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Betting is one of the main verticals of affiliate marketing. It provides vast earning possibilities. A webmaster earns money by attracting new users and future loyal customers. The customers are people who are interested in betting on sport events.

We recommend

Global success starts here: 888STARZ Partners affiliate program! Unlock the power of retention with personalized localizations and tailored commissions at the 888STARZ affiliate network. We work in 100+ countries worldwide in Tiers 1, 2, and 3.

Why 888STARZ Partners?

  • Up to 10% for referral partners according to the sub-referral program
  • 35% Reg2Dep conversion 
  • Average Retention rate 50%+
  • Average LTV $1500+
  • Setting up postback and integrating with AppsFlyer
  • Fast withdrawals (crypto, e-wallets, bank cards)
  • Experienced managers help with all the promo materials (landing pages, creatives, etc.) and are ready to customize them on request

We also provide our partners with iOS and Android apps.


Trafee is an affiliate network with innovative traffic monetization. There is an automatic smartlink system without managers and access requests for affiliates (although, if needed, your personal manager will assist you with everything). In the dating niche, the affiliate network is one of the leaders in Europe. There are over 4,000 offers available at Trafee and they are accessible in over 100 geos. These two factors significantly increase the chances of finding what suits you best. The affiliate network is aimed at experienced affiliates and webmasters, so newcomers won’t be able to join.

ORION Partners is an international affiliate network specializing in the iGaming vertical. After registration, partners gain access to over 800 direct offers from verified advertisers.


Anyone can join the affiliate network — no prior experience is required. ORION Partners is a team of professionals focused on delivering results.

1xBet Partners is an affiliate program in betting and gambling verticals, as well as a direct advertiser of the innovative bookmaking company 1xBet. Your professional level and affiliate marketing experience play no role here — anyone can join the affiliate program. So if you’ve been wanting to try your hand...

Magic Click is an international affiliate network with 1,000+ offers in the verticals of gambling and betting from direct advertisers worldwide. In addition to publicly available offers, there are also exclusive and private deals.    There are over 1,000 offers in 40+ geos. That’s why the likelihood of finding what suits you is extremely high. And these guys work honestly: they have a license in the UK.

Advertise is a universal affiliate network. You can work with all GEOs and any type of traffic, except incentivized, in such verticals as:

  • Gambling;
  • Betting;
  • Dating;
  • Finance;
  • Applications;
  • E-commerce;
  • Education.

3SNET is an affiliate network primarily focused on the gambling and betting verticals. They offer opportunities to promote casinos, lotteries, sports betting shops, poker rooms, e-sports, and dating services. They accept traffic from all over the world and from various sources, except for fraudulent, incentivized, and capper traffic. Moreover, the network negotiates nothing with webmasters who were caught frauding; such webmasters are banned with no payouts and explanations whatsoever.

VOdds is a brand that offers sports betting and online casino options to players, and to affiliates — a product for driving traffic with a good reg2dep and its own retention department.

VOdds accepts traffic from around the world, except for the US, Singapore, the PH, and VN. You can also drive traffic from sources such as: SEO, PPC, Streamers, Email, Social media, Display.

HUGE Partners is an affiliate network founded by people with 12 years of experience in affiliate marketing. HUGE Partners works with renowned brands you’ve heard of multiple times, as well as local advertisers seeking traffic within specific geos.

For example, among the partners of HUGE Partners are Fbet, Vavada, Boho Casino, BetOnRed, Vbet, Bovada, bets10, and many others.

CpaRoll is a multi-vertical affiliate network that works with CPA, CPL, CPI, CPS, CPR, and RS models. It offers over 400 offers and accepts traffic from 80+ GEOs.

CpaRoll offers offers in the following verticals:

  • Antiviruses;
  • Sweepstakes;
  • Submits;
  • Betting;
  • Gambling and others.

LGaming is an affiliate program in the gambling and betting that offers affiliates exclusive offers, VIP service, and high stakes. They accept traffic from all over the world and from most popular sources. There are over 1000 offers in the affiliate network, as well as their own product BetAndreas with a Curacao license.

