Review of HUGE Partners: Affiliate Network in the iGaming Vertical and 250+ Offers from Direct Advertisers

HUGE Partners 250+ Offers from Direct iGaming Advertisers 2024

Gambling and betting are among the top verticals in affiliate marketing when it comes to earnings. Just one successful campaign during the World Cup or a popular football league can bring a webmaster tens of thousands of dollars in net profit.

Against this backdrop, many affiliate networks specializing in these verticals have emerged. Among this variety, it is very difficult to find a reliable affiliate network with high rates and stable payouts.

Today, we will tell you about the HUGE Partners affiliate network. These guys have a wealth of experience in affiliate marketing and are eager to work with webmasters ready to generate quality traffic.

What you need to know about HUGE Partners

HUGE Partners is an affiliate network founded by people with 12 years of experience in affiliate marketing. HUGE Partners works with renowned brands you’ve heard of multiple times, as well as local advertisers seeking traffic within specific geos.

For example, among the partners of HUGE Partners are Fbet, Vavada, Boho Casino, BetOnRed, Vbet, Bovada, bets10, and many others.

Advantages of the HUGE Partners affiliate network:

  • Over 250 offers from direct advertisers. You can find products from well-known brands at favorable rates and offers from local advertisers targeting specific geographies.
  • Quick moderation of the affiliate’s personal account. Managers promptly process registration requests and grant access to offers.
  • Stable payouts without delays. The minimum payout is $250, and you can receive your earnings in USDT, Capitalist, Skrill.
  • Convenient and user-friendly personal cabinet with all the necessary tools for work.
  • Regular “Brand of the Month” promotion. By using the promo code HUGEbrand, you can participate in the promotion and promote one advertiser at an increased rate.
  • Round-the-clock support. Technical support is ready to answer all your questions without weekends or breaks.
  • Ready-made creatives. Advertisers provide creatives to HUGE Partners that you can use in your work. Additionally, the affiliate network is ready to assist with creatives.

HUGE Partners is an example of a classic affiliate network that values its affiliates and is willing to make their work as comfortable as possible.

How to Get Started with the HUGE Partners Affiliate Network

The first thing you need to do is register. To do this, go to the official HUGE Partners website and click on “Sign Up”:

HUGE Partners 250+ Offers from Direct iGaming Advertisers 2024

A form will open where you need to fill in:

  • Email
  • Password
  • Skype
  • Telegram
  • Where you heard about the affiliate network

Here, you should enter the promo code HUGEbrand to get a bump in rates for the Brand of the Month.

HUGE Partners 250+ Offers from Direct iGaming Advertisers 2024

Once your account is created, wait for a message from your personal manager. If you have statistics from previous campaigns, it’s a good idea to prepare it in advance. When your account is activated, you will receive a notification via email.

HUGE Partners 250+ Offers from Direct iGaming Advertisers 2024

Overview of the HUGE Partners CPA Network Dashboard

HUGE Partners operates on the Affise engine, which is used by many popular affiliate networks because it is simple and user-friendly for webmasters.

The main page is the dashboard, where you can see:

  • Current news about the affiliate network and advertisers
  • Contact information for your personal manager
  • Daily statistics
  • Statistics for the last 10 days in the form of a graph
  • New offers
  • Top offers

On the left is the navigation menu for the affiliate network, as well as contact information for support.

HUGE Partners 250+ Offers from Direct iGaming Advertisers 2024

In the “Offers” section, you can find all the offers currently available in the HUGE Partners affiliate network. Some are visible immediately after registration, while others need to be requested separately from your manager. In total, there are over 250 offers in the affiliate network.

The offer listing displays:

  • Offer name
  • Vertical
  • CR and EPC for the week
  • GEO (targeted countries)
  • Rate
  • Request access button

There are filters for verticals and countries. You can also go to the “Available” section to see available offers and the “Live” section to see which offers are currently receiving traffic.

  HUGE Partners 250+ Offers from Direct iGaming Advertisers 2024

If you click the offer name, you can find detailed information about the advertiser’s requirements, hold conditions, KPIs, traffic sources, and more.

HUGE Partners 250+ Offers from Direct iGaming Advertisers 2024

In the “Smartlinks” section, you will find smart links for your work. In “Statistics,” you can access detailed statistics for your campaigns. There are filters for date, time zone, countries, offers, OS, devices, and you can display the stats in dollars or euros, as well as export them in CSV format.

HUGE Partners 250+ Offers from Direct iGaming Advertisers 2024

In HUGE Partners, you can track statistics for up to 8 sub-accounts. There is also separate referral statistics.

In the “Payments” section, you will find your payment history, and in “News,” you can access important news related to offers and the affiliate network itself. The “Referrals” section is used to get a referral link and track referred users.

Additionally, there is documentation for the API and contact information for the HUGE Partners technical support team.

How to Withdraw Funds from the HUGE Partners Affiliate Network

HUGE Partners processes withdrawals twice a week: on Wednesdays and Fridays. The minimum payout amount is $250. You can request withdrawals to USDT TRC20, USDT ERC20, Capitalist, or Skrill.

To add a payment method, follow these steps:

  1. Click on your email address in the upper right corner.
  2. Select “Setting” → “Payment system” → “+ Add Payment System”:

HUGE Partners 250+ Offers from Direct iGaming Advertisers 2024

Reviews of the HUGE Partners Affiliate Network

Leave your feedback about the HUGE Partners affiliate network on this page in the comments. Share what you like about this affiliate network and any areas where you believe improvements could be made.

Also, share statistics about your successful campaigns so that other webmasters can consider this affiliate network.


HUGE Partners is an affiliate network that allows webmasters to work comfortably and securely in the gambling and betting vertical. They understand how to build relationships with webmasters and what conditions to offer to ensure long-lasting and comfortable work. Also, make sure you used our promo code HUGE_AffDays_brand so make it even more profitable for you!

If you want to promote trusted offers, receive stable and timely payouts, then HUGE Partners is what you need.

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