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A top-list of financial affiliate programs is a real find for an affiliate. We have compiled our top-list of best bank affiliate programs for making money. You will find the best offers in these programs – microloans, loans, mortgage, debit cards. Study the rating from AffDays and find your profitable partner!

TrumpYourAds is an international affiliate network with more than 1000 financial offers from direct licensed brokers (cryptocurrencies and investments). Partners from the start receive attractive rates starting from $1000 for all English-speaking countries, converting bundles, and relevant tools for earning.

More than 1000 offers from direct advertisers and the highest rates from the start – a review of the TrumpYourAds affiliate network. This affiliate program works with traffic from all over the world using the classic CPA model because it is the most understandable and transparent option for cooperation. In 2023, they plan to add several proprietary products.

JBO Marketing is a modern affiliate program that can be used for making money by both experienced webmasters and beginners. The managers are welcoming to everyone and provide assistance at all stages for those running campaigns on social media, SEO, Adwords, push notifications, and much more. It’s evident that the creators keep up with trends and value audience feedback — there’s a user-friendly interface, cryptocurrency payments, and cool merchandise. Read the review to discover all the unique features of this affiliate program!

Affiliate Top is an affiliate program in the financial vertical that entered the market over 10 years ago. It's also a direct advertiser of two trading platforms: Binomo and Stockity.

Your level as a webmaster doesn't matter at all; they accept everyone, from beginners to large teams. If you've always wanted to try yourself in financial offers, then this affiliate program is a great place to start.

AMarkets is an international online broker that has been operating since 2007. It’s very popular in the CIS countries. The broker offers trading on two trading platforms: MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5.

Minimum initial deposit — $100. Copy trading is possible on the platform.

There is a cashback for regular customers – a part of the spread is returned to them every day. In November 2022, the broker permanently raised the cashback rates. Also, some bonuses are granted under certain conditions.

Advertise is a universal affiliate network. You can work with all GEOs and any type of traffic, except incentivized, in such verticals as:

  • Gambling;
  • Betting;
  • Dating;
  • Finance;
  • Applications;
  • E-commerce;
  • Education.

CPA.House is an affiliate network from the advertising platform Push.House. It offers over 3255 offers in CPA, CPS, CPL, COD, and CPI. The main vertical is nutra and beauty and health products, targeting the CIS, Europe, and Asia. However, they also accept gambling, dating, IVR, sweeps, and storefront offers.

Yellana is a CPA network that has been operating in the market since 2023. At the moment, the affiliate network offers over 700 offers in various verticals, including gambling and betting. Yellana offers truly competitive rates — for example, in gambling it can be up to $650 per deposit.

Bank Affiliate Networks and Affiliate Marketing

Bank affiliate networks and microfinance organizations make up a large vertical in affiliate marketing – the so-called “finance”. We believe that this vertical is evergreen, always in demand. We all use bank cards, many take loans, and even microloans. Therefore, it is possible and necessary to earn on financial partners.

You can find bank affiliate networks in two places:

  • Financial CPA programs and multi-vertical networks, where finance is also represented;
  • On the websites of banking institutions themselves – if a bank has an affiliate network, there must be a respective link. The thing is that banks themselves need to increase recognition and attract new customers.
7 Best Financial Bank Affiliate Programs 2024 2024

The easiest way to choose a financial partner is to use our top-list. We have gathered the best bank and microfinance affiliate networks.

How Financial Affiliate Networks Work

Financial affiliate networks work quite simple – you attract customers with your advertising and bring them to the landing page. Your task is to motivate them to take a specific action.

Most often, bank and microfinance affiliate networks pay for leads. This is a completed and approved application for finance services – card issuance, mortgage, loan, etc. Sometimes they pay simply for a correctly filled out form, but the rate for such leads is lower.

Since many users take action immediately, there is a concept of “Cookie Life” in bank affiliate networks. This is a link to the user for a certain period.

For example, John clicked on your ad, saw a loan application form, got scared and closed the tab. A week later, John ran out of money and remembered your offer. He then found a tab in the browser history, filled out and sent the application. In most financial affiliate programs, cookies live for 30 days. So you will receive payments even for a lead received a week after clicking on the ad.

In the best financial affiliate networks, the cookie life is indicated. As well as the approval percentage and other indicators

7 Best Financial Bank Affiliate Programs 2024 2024

One more important concept is a hold. This is the period during which payments are frozen to verify your traffic. There are extremely few bank affiliate networks without hold. The traffic verification period is needed to protect the affiliate network from fraud (which is an attempt to deceive the affiliate network by the affiliate by selling fake leads, using prohibited traffic).

Note: In the best financial affiliate networks, there are anti-fraud systems. Fake leads can be easily checked by call-center calls. So it is not worth risking your account and already received payments in an attempt to cheat.

