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Viewing Someone’s Facebook Feeds Without Being Friends: Guide

To view someone’s Facebook feed, the general requirement is to be friends with them on the platform. Most Facebook users understand that they need to send a friend request to someone they want to stay in touch with on the platform. However, if you’re not friends with someone, it can be difficult to see their Facebook feed.

Despite this, there are some methods that you can try. We’ve broken down the explanations into different sections, so be sure to read through them.

Tip #1: Private Facebook Accounts

Facebook is a privacy-conscious platform that provides various options for users to safeguard their privacy at any given time. It’s common for individuals to set their Facebook accounts to private to prevent unauthorized users from accessing their feeds. If you want to view someone’s Facebook feed but their account is set to private, you should be aware of your limited options.

Any public settings on the person’s Facebook page are likely to be covered as well. Therefore, sending a friend request is the best way to see their Facebook feed.

In the past, people used various methods to bypass Facebook’s privacy measures, but most of these loopholes have been fixed by the company. The platform’s multi-layered security ensures that information is not leaked when accounts are set to private. However, we will share how to view private Facebook feeds if you’re still curious about it.

Tip #2: Using a Fake Facebook Account

Creating a fake Facebook account is a common tactic people use when they want to view someone’s Facebook profile without being identified. Perhaps you have a specific reason for not wanting to become friends with the person on the platform.

By creating a convincing fake account, you can send a friend request to the person and increase the likelihood of it being accepted. From this secondary account, you can view their Facebook feed without being connected as friends from your primary account.

Tip #3: Using a Friend’s Account

While creating a fake account is an option, not everyone is comfortable with it. It can also feel like you’re stalking the person, which isn’t ideal. Luckily, your mutual friends can be helpful in these situations.

If you share several mutual friends with the person, chances are that some of them are already following the person you’re interested in. You can request to use one of their accounts to view the target person’s Facebook feed without being friends. This method can be more comfortable and less intrusive than creating a fake account.

Tip #4: Third-Party Apps

Third-party apps that allow you to view private Facebook profiles are popular and easy to find on the internet. Note that some of these apps require only a person’s iCloud credentials if they are using Apple devices. However, if the person uses an Android device, you will need to manually install the app on their phone.

These apps operate in stealth mode, so you don’t have to worry about getting caught. If you’re unsure which app to use, mSpy, eyeZy, and uMobix are some examples that may be useful. By syncing both devices, you can access the dashboard or control panel to view the target person’s Facebook feed.

Keep in mind that this method is an extreme measure that people take when they want to spy on someone. You cannot use this method on random people on the internet. Additionally, it can be difficult to use this method if you’re not close enough to the person to obtain their phone or iCloud details.

Tip #5: Public Facebook Accounts

Not everyone has a private account on Facebook, and you can often find many public pages on the platform. Business pages, for instance, are typically open to the public so that customers can view their products and services. You can follow these pages to receive updates on their posts.

Furthermore, some users may have adjusted their personal profile visibility settings to make them visible to everyone. However, you still can’t browse their feeds without being friends with them.

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