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Gambling affiliate programs are offers from advertisers in the iGaming industry. These are affiliate programs for online casinos. This vertical is considered one of the most profitable for an affiliate and evergreen. After all, interest in gambling does not diminish, and in recent years, casinos are increasingly moving online. The choice of gambling offers is now huge, and the rates are high.
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We have gathered our top-list of gambling affiliate programs for both novice and experienced affiliates. Now we will tell you how to choose the right affiliate network in gambling and how we compiled our rating.

Types of payments in gambling affiliate networks

In gambling affiliate networks, you can find offers with different payment models. We will briefly describe them:

  • CPA – payouts for a specific action. This could be registration, bonus use, first deposit, etc.
  • CPL – payouts for registration (leads) and CPI – payment for installs (installation of online casino app) are also included in CPA;
  • Revenue Share (Revshare) – the casino shares the revenues from the referred player with the affiliate. Often, each player is assigned for life, meaning for the entire period of their active actions in the casino;
  • Hybrid – a mixed model where one action (usually registration) is paid on a CPA basis. And the profit from all other player actions is shared by the casino on Revshare basis.

Gambling Affiliate Programs offers

Each payment model in gambling has its pros and cons. CPA is suitable for those who have a lot of good traffic and are focused on quick profit. Revenue Share is for passive income. Some players do not stay in the casino for long, but at least a third of them play actively for about six months. Even if the losses do not exceed 50%, you will still have revenue from RevShare.

By the way, in CPA/CPL gambling affiliate programs, an affiliate may encounter a baseline – this is the deposit threshold. If the referred player deposits less than the specified amount, the conversion is not counted. Therefore, carefully study the conditions for offers. In our top-list we have gathered gambling affiliate networks with the best conditions for affiliates.

Gambling affiliate networks for beginners: how to choose?

The main problem for beginners in gambling affiliate marketing is where to find a good gambling affiliate network? Actually, affiliate networks are available on casino websites. Payouts when working directly with an advertiser can be higher than through a mediator (a CPA network). But a CPA network acts as a guarantee against “shaves” from the advertiser (i.e. the advertiser may not pay for some actions, “shaving” them off), provides a choice of offers and payment models.

Not all gambling affiliate networks are suitable for beginners. Many CPA affiliate networks in gambling have non-licensed offers. These may be online casino offers that have licensing issues in a given country. And the choice of traffic sources for such offers is sharply limited. Contextual advertising, social media targeting, and some banner networks are immediately eliminated. And the traffic from the click exchange, which beginners often try to use, is not accepted in all gambling affiliate networks.

Gambling Affiliate Programs offers

In the AffDays top-list of gambling affiliate networks, we have included affiliate programs with licensed offers that even beginners can use to generate traffic. The easiest way to search for a gambling affiliate network is by using our rating. To choose the best offer in a gambling affiliate network, you should consider following things:

  • GEO – what countries you will target. Rates are higher in Tier-1 countries, but in many regions, the language barrier may be an obstacle for a beginner;
  • Minimum deposit amount – how wide the target audience is. Some ads intentionally cut off audiences with low paying capacity, raising rates. And for certain GEOs, a high deposit means few conversions – for example, for India or South Africa;
  • All traffic and payment conditions – carefully read the offer descriptions to generate only positive results.

Gambling affiliate networks rating: how did AffDays compile the top-list?

We tested each affiliate network before including it in the AffDays rating. Here’s what, in our opinion, should be in best gambling affiliate networks:

  • Clear and transparent offer conditions – without hidden KPIs, baselines, and other “pitfalls”;
  • Licensed iGaming products – for such offers, the choice of sources is much wider;
  • Regular payouts and convenient withdrawal methods – best gambling affiliate networks do not cut off payouts, and the choice of wallets for withdrawals is pleasing.

And of course, gambling affiliate networks should be suitable for both beginners and experienced affiliates. Our top-list includes truly good casino affiliate networks without hidden conditions and with profitable offers.