Traffic sources for financial affiliate networks

The best financial affiliate networks work with almost all types of traffic, excluding, of course, motivated traffic. They often prohibit branded traffic, including context on the brand. Here are the sources from which finance is often promoted:

  • Google Ads and Yandex.Direct – bank affiliate networks often offer even lists of keys for contextual and search advertising. The advantages of these sources are a huge reach, a warm audience that is already interested in financial services;
  • Social networks – directly offering financial offers through target is prohibited almost everywhere. In the summer of 2021, TikTok also banned this, which affiliates were actively mastering. The solution is to whitewash creatives, promote from your own pages, give advertising to bloggers;
  • Apps – a real salvation for promoting from Facebook. They promote finance through apps and Google UAC. But for now, it is difficult to find ready-made apps in financial affiliate networks;
  • Yandex.Zen, YouTube, other blogs – free sources of traffic for bank and MFO affiliate networks. Of course if you yourself lead a blog and promote it;
  • Texting in messengers and in email – you will find a profitable case for promoting from this source and ROI of 900% later;
  • Your own website – this can be a showcase website with a comparison of banking services, credit calculators. It converts both news and “social” traffic well. The downside of this source is that you will have to spend time on SEO promotion of the site until it starts to give good traffic;
  • Push notifications and teasers – a cheap and “evergreen” source. Your task here is to show the customer that unique offer that he will respond to. The bases of collected push subscriptions can also be monetized.
7 Best Financial Bank Affiliate Programs 2024 2024

A special type of traffic for financial affiliates is brokerage traffic. Your task is to collect data on potential customers and pass it on to the advertiser’s call center. Not all financial affiliate networks accept this type of traffic. For example, it is allowed for microcredit offers, but large banks often disdain brokerage traffic.

Types of financial offers

There are several categories of offers in financial affiliate networks. We will list the most popular ones. Some are pleasing with very high rates. Others have lower rates, but it is much easier to promote them.

Bank Cards

Debit cards are the most popular type of offer in bank affiliate networks. It is one of the easiest ways to get leads for them. After all, everyone uses bank cards, and banks often offer customer-friendly conditions such as cashback and free card use.

7 Best Financial Bank Affiliate Programs 2024 2024


Partnership networks of banks for mortgage are pleasing with high rates. But low approval rate for leads received is common here. The thing is that they pay for an approved mortgage application. And the client must meet a whole range of requirements – income, permanent job, citizenship, absence of debts on loans.

7 Best Financial Bank Affiliate Programs 2024 2024


Credit offers in financial affiliate networks are divided into two types:

  • Credit cards – applications for a credit card or the issuance of a credit card are paid;
  • Cash or card loans – payments are made for approved applications and a loan agreement is concluded.
7 Best Financial Bank Affiliate Programs 2024 2024

Commission for such offers is a fixed amount or a percentage of the loan amount. The approval rate depends on the borrower’s requirements. Usually, all requirements for the target audience are specified in the offer conditions.

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Partnerships with microfinance organizations (MFOs) are becoming more popular now. And it’s no surprise, as users’ trust in microloans is growing. MFOs offer quick loans without high demands on the client. So, it’s easy to get applications here, and the approval rate is higher than for bank loans.

7 Best Financial Bank Affiliate Programs 2024 2024

Best Financial Partnerships: How did AffDays compile the rating?

Even experienced affiliates sometimes can’t answer which financial partnership to choose. We decided to help you and compiled our own top-list of bank and MFO affiliate networks. Of course, not all partnerships from banks and microloans were included in the ranking. Here’s how we compiled it:

  • We evaluated how convenient the partnership is for the affiliate â€“ the presence of all the necessary tools, how quickly the stat updates, how the call center works, how things are with promotions;
  • We clarified all the details of payouts â€“ if there is a hold, or what wallets are available for withdrawal, or if payouts are possible on demand;
  • We studied reviews and asked opinions of the most experienced affiliates in the finance vertical â€“ it is impossible to form a ranking without real ratings;
  • We communicated with managers and owners of networks â€“ this allowed us to understand how affiliate networks function from the inside. We even made test deposits, so that there would be no doubts. That’s why our top-list of financial affiliate networks is really proven. We evaluated all the details, took into account real reviews. Our goal is to create an objective rating of bank and MFO affiliate networks, so that you can safely register and promote profitably.

How to Promote Financial Affiliate Networks

Of course, there is no single instruction on how to make money on financial affiliate networks. But there is a general scheme of action if you have decided to promote the finance:

  1. Choose an affiliate network – a CPA network with financial offers or a network on the advertiser’s website. To save time, check out our top-list of financial affiliate networks;
  2. Find the right offer or offers – choose what to promote: bank cards, loans, mortgages, services for legal entities. Compare rates in several partnerships;
  3. Determine the source of traffic – the most popular ones are listed above;
  4. Think through the promotion strategy and take care of the creatives – they should emphasize the benefit of the offer specifically for the customer. Try walking in the customer’s shoes, go through the entire sales funnel from his perspective.
7 Best Financial Bank Affiliate Programs 2024 2024

Important: A good affiliate is also a psychologist. This applies to earning on financial affiliate networks. You need to understand the customer’s pain and use it. A good example of hitting “pain” can be found in the cases further on – the offer of fast loans just before the New Year holidays.

