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In our ranking, we have collected the best services for affiliate marketing – they are useful tools that will speed up your work. Check out our top-list, choose the best ones, and create profitable campaigns!

Antidetect Browsers

Dolphin Anty is a potent solution for individuals who require efficient management of numerous online accounts without facing the risk of being blocked or detected. This browser has recently gained significant attention due to its ability to create multiple virtual browsers, each with its distinct environment. One of its significant advantages is the capability to generate separate browser environments for every account, complete with personalized cookies, local storage, and cache.

Linken Sphere is a tool designed for webmasters, marketers, SMM specialists, programmers and many other professionals. You can create an unlimited number of social media accounts, run ads on various platforms, all without the fear of being traced. It also supports multi-threaded operation and requires no additional configuration after installation.

AdsPower is an anti-detect browser designed for simultaneous management of multiple accounts on various social networks, advertising platforms, and other websites. It was created in 2019 and operates on Chromium and Firefox bases. AdsPower allows creating unique browser fingerprints for each account, effectively simulating the actions of unique users while minimizing the risk of bans.

Cloaking Tools

Today we focus on the product called Cloaking.House, which was launched in 2022 and has proven itself positively. It is directly related to the team behind the popular advertising network Push House and several other well-known projects in the affiliate marketing niche.


Remproxy offers over 400,000 proxies with a choice of more than 120 locations. The service provides three basic plans, the rest are their variations. You can test each basic plan for $1. You can also modify any plan for any volume and budget, resulting in 40 different plans in total. All plans (except for 1-day-plan and per-hour-plan) come with a money-back guarantee. The money-back is conducted within 24 hours after request (more often – within just several hours). 

Marketing Software

Alanbase is a SaaS platform for creating affiliate programs in gambling, betting, nutra and other verticals. This tool allows you to create niche CPA networks, multi-vertical affiliate programs, and also offers a solution for media buying teams. The platform has customizable functionality. You can configure your affiliate program according to your goals and needs. If you are unable to customize it yourself, the Alanbase team will assist with implementation and feature enhancements.

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