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‘We restrict certain activity’ Instagram Error – How to Fix It in 2023

Recently, Instagram, like Facebook, has started tightening the screws. The reason is the fight against fake profiles, spam, mass liking, and mass following. Unfortunately, the system algorithms don’t always work correctly. Therefore, “white” accounts also often fall under blocking and restrictions, and their owners receive a notification like ‘We restrict certain activity’ Instagram error (a full version of the error text is “We restrict certain activity to protect our community”).

In this article, we will tell you what to do and how to fix the error.

‘We restrict certain activity’ Instagram Error: Possible Reasons

Your Instagram profile may be subject to restrictions for several reasons. Typically, this includes creating multiple profiles, liking too many posts in a short period of time, automated actions (or actions similar to automation), using third-party apps, and more. In all of these cases, the user or Instagram’s imperfect artificial bot algorithm is to blame for the error.

We restrict certain activity Fix Instagram Error 2024 2024'We restrict certain activity' Instagram Error?
Example of such error. Source.

Limit violations

Instagram sets limits on actions such as likes, comments, new conversations, subscriptions/unsubscriptions, and more. Actions that can specifically limit a user in the social network include:

  • liking more than 60 times per hour
  • commenting more than 300 times per day
  • opening new conversations more than 10 times per hour
  • subscribing to more than 500 accounts per day

Violating these limits may definitely lead to the ‘We restrict certain activity’ Instagram error, so try avoiding it.

Other “unnatural” actions can also raise suspicion for Instagram’s bot, such as identical comments with emojis like “Class!”, “Wow!”, “Cool!”, “LMAO”, and others. These short messages are often used in account boosting services. Therefore, it is always best to write something meaningful and, if possible, more detailed comments, trying to use fewer hashtags, so that you would not have to read the ‘We restrict certain activity’ Instagram error while lawfully using the app.

Uploading inappropriate content

For example, when an account owner publishes materials of a sexual nature or scenes of violence, alcohol and drug use, etc.

Instagram now bans any nudity – even if the photo does not contain any explicit hints of eroticism. By the way, that’s why many people blur certain parts of the body in the image (for example, nipples).

We restrict certain activity Fix Instagram Error 2024 2024'We restrict certain activity' Instagram Error – How to fix it in 2023

In addition, the social network prohibits the publication of politically incorrect materials or something discriminating against representatives of LGBTQ+. If you say something nasty to a gay person, you might get the ‘We restrict certain activity’ Instagram error as wel..

Complaints from other users

This often happens lately – especially in the political niche. You comment or post something, and people who don’t like your position on a particular issue complain about you. As a result, the social network will grant you with the ‘We restrict certain activity’ Instagram notification and restrict your actions or even blocks your account.

Attention! Users can also complain about similar posts, photos, comments, and repeated likes. Be careful, do not post the same content, otherwise, it will be considered spam.


Bots can flag any message or comment with lots of hyperlinks, unclear text, strange attachments, and so on as spam.

We restrict certain activity Fix Instagram Error 2024 2024

Fake activity

Instagram’s rules state that any artificial boosting of activity (likes, followers) can result in a user’s account being blocked or at least give them the ‘We restrict certain activity’ Instagram error.

We restrict certain activity Fix Instagram Error 2024 2024

Copyright infringement

In other words, using someone else’s posts or photos. Earlier on, you could copy successful creatives from competitors and pass them off as your own (making them unique in just a split second), without fear of sanctions. Now you can get banned for it.

Similar reasons can also lead to account blocks on Facebook.

How long does the restriction last?

There are three types of blocks:

  • Shadow Ban. This type of block is indicated by the disappearance of hashtags from the feed or posts in the geotag list. This protects Instagram’s geotags from spam. Spammers, racists, copyright violators, as well as those who engage in non-authentic actions, poor content formatting, or buying followers are punished with this type of ban. The result of a shadow ban is a sharp decrease in reach. The duration of this type of block is 1-2 weeks if you do not complain or contact support. If you do contact support, they may unban your account on the same day.
  • Temporary. You discover that you can’t perform certain actions, such as liking, following, reposting, or commenting on posts. This is a warning from the system for spam or some other violation of Instagram’s rules. The duration of this ban is usually several hours or days. After that, you will receive an email with a link and a new password to protect against hacking. However, keep in mind that each user is given a maximum of three warnings. If the situation repeats for the fourth time, the account faces a permanent ban.
  • Permanent. This type of ban is given to users who deliberately ignore Instagram’s rules or continue to violate them after being warned. The account is permanently deleted and it is almost impossible to recover it, unless you file a complaint with tech support claiming that your account was hacked.

How to fix the “We restrict certain activity” Instagram error (and on Facebook)

As mentioned above, warning (or erroneous) punishments last only a few hours, days, or a maximum of a few weeks. This is assuming you don’t contact support. However, if you do contact support, the ‘We restrict certain activity’ Instagram restriction will be removed immediately or on the next day after the request.

What else can you do:

  1. Change your password. It is recommended to generate a complex code with numbers, symbols, and English letters.
  2. Link your account to Facebook (you can buy accounts on Facebook), Twitter, Tumblr, Ameba. This will confirm again that you are not a bot.
  3. Use the “Report a problem” button. This is an opportunity for automatic communication with support. Usually, you will be asked to perform a few actions, after which the account will be rechecked. If there was an error, the restriction will be removed immediately.
  4. Log out of all automatic promotion services if they were used before.

Can my account be blocked because of the ‘We restrict certain activity’ Instagram error?

Today any account can be blocked – even the “whitest” one. The artificial intelligence of the Facebook/Instagram system does not work completely correctly. This is why errors, including the ‘We restrict certain activity’ Instagram one, occur. For example, the algorithm may not be able to distinguish the actions of a real user from those of a bot if they are 70-80% similar.

Therefore, the conclusion is to be cautious rather than careless. Otherwise, you will have to prove the reality of your profile to the system – is it worth it? Especially if you are in the grey area. For example, experienced affiliates on Facebook constantly change their approaches, throw out accounts in batches, fight micro-spends, set up a cloaca, and buy logs with passed security check.

Another infamous Instagram error ‘Please wait a few minutes before you try again’ is solved here!


The article lists the most popular solutions for the ‘We restrict certain activity’ Instagram error. The main thing is to stay quiet for a while, as your account has already aroused suspicion of the algorithm and will be regularly rechecked. Any repeated violation of Instagram’s rules can lead to a new block and even a permanent ban.

What should I do if the ‘We restrict certain activity’ Instagram error is issued for no real reason?

Contact the support. In this case, the maximum ban will be removed the next day.

How to fix it if I really broke the rules?

Wait for the expiration of the limitation period – meanwhile, eliminate the cause (exit the cheat services, delete spam posts, etc.). Temporary blocking lasts several hours or days, while shadow blocking lasts a maximum of 2-3 weeks.

Can I lose my account due to this ‘we restrict certain activity to protect our community’ Instagram error?

Yes, if you continue to violate the rules of Instagram, then there is a risk of a profile ban forever.
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