They offer work on CPA and RevShare, have their own service for issuing virtual bank cards, mobile app rental service, and much more. The affiliate network was launched in 2022 by LeadBit’s in-house team, which has been working in gambling since 2017.

Yellana is a CPA network that has been operating in the market since 2023. At the moment, the affiliate network offers over 700 offers in various verticals, including gambling and betting. Yellana offers truly competitive rates — for example, in gambling it can be up to $650 per deposit.

4RABET Partner is a direct advertiser of the same-name 4RABET brand. The website features both a bookmaker and a casino. The project was founded in 2018 — initially, the team targeted traffic from India, but now they are ready to accept players from Bangladesh and Brazil.


The product is adapted for the specified geos: there are necessary payment methods, local contests, and promotions to increase retention. Additionally, 4RABET holds a Curacao license.

iMonetizeIt is an affiliate network with over 7,300 active offers and over 10,000 advertisers. The affiliate network operates in dating, sweepstakes, nutra, XGames, and iGaming verticals. One of the main features is that there are no geo restrictions. Also, its affiliates have access to the signature smartlink.

How to choose a betting affiliate program?

When choosing a sports betting affiliate program, it can be easy to get confused. After all, almost all bookmakers offer profitable sport opportunities, and there are many affiliate program in CPA. Here’s what will help you choose right betting affiliate programs:

  1. Consider how you plan to work with advertisers – directly or through a betting CPA network. Direct offers are available on bookmaker websites. However, we advise using CPA networks – these are aggregator networks where you can find offers to suit any taste.
  2. Evaluate your experience in affiliate marketing – if you’re a beginner, a licensed bookmaker is more suitable for you. For them, the choice of traffic sources is wider (for example, you can use contextual advertising and targeting in social networks). In our rating there are affiliate programs from the best bookmakers with licensed products.
  3. Look at what tools for affiliates are available in the affiliate program, as well as the latest promotional materials and how convenient it is to work with them – to assess convenience, you can even make a test deposit.
10 Best Betting Sports Affiliate Programs 2024 2024

Most importantly – get acquainted with real reviews of betting affiliate programs. They are available in affiliate program ratings and on CPA forums. We have our own top-list of networks, and it includes only affiliate networks with the most positive real feedback which we have checked ourselves.

Payment models in betting affiliate programs

Choosing a betting offer also depends on the payment model. In sports affiliate marketing, there are several main models:

  1. CPA â€“ payouts for a confirmed target action. The target action can be an active registration, first deposit, qualification, or subscription to paid forecasts.
  2. Revenue Share (Revshare) â€“ the bookmaker shares the revenue received from the referred user with the affiliate. The Revshare percentage in the best betting affiliate programs reaches 40-45%. There is also dynamic (or progressive) Revshare – depending on the quality of the traffic, the rate of payments increases.
  3. Hybrid â€“ CPA + Revshare. User registration is paid for by CPA, and all other actions are paid for by Revshare.
10 Best Betting Sports Affiliate Programs 2024 2024

The hybrid model is not available in all affiliate programs and is often only available upon request through a manager. The rates in Hybrid are lower than in “pure” Revshare or CPA. However, it is more profitable for those who attract large volumes of traffic. The first payments by CPA come quickly, and Revshare can become an additional, passive income.

How did we create our top-list of betting affiliate programs?

We carefully selected betting affiliate programs for our rating. The top-list includes affiliate programs of bookmakers with favorable conditions for affiliates. These are:

  1. A choice of payment models;
  2. Many fresh offers from the best licensed bookmakers;
  3. Current unpressed promotions, including free bets;
  4. Convenient ways to withdraw funds;
  5. Additional bonuses and discounts on useful services.

We took into account feedback and opinions on forums, talked to affiliate program managers. That’s why only the best affiliate networks for betting made it to our top-list.

How much can you earn with betting affiliate programs in 2023?

