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Navegadores anti-detección

Dolphin Anty reseña del navegador antidetección 2024 2024

¡Hola y bienvenido a mi reseña de Dolphin Anty, el navegador anti-detección. Navegando por Internet, me encontré con una notificación persistente que me alertaba sobre un sitio web que intentaba detectar si estaba utilizando funciones de anti-detección en mi navegador. Esta limitación dificultó marcar el sitio o compartirlo sin comprometer mi seguridad. Al registrarse con […]

Undetectable reseña del navegador antidetección 2024 2024

Encontrar un navegador antidetección bueno y asequible puede ser una gran tarea. Hay alrededor de cincuenta navegadores antidetección en el mercado, cada uno con sus propias ventajas, desventajas y planes de precios. Sin embargo, solo algunos de ellos están diseñados específicamente para satisfacer las necesidades de los especialistas en marketing de afiliación, lo que les […]


CloakingHouse descripción del servicio y reseña 2024 2024

No es fácil dirigir tráfico a verticales grises en fuentes principales como Facebook, Google, Bing y otras. Los estrictos sistemas de moderación obligan a utilizar software de terceros que puede ayudar a resolver este problema. En este caso, los afiliados pueden beneficiarse de servicios de cloaking. Hay varias soluciones con funcionalidades y políticas de precios […]



Remproxy descripción del servicio proxy y reseña 2024 2024

El éxito del marketing de afiliación depende en gran medida de los proxies. Los proxies deficientes pueden dar lugar a revisiones, riesgos y otras “alegrías” de un afiliado. Es por eso que las personas están dispuestas a pagar bien a proveedores confiables y mantener sus contactos tan seguros como sus conexiones rentables. Y estamos listos […]


Why do affiliates need services?

All affiliate marketing services are designed to simplify the work of affiliates. This is the global goal of all tools. Specific goals depend on the type of service.

For example, parsers automate highlt time-consuming manual work. They allow you to collect a database of the target audience on social networks in half an hour and a couple of clicks. Without them, an affiliate would have to spend at least a couple of days – after all, to add one link to a profile, you need to make at least three clicks.

Services for creatives in affiliate marketing not only simplify work, but also save money. Instead of paying for the work of a designer every time, the affiliate can make the illustration himself. Actually, it does not even require specific skills – you’ll only need to find the source files and press a few buttons.

Other services work in a similar way – with them, affiliate marketing becomes easier, and advertising campaigns can be launched faster.

What are the popular affiliate marketing services?

Account stores. They are needed by those who drive traffic from social networks to gray offers. Eventually, social networks block them, so every time a new profile needs to be created or purchased. In the store, you can find a ready-made one – registered automatically or “warmed up”, with a much lower chance of getting banned in the first hours of work.

  • SMS activators. Necessary for registering accounts on any services: for example, to create a new email address, a social media profile, or a platform profile that has blocked users from a specific GEO.
  • Social media parsers. They collect groups or users based on specific parameters. For example, you can collect a list of active communities to advertise in them. Or a list of competitors’ subscribers to then target them with an attractive offer.
  • Trackers. They help collect statistics, analyze traffic, and optimize advertising campaigns. Trackers collect a lot of data about users and their actions on the offer page. All of this data is combined into convenient reports that help you understand which campaign is actually generating leads and which one is not.
  • Spy services. These are creative bases – you can see which illustrations, videos, and ads your competitors are using. And use their ideas or take a ready-made creative. Some services also show the entire bundle with landing pages, pre-landing pages, and ad networks.
  • Anti-detect browsers. Needed for those who do not want to leave a “trail” on the Internet and want complete anonymity. For example, for working with multiple accounts in messengers and social networks.
  • Proxies. They change the IP address, allowing access to resources blocked in a specific GEO. Or tricking advertising systems: driving traffic, for example, from the United States while being in another country.
  • Link shorteners. Simple services that create a nice short link instead of a long URL with many tags. Short links look more attractive on social networks, so posts with them get slightly better reactions.
  • Cloaks. Services for bypassing advertising system bans. For example, if you can’t advertise weight loss products on Facebook, the cloak will fix it. An ordinary user will see the landing, and a moderator or bot will see another page that complies with the rules.

What should an affiliate look for when choosing a service

It all depends on the specific service you need. But there are basic recommendations:

  • Look at the cost – there are free services and there are paid ones. Paid services are suitable for large campaigns and budgets, while free services are suitable for beginners.
  • Find out which affiliate programs and platforms work with the service. For example, not all trackers can work with your affiliate network. And a spy service may not search for creatives on Facebook, although you need that specific one.
  • Find out if there is a trial. A trial is a free period when you can use the service. It’s better to choose a service with a trial because it allows you to evaluate it in action and make a final decision.

Then there are nuances. For example, in a link shortener, it’s important that it doesn’t show your shortened links to other users. In an anti-detect browser, it has to be able to work with multiple accounts simultaneously. In a cloak, it’s important that bot and moderator databases are constantly updated.

What are the benefits of our top-list?

We have gathered all working services that receive positive reviews from affiliates in one place. For each one, we provided a short description and a link. We also tried to get a promo code for all tools – if you follow our link, you can get a trial, a discount of up to 45%, or bonus money in your account.

Study the category of services you need and choose any of them. We carefully tested the tools before adding them to the top and are confident that each one will solve your problem.


What is a tracker?

A tool for analyzing traffic. It collects a lot of data about users and their actions and generates detailed reports. Thanks to them, you can see which campaigns are really producing results.

How does anti-detect work?

It creates a unique digital fingerprint, like that of a new computer. It also provides a different IP – for all websites, you will appear as a new person. This makes surfing the network completely anonymous and secure.

Why do you need a cloak?

To bypass the restrictions of advertising systems. Cloaking services divide traffic into two groups. The first one is bots and moderators: they see pages that comply with the rules of the advertising network. The second one is real users: they see a different landing page.

What are the must-have services for an affiliate?

It depends on what offers you work with and what traffic sources you use. For example, if you are running Facebook ads for nutra, you must have anti-detect browsers, account shops, and cloaks. If you use teaser networks and run traffic to e-commerce, spy services may be enough.

How to choose the most effective creatives for your advertising campaigns in affiliate marketing?

To choose the most effective creatives for your advertising campaigns in affiliate marketing, you should first research your target audience and understand what kind of content resonates with them. Then, you can test different creatives and track their performance using a tracker or other analytics tool. By analyzing the data, you can identify which creatives are generating the most clicks and conversions, and adjust your strategy accordingly.

How to determine which specific tools for affiliate marketing to use for different types of advertising campaigns?

The specific tools for affiliate marketing that you should use for different types of advertising campaigns depend on a variety of factors, including your target audience, the type of offer you are promoting, and the traffic source you are using. For example, if you are running Facebook ads for nutra offers, you may need to use anti-detect browsers, account shops, and cloaks to avoid getting your ads blocked. On the other hand, if you are using native advertising, you may need to use spy tools to find out what kind of creatives are working for your competitors.

What are the main challenges that affiliates may face when working with advertising campaigns, and how to address them?

Affiliates may face a number of challenges when working with advertising campaigns, including high competition, ad fatigue, and compliance issues. To address these challenges, it’s important to stay up to date with industry trends and best practices, constantly test and optimize your campaigns, and comply with all relevant regulations and guidelines. Additionally, it’s important to be prepared to adapt your strategy and pivot quickly if you encounter unexpected challenges or changes in the market.



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