Reviews of Financial Affiliate Networks

It is impossible to create a rating of financial affiliate networks without taking into account real reviews. We added only those bank partnerships and microfinance organizations to the top-list that deserve positive opinions. And now we will show a few reviews of earning on the vertical in general.

The first review is an affiliate’s opinion that the financial vertical is suitable for beginners. We agree with this only partially. However, if you are a beginner in affiliate marketing, try it, maybe it will work out for you?

Earnings on Financial Affiliate Marketing: Cases

We have collected several cases with different approaches and for different GEOs. We hope that these combinations will be useful to you.

Case 1. Viber Campaigns: 280,000 Profit and 900% ROI

  • Affiliate network: Saleads.Pro
  • Offers: Rocket Money, MoneyMan, OneClick Money, Creditter
  • GEO: Russia
  • Source: Viber
  • Period: November 2021
  • Spent: 30,000 rubles
  • Received: 310,000 rubles
  • Profit: 280,000 rubles

This case was found in the official Saleads.Pro VK community. The author decided to use the pre-New Year’s hype to the fullest and launched a Viber campaign. The numbers were parsed from a large classifieds site, after verification there were about 40,000 numbers left.

7 Best Financial Bank Affiliate Programs 2024 2024
The campaign was made with the simplest creatives possible. The emphasis was on the fact that the New Year is soon.

By clicking, users were redirected to a storefront with a comparison of offers from the offers. A nice domain was purchased for the landing page, which increases trust in the site.

7 Best Financial Bank Affiliate Programs 2024 2024
The author of the case made this website with a catalogue.

Eventually, about 30,000 rubles were spent on the campaign. And already in the first month the author received 254,390 rubles. Conversions lasted in December and January.

7 Best Financial Bank Affiliate Programs 2024 2024

Case 2. $3286 Profit from Microloans in Brazil

  • Affiliate network: OfferGate
  • Offer: Banco Salamander
  • GEO: Brazil
  • Source: Kadam
  • Period: 12.11.2020 – 13.02.2021
  • Spent: $14,962
  • Received: $18,249
  • Profit: $3,286

In Brazil, loans and credit cards are also popular, and the author of the case decided to use this. The simplest approach worked – creatives with messages like “Your credit card has been approved”, “Confirm receipt of credit card”.

7 Best Financial Bank Affiliate Programs 2024 2024
One of the top converting push ads

Upon clicking, the user was redirected to the pre-landing page with the phrase “The last step to receiving the card”. And from there on – to the landing page with the application form.

7 Best Financial Bank Affiliate Programs 2024 2024
The pre-landing page is also very simple

In Kadam, the target was set for Android, the language of the creatives was English. Poorly converting platforms were added to the blacklist. The first month’s ROI was 40%. Then it dropped, but gradually leveled out. The average ROI for the campaign was 18%. But considering that the author did not promote for half of November, and the creatives did not change for a long time – this is a decent indicator.

7 Best Financial Bank Affiliate Programs 2024 2024
Final Statistics

Study the ranking of financial affiliate programs and search for your CPA network for earning. We hope that our top-list of financial affiliate networks will help you earn only profits!

What do financial affiliate networks pay the affiliate for?

The task of the affiliate is to attract clients to banks and MFOs. Payments are made for confirmed leads – properly completed and approved applications for financial services. Sometimes there are additional conditions. For example, at least one transaction through a bank card.

What is fraud in financial affiliate programs?

Fraud is an attempt by the affiliate to deceive the CPA network and advertiser. For example, run fake leads. Or use banned traffic sources. To protect yourself from fraud, hold periods are established in financial affiliate networks to check traffic.

Which traffic sources are banned in financial affiliate networks?

Like in other verticals, motivated traffic is banned in financial affiliate networks. The attitude towards spamming and brokerage traffic is ambiguous. Someone accepts such traffic, someone does not. As a rule, large banks ban brokerage traffic.

What offers in the finance vertical convert the best?

The easiest way to get leads on debit and credit cards. Microloans are also good. The requirements for them are not as high as for normal loans. But everything depends on how a particular offer has faded in a specific GEO.

What creatives in finance convert the best?

Those that attract and retain attention, emphasize the benefit for the user. Video creatives are currently doing well in social networks. Sometimes even the simplest approach, such as “Your loan application has been approved,” converts well.

Is SEO traffic used in the finance vertical?

Of course. You can earn on your own site, especially if it is a showroom site – a comparison of different offers. But you will have to spend some time promoting the site to get it to the top of the search results. That’s why affiliates more often use other sources.

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