Betting successfully survived the “coronavirus” year of 2020, and in 2023 continues to remain one of the most profitable verticals. This is also due to significant sporting events such as the Olympics in Tokyo, Euro 2021, and others. Here are a few cases where you can find fresh examples of earning money with betting affiliate programs.

$1,900 on Twitch and esports

  • Affiliate network: GameSportBet.Partners
  • Offer: forecast service from GameSportBet
  • GEO: Russia, CIS countries
  • Traffic source: Twitch
  • Period: 08.05 – 18.06.2020
  • Spent: $1,000
  • Earned: $1,900
  • Profit: $900
  • ROI: 90%

Esports is currently at the peak of popularity. This is also believed by the author of the case, who decided to promote the esports forecast service from GameSportBet. The traffic source was Twitch. The audience on this platform is still fresh, and recommendations from streamers are always well-received. For testing, advertising was given to two bloggers with different coverage – for $600 and $200 per advertisement.

The “attack” on viewers was carried out in several ways:

  1. Banners under the broadcast;
  2. Native recommendation from the streamer;
  3. Chat message.
10 Best Betting Sports Affiliate Programs 2024 2024

As a result, more than 800 subscriptions were obtained. Some of them were renewed, so the author also counts on passive income.

10 Best Betting Sports Affiliate Programs 2024 2024

Advertising networks for affiliate marketing

$1,620 and 152% ROI on In-App network

  • Affiliate network:
  • Offer: DG BET
  • GEO: Russia, CIS countries
  • Traffic source: In-App
  • Period: February 10-23, 2020
  • Spent: $460
  • Earned: $1,620
  • Profit: $1,160
  • ROI: 252%

The author of this case study joined a private offer in This is a tipster blog and also a forecasting service. As part of testing the product, affiliates were offered simply luxurious conditions – 100% revshare from subscriptions in the first month, 30% in the following months.

10 Best Betting Sports Affiliate Programs 2024 2024

As a result, within 2 weeks, 4154 application installations were obtained for a total of $1,620. This is not the final income, as payments will also be made for subscription renewals.

10 Best Betting Sports Affiliate Programs 2024 2024

Affiliate marketing in sports continues to be a profitable activity in 2023. And we in AffDays hope that our top-list of betting affiliate networks will help you make the right choice and receive high income.

What are the advantages of betting affiliate programs?

The main advantage of betting affiliate programs is high payouts. Best betting affiliate programs offer rates really profitable for affiliate marketing, regardless of whether it is a CPA or a Revenueshare. Another advantage is that interest in sports betting may experience peaks and valleys, but it never disappears completely. Therefore, this vertical will always be alive.

What payout models are available for betting affiliate programs?

Betting affiliate programs have three main payout models. The most common is CPA for registration, first deposit, or qualification. Then the Revenue share – sharing revenue with the affiliate for each player referred – is slightly less common. The rarest option is Hybrid, a combination of CPA for registration or first deposit and revenue share for other player actions.

Which is better – betting CPA affiliate programs or direct cooperation?

The main advantage of direct cooperation with advertising is higher rates, as there are no additional deductions to a CPA network acting as an intermediary. However, we recommend betting CPA affiliate programs as they are aggregators of affiliate offers. They offer a huge selection of offers, and the CPA network also acts as an additional guarantee of payouts.

How to choose best bookmaker affiliate programs for earning?

To choose the best betting affiliate program, the easiest way is to take some from the AffDays top-list, compare the selection of offers and rates, and choose the best one. Our ranking includes only top betting affiliate program. There are fresh offers, a rich selection of relevant promos, and useful tools for affiliate marketing.

How much can you earn on betting affiliate programs?

The amount of earnings depends on the rate in the affiliate network, payout model, and the success of the campaign itself. If the campaign is profitable, solid sums can be earned on betting affiliate networks. For example, almost $2,000 in net profit in 10 days is not the limit. Other examples of earning on betting affiliate programs can be found in our case studies.

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