffusion-portable-main\models\Stable-diffusion. The program will run quickly if you have a 4 GB graphics card.

How to run Stable Diffusion

To get started, you will need to open the “webui-user” file. Next, in the program itself, go to the “img2img” tab and click “Inpaint”.

Undress AI Tools: How to Undress a Girl with Neural Networks

How to set prompt

Having set the desired prompt, the program will generate the corresponding image. Prompt must be written in English, otherwise nothing will come of it. I asked a prompt on our topic and it looked like this: “naked girl”.

How to install the Stable Diffusion undress AI tool

How to set up Stable Diffusion

Once the image has been uploaded, go to the settings menu and set all the sliders in the same way as in my screenshot.

How to set up Stable Diffusion

This setting will allow you to generate good quality images without any problems.

How the inpaint function works

Next, highlight with a pencil those areas that you want to undress, and start generating images using the “Generate” button. If the result is not to your liking, generate a few more images or make changes in the “Denoising strength” and “Only masked padding, pixels” settings.

Undress AI Tools: How to Undress a Girl with Neural Networks

On average, to get a satisfactory result, you will need to do 3-4 generations.

That’s all, now any model can be undressed by you in a matter of seconds and used for a variety of purposes.

How legal is it to undress girls using neural networks

In European countries, using neural networks to distribute such photos is undesirable, because not so long ago the US Congress introduced the DEEPFAKES Accountability Act, according to which criminal liability will be provided for such activities. In some other countries, the situation may be much simpler, as there could be no laws providing for criminal liability, so for now you would be able use it. In any case, you’d better avoid mentioning that you used such thing.

9 Nude AI Image Generators and Undressing Services

Can these photos be used as creatives?

Yes, if you look at the rules of the same Facebook, then you can use some actors or models as creatives made using artificial intelligence.


Neural networks have taken a huge leap forward, and the deepfake features we’ve covered in this article can be used for a variety of purposes. Of all the presented undress AI tools, we would single out Deepsukebe and Stable Diffusion. In our opinion, they work very well and can help a lot in generating creatives for affiliate marketing, for instance. You can use these undress AI generators, but it’s better not to brag about using them out loud, since anything can happen. We hope our article will be useful for you.


Is it possible to undress a girl in a photo using undress AI tools?

Yes, you can. Now neural networks are doing quite well with this task. In this article, we have analyzed which undress AI tools undress girls both for a fee and for free.

What neural network can be used to undress a girl for free?

With the help of the Stable Diffusion neural network, this undress AI generator does not ask you for any money. By setting the prompt you need and setting the correct settings, you can undress the girl without any problems.

Can a neural network draw a girl’s naked body?

Yes, Stable Diffusion can handle this task, this neural network can easily finish drawing a girl’s naked body if you set the right prompt and set the settings.

What neural network generates art of naked girls?

The Midjourney neural network can generate art of naked girls, but you can often encounter such a problem as a distortion of human anatomy, so for high-quality art you will need to set a detailed prompt and regenerate the image from time to time until it satisfies you.

How to dress a girl from a photo using neural networks?

Stable Diffusion can handle this task, and the Generative Fill function in Adobe Photoshop, we set the correct prompt, select the area that needs to be changed and the neural network will do its job. Also, the recently released superlook.ai undress AI tool can change people’s clothes.

Is it possible to use erotic photos of girls as creatives in affiliate marketing?

Yes, as long as you do not violate the policy of a particular source. In this case, you can use such creatives, but you can’t avoid a quick ban on the same Facebook.

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