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Dating is a vertical in affiliate marketing where offers are dating sites or their apps. This vertical is considered evergreen. And it’s no surprise, since people always want to meet and seek relationships. To help you run dating campaigns profitably, we have collected our top-list of dating affiliate programs. We will tell you how to start earning on dating sites and how we compiled our rating.

Trafee is an affiliate network with innovative traffic monetization. There is an automatic smartlink system without managers and access requests for affiliates (although, if needed, your personal manager will assist you with everything). In the dating niche, the affiliate network is one of the leaders in Europe. There are over 4,000 offers available at Trafee and they are accessible in over 100 geos. These two factors significantly increase the chances of finding what suits you best. The affiliate network is aimed at experienced affiliates and webmasters, so newcomers won’t be able to join.

CPA.House is an affiliate network from the advertising platform Push.House. It offers over 3255 offers in CPA, CPS, CPL, COD, and CPI. The main vertical is nutra and beauty and health products, targeting the CIS, Europe, and Asia. However, they also accept gambling, dating, IVR, sweeps, and storefront offers.

LuxeProfit is an affiliate network that came out of private access in 2019 and now offers over 1,000 offers for affiliates for any GEO. The creator of LuxeProfit is Evgeny Ovchinnikov, an affiliate who has been working with gambling, betting, and nutra offers for 18 years.

Advertise is a universal affiliate network. You can work with all GEOs and any type of traffic, except incentivized, in such verticals as:

  • Gambling;
  • Betting;
  • Dating;
  • Finance;
  • Applications;
  • E-commerce;
  • Education.

Yellana is a CPA network that has been operating in the market since 2023. At the moment, the affiliate network offers over 700 offers in various verticals, including gambling and betting. Yellana offers truly competitive rates — for example, in gambling it can be up to $650 per deposit.

iMonetizeIt is an affiliate network with over 7,300 active offers and over 10,000 advertisers. The affiliate network operates in dating, sweepstakes, nutra, XGames, and iGaming verticals. One of the main features is that there are no geo restrictions. Also, its affiliates have access to the signature smartlink.

What types of dating affiliate networks are there?

In the dating vertical, like any other major vertical, there are specific niches. There are two main ones:

  • Mainstream – dating for “serious relationships.” The offers here are white-label dating sites.
  • Adult – dating for sex.

Occasionally, there’s also casual dating – which is for “one-night stands” – as well as narrower niches such as gay dating, lesbian dating, milf dating, webcam dating, etc. But usually, affiliate networks will indicate whether an offer belongs to mainstream or adult dating.

Dating offers are also divided by payment models. In dating affiliate programs, they pay for CPA for target actions (payment for private chats or purchasing other paid services) or for CPL for registration. CPL payment can come in two forms:

  • SOI – one-step registration. Here, you don’t need to confirm your phone number, email, or other information. You just need to fill out the form on the website or in an app.
  • DOI – registration with confirmation. Such leads are valued higher because their validation happens right away, weeding out random users.

Finally, dating affiliate networks are also divided by GEO – for the West and for the CIS countries. GEO in Western affiliate networks are not equal either. The highest rates are for top-tier countries. These are the USA, Canada, Australia, some countries in Western Europe. But the competition here is much higher, for example, than for Latin America (tier-2). Africa, Southeast Asia, some countries in Latin America are classified as Tier-3. Traffic is cheap here, but the audience is inexperienced. Many offers, that are not relevant anymore for other regions, work well here.

By the way: Not everyone knows, but there is also Tier-4. These are countries that are almost pointless to target. The situation there is unstable, and the purchasing power of the population is close to zero. These are some countries in Africa, Afghanistan, North Korea.

Best dating affiliate networks: how to choose?

A lot depends on choosing the right affiliate network. Here are a few tips to help you find the best dating affiliate network:

  • Pay attention not only to the rates, but also to the payment conditions – clarify the hold period and its availability, as well as the withdrawal methods;
  • Evaluate the choice of GEO and offers – the best dating affiliate programs have many offers, so you can choose the ones that are optimal for you;
  • See what promos, tools, and bonuses are available for affiliate marketing – top dating affiliate networks often give out promo codes for trackers and other useful services.
  • Be sure to read reviews on affiliate marketing forums. The easiest way to find a dating affiliate network is to look for it in the affiliate network rankings.
4 Best Dating Affiliate Programs Networks 2024 2024

Top-list of Dating Affiliate Networks from AffDays

We have compiled our top-list of best dating affiliate networks. It includes affiliate networks that we have personally verified, considering:

  • Selection of offers for different GEOs;
  • Rates for offers;
  • Quality of ready-made promos;
  • Tools and bonuses for an affiliate;
  • Convenience of payments;
  • Quality of support.

We talked to representatives of the dating affiliate networks that made it into our ranking. They helped us evaluate the affiliate networks from the inside – for example, finding out about private offers and an affiliate networks’ future plans. And, of course, we carefully read the reviews. All opinions were taken into account when compiling the top-list of dating affiliate networks from AffDays. We ourselves verified the affiliate networks and even made some test runs. Therefore, only verified dating affiliate networks made it into our ranking.

How to start making money? Dating affiliate networks for beginners

We recommend that novice affiliates in dating affiliate programs use a smartlink. It is an intelligent affiliate link that shows the user ads for the offer that will be most interesting to them. The smart link works based on an algorithm that evaluates the user’s GEO, browser, sites they are coming from, and more.

Here are just a few advantages of using smartlinks in dating:

  • No need to create a separate campaign for each targeting option;
  • No time wasted on testing combinations;
  • Minimal chance of getting zero results.

Smartlinks are available in the best dating affiliate networks such as iMonetizeIt, ProfitSocial, and some others from our top-list.