Traffic sources for gambling affiliate marketing

After you have chosen a gambling affiliate network from our top-list, you can determine a traffic source. Here are some relevant sources and combinations for gambling:

  • Facebook and Webview applications – many affiliate networks provide free applications specifically for gambling offers. Below you will find a case study on how to leak from this bundle;
  • Google UAC – another option to drive traffic to apps. Of course, creatives for Google should be as “white-hat” as possible;
  • Traffic transfer from Instagram or TikTok to Telegram channels. By the way, Instagram has a lot of female audience, and affiliates do not miss the opportunity to attract them to the iGaming sphere;
  • Video blogs – Twitch, YouTube. This is advertising with bloggers, banners, links in chats and comments under videos.

Telegram channels, push notifications, and pop-unders are still relevant. This is cheap traffic, but not all advertisers accept it. For example, “scheming” traffic is often equated with motivated traffic. However, these sources, if allowed by advertising, can bring good profits.

How much can you earn with gambling affiliate networks?

The gambling industry is a world of big money, and earnings from gambling affiliate networks can be impressive. Here are a few cases that confirm this.

Gambling in top GEOs – serious profit in just a week

  • Affiliate network: Enchant Affiliates
  • Offers: Abo Casino and Kakadu Casino
  • GEOs: Australia and the Netherlands
  • Traffic sources: Facebook, Google Ads, ASO
  • Period: July 19-25, 2021

This is a case from the CPA.Bro team. Two new offers in the Enchant Affiliates gambling affiliate network and the top GEOs of the year – Australia and the Netherlands – were selected for promotion.

The creatives were maximally bright and native, with images of casino attributes.

gambling creatives for affiliate programs
Gambling Affiliate Programs

The results for the week surprised us. Here’s a screenshot of the statistics for Kakadu Casino’s webviews from Facebook. Unfortunately, the screenshot is in Russian, but we’re assuming that one can scan it.

Gambling Affiliate Programs

First experience in gambling: $950 profit with Facebook

  • Affiliate network: CPA.BRO
  • Offer: Mostbet
  • GEO: Azerbaijan
  • Traffic source: Facebook
  • Period: April 1-30, 2021
  • Spent: $4000
  • Earned: $4950
  • Profit: $950
  • ROI: 19,2%

This is the first experience in gambling affiliate marketing for the CPA.BRO team. Therefore, don’t be scared by the low ROI. This case shows that even without experience in gambling, you can still get a profit.

Betting Affiliate Programs

They used trusted Facebook accounts, the Indigo anti-detect browser, and the Binom tracker to promote the offer on Facebook. They obtained the landings in the affiliate network. The creatives featured a well-known person in Azerbaijan and a “news” approach.

Gambling Affiliate Programs

Both novice and experienced affiliates can earn money on gambling affiliate networks. Explore our top-list, choose the best affiliate network and promote with profit!

Gambling and betting – one vertical or not?

No, gambling and betting are different verticals, although they are often referred to as the same iGaming industry. In gambling, the offers are online casinos, slot games, and their applications. In betting, it’s the offerings of bookmakers. This is a separate niche with its own peculiarities for lead generation. We have a top-list of betting affiliate networks where you can find best offers in this vertical.

What are the advantages of affiliate marketing in gambling?

The main advantage of gambling is the high rates per offer. Regardless of the payment model, in our top-list of gambling affiliate networks, you will always find profitable offers. Another advantage is the unwavering interest of users in online casinos. Gaming remains relevant always. Therefore, this vertical can be classified as evergreen.

How much can you earn on gambling affiliate networks?

Gambling is one of the most profitable niches. After all, the revenues of online casinos amount to huge sums. A webmaster can also earn a good income if they choose the right gambling affiliate network and the right ad campaign. Examples of earnings can be found in our gambling case studies.

What’s more profitable – CPA or revenue share for gambling affiliate networks?

There are three payment models in gambling. CPA with payment per action, revenue share with revenue sharing from generated users, and hybrid, which is a mixed model where one action is paid for by CPA, and the rest by revenue share. If you want to receive passive income, choose revenue share or hybrid models. For quick profits and large traffic volumes, CPA is suitable.

What are the gambling affiliate networks for beginners?

In our top-list of gambling affiliate networks, we have collected the best offers for both beginners and those who have experience in affiliate marketing. Beginners will be pleased with licensed products that even a novice can promote. In the AffDays top-list, you will find profitable rates, payment model choices, and other pleasant features. Explore our top-list and don’t forget to leave your review!

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