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Telegram Mastery: 5 Innovative Tactics for Dynamic Content

This question is often asked by novice authors who haven’t fully grasped the nuances of content creation in Telegram. Today, we’ve decided to compile a comprehensive list of sources for such individuals, where they can gather up-to-date information, add a touch of uniqueness to it, and present it as original content.

Best sources of videos and GIFs for a Telegram channel

  • YouTube – the undisputed leader where you can find tons of content. A great example of using YouTube for Telegram is channels featuring interesting moments from some Late Night talk-shows or interviews.
  • Instagram – on Instagram, there are accounts filled with all sorts of funny and not-so-funny videos.
  • Image boards – these often feature video content that hasn’t made its way to Telegram yet. A great example is 4chan‘s different boards, where you can always find fresh threads from which you can borrow WEBMs.
  • Reddit – the site that influences all of Telegram. You can grab videos from here, whether it’s footage from events or just funny videos.
  • TikTok – if you have an entertainment-focused community, you can diversify your video feed with content from TikTok or dedicate a separate channel to it while it’s still relevant.
  • Pirated movie websites – many people now make money from channels about movies and series that people search for using Telegram’s search engine. You can upload content for them directly from pirated websites.
  • Telegram – yes, other channels can be an excellent source of videos. You can simply snatch videos from an unpopular channel, and no one will notice.
  • Coub – here you can find GIFs to accompany your posts.
  • 18+ websites – if your channel has adult content, try to find old/unpopular resources where you can get forgotten content and present it as new.
  • VKontakte (VK) communities – you can borrow videos from this social network’s communities that they’ve borrowed from elsewhere. If a community doesn’t have a Telegram branch, this is the easiest way to fill your channel with videos.

Best sources for images for a Telegram channel

a dog with a camera

The Telegram channel admin sources content for their subscribers.

  • New Old Stock – This website features vintage photos that can be used without violating copyright.
  • Wikimedia Commons – It contains all multimedia from Wikipedia, including images.
  • Travel Coffee Book – A website where people from around the world share travel photos.
  • Ancestry Images – A resource with over 36,500 historical images, suitable for creating a Telegram channel.
  • Reddit – Reddit often has content not easily found on Google. Understanding how Reddit works is key.
  • ISO Republic – A portal with photos on various topics such as business, sports, art, etc.
  • News Websites – In popular niches, news with illustrations often appears, and the first to post them on Telegram becomes the author.

Where to get articles, posts, and ideas for content? 

Finding photos or videos isn’t a problem, but where can you find ideas for posts to stay relevant? In this section, we’ve identified 7 main themes on Telegram that are the most popular.


On such channels, fresh news, statistics, and facts are usually published, and you can draw such content from these sources.

  • BusinessInsider – a leading business news portal;
  • Forbes – a finance magazine you all know;
  • The Guardian Business – in the business section of The Guardian’s website, you can find all the latest financial news from around the world;
  • Quora – where people share their knowledge to better understand this world. Here, you can dig up a lot of valuable information about business;
  • Entrepreneur – this website publishes news for entrepreneurs of all kinds;
  • TED – a very popular private NPO with many discussion topics, including business.
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Memes and humor

Many channels use memes as a side theme, so you can draw both primary and additional content from here.

  • Reddit – the front page of the internet, where you can find the freshest memes;
  • 4chan – yes, 4chan once again. The thing is really rich in content;
  • Memedroid – something between an imageboard and Reddit; a place where users publish their creations;
  • KYM (Know Your Meme) – here you can learn the history of various memes;
  • Gfycat – and here are funny GIFs for all occasions.


On all of these resources, you can download books absolutely for free; the differences between them are only in the number of genres and authors.


Attracting people to a historical channel is relatively simple, and there aren’t too many competitors, as it’s impossible to cover all of history on one channel.

  • History – the official website of the History channel with plenty of informative textual and video content;
  • TimeMaps – here you can thoroughly study what humanity was like during different periods in time;
  • National Archives – this website contains many historical photographs from the life of the United States.


It’s important for news on your channel to appear before others, so it’s best to focus on foreign sources.

  • BBC – a British broadcasting company that has been around since 1922;
  • Time – a popular magazine with hot news from the United States;
  • Forbes – here you can read not only business articles but also interesting news;
  • The Guardian – a British news media website;
  • CBS News – a portal for both urgent and non-urgent news from the US.


Channels for geeks mainly publish news content, reviews, and interesting facts. These websites offer all that and even more.

  • Kotaku – the main portal for gamers with exclusive content and insights;
  • Lifehacker – here you’ll find more news about gadgets, apps, and their impact on life;
  • IGN – another gaming portal that is just as good as Kotaku;
  • ScreenRant – news and interesting content about TV shows and movies;
  • Gizmodo – this site has a lot of content that’s perfect for your tech blogs.


These were all the sources of information worth considering for Telegram channel owners. If your niche is not covered here, please share your sources in the comments, and we will definitely add them to the article.

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