Another great advantage for beginners in dating affiliate marketing is responsive support. A manager from an affiliate network can recommend offers, provide access to new promos, and help solve any difficulties.

Traffic sources for dating

One of the advantages of dating affiliate networks is the wide range of traffic sources available. Here are some places where you can promote dating offers:

  • Social networks – targeting, influencer advertising, promotion through your own accounts, direct messaging;
  • Contextual advertising – mainstream dating offers are easier to promote through contextual ads, but adult dating can also be promoted using whitelisting and cloaking;
  • Push notifications – one of the top traffic sources for dating, also being quite cheap. Push notifications can also be used to mimic messages from dating sites, messengers or social networks, and are less likely to be ignored than aggressive pop-up formats;
  • Teasers – another cheap traffic source that can be used for adult dating without worrying about strict moderation;
  • WebView applications – a fresh trend in promoting dating offers.;
  • Classified ads – through a dating ad that redirects to a messenger or directly to a dating landing page;
  • Blogs – if you run a blog, this can be a free traffic source. Dating offers can be promoted on Yandex.Dzen via native recommendations, on YouTube via direct or native advertising, comments, and more. Another way to promote dating offers on YouTube is to create a short, intriguing video and include a link to the full version in the comments.
4 Best Dating Affiliate Programs Networks 2024 2024

Therefore, both paid and free traffic sources are suitable for earning on dating affiliate networks. Which one to choose depends on your creativity and experience.

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How much can you earn on dating? Cases

To show how much you can earn on dating affiliate networks, we’ve gathered some of the latest cases, including examples with different traffic sources, classic offers, and smart links.

$1300 on Tier-1 countries with push traffic

  • Affiliate network: AffMy
  • Offers: JoinTheDating, DateMinx, LookAWoman, MilfNearMe
  • GEO: USA
  • Period: March 11-22, 2021
  • Traffic source: RichAds
  • Spent: $1721
  • Revenue: $3022
  • Profit: $1301
  • ROI: 75.62%

Targeting the USA is considered a difficult task. Many approaches have failed there, and it’s not easy to engage the audience. This didn’t stop the case author. In AffMy, which is one of our top dating affiliate networks, several offers were selected. Non-converting offers were turned off during the campaign. Ideas for creatives were found in a free spy service.

4 Best Dating Affiliate Programs Networks 2024 2024

With the help of Keitaro, the traffic was evenly distributed between each offer at 25% to more accurately track conversions. They chose to show only 1 impression and 1 click per user, and limited the devices to mobile only. They left all regions for targeting.

As a result of the tests, two offers – DateMinx and LookAWoman – showed good performance. They promoted them only for another week. As a result, they earned $3022 with campaign expenses of $1301.

$10,750 with Google UAC on Dating Smartlink

  • Affiliate network: iMonetizeIt
  • Offer: Dating Smartlink
  • GEO: France, Greece, Croatia
  • Period: March 2021
  • Traffic source: Google UAC
  • Cost: $7,361
  • Revenue: $10,751
  • Profit: $3,389; ROI: 46%

For this case, the author chose France as one of the top GEOs, and also Greece and Croatia based on the advice of the affiliate network manager (by the way, iMonetizeIt is also on our top-list of dating affiliate networks). It was decided to run with Google UAC as this source is low-competition for dating. The accounts used were warmed up, as it is easy to get banned with fresh accounts. Traffic was obtained from a Telegram channel for renting Android apps.

4 Best Dating Affiliate Programs Networks 2024 2024

The creatives didn’t mention dating. The format with beautiful girls but without nudity worked best.

4 Best Dating Affiliate Programs Networks 2024 2024

To increase the app’s rankings, comments were purchased. To increase conversions, push notifications were sent out with messages like “Hi, let’s get to know each other!” As a result, there were about 7,000 confirmed conversions and over $10,000 in earnings in a month.


Even a beginner can make money on dating affiliate networks. This vertical is always relevant, and the rates for offers are pleasing. Only best affiliate networks made it into our top-list of dating affiliate networks, so we recommed to use it. We wish you to choose the most profitable one!

Should beginners start with adult or mainstream dating websites?

It is easier for a beginner to start with mainstream dating – it does not require much experience in whitelisting creatives or cloaking. For example, on mainstream dating, you can promote from Facebook targeting, Google Ads, and other sources where moderation is strict. There are also advantages for beginners in adult dating. The choice of traffic sources is wider according to the conditions of the offers. Also, rates for adult dating are often higher than for mainstream.

How to choose the best dating affiliate program to make money?

To choose the best dating affiliate network, evaluate everything as a whole – rates, choice of offers, payment terms, and responsiveness of support. Read reviews and opinions on forums. But it is easier to find affiliate networks in the list of dating affiliate networks. For example, in our rating at the AffDays.

What are the advantages of dating affiliate networks?

The main advantage of dating is that this vertical is always relevant. Online dating is always in demand. And during the pandemic, when communication has shifted online, dating has become even more popular. Other advantages include high rates, a wide selection of offers in different niches and for different GEOs. The variety of traffic sources for promoting dating is also wide.

Which dating affiliate networks are suitable for beginners?

For beginners, dating affiliate networks with responsive support that can help solve problems or recommend offers are more suitable. Another plus for beginners is if an affiliate network has Smartlink. Dating Smartlink will help save time on testing bundles and not go broke even for a beginner.

How much do people earn on dating?

It is impossible to say exactly how much people earn on dating affiliate networks. Everything depends on the size of the rate and payment model. And, of course, the success of campaigns. If a campaign was profitable, you can earn very decent amounts on dating. You can find examples of such earnings in our case studies.

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