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In-page push notifications are an enhanced format of push advertising. Unlike regular push notifications, which users receive after consenting to receive them, in-page pushes are visible to all users who visit a site where such pushes are placed.

Take a look at our top-list of ad networks that work with this advertising format:

The advertising platform offers ad placement that will be shown in push notifications to users who have subscribed to the mailing list. A vast number of websites collect their own user database and pass it to the advertising network. Push.House supports several display formats:

  • Push;
  • Inpage;
  • Native;
  • iOS Push.

RollerAds is a young advertising network with over 60 billion monthly impressions and a minimum cost per click of $0.001. Top advertising formats and 13 targeting options are available to advertisers, as well as 10,000 direct publishers and unique optimization algorithms.

Until recent times, the network operated with two payment models: CPA and CPC. But just recently, RollerAds introduced a third model — Smart CPC. It independently selects the best price from all possible options, based on the bid you are willing to pay per click.

Adsterra is a global advertising network that has been around for over 10 years and has a good reputation among advertisers and publishers due to its unique Partner Care approach aimed at providing top-notch service. Unlike many other popular ad networks, Adsterra offers high-quality traffic with a CTR of up to 30%.

Adsterra provides global traffic and various ad formats:

  • Popunders
  • Social Bar
  • In-Page Push
  • Interstitials

OctoClick entered the market over 7 years ago. This time has been dedicated to development, as evidenced by excellent results. The traffic volumes are indeed large. OctoClick offers only the most effective advertising formats:

  • Highly technological and convenient in-page push, allowing you to choose and edit creatives of any theme. CPC starts from $0.006.
  • Native Ads, which are raster images or gif animations with text that fit into the design of the site where they are placed. CPC starts from $0.012.
  • Pop Ads, where the ad tab opens directly on the website page. CPC is the cheapest at only $0.003.

The RichAds advertising network has all the necessary tools for both advertisers and publishers aimed at achieving results in a short time. The traffic quality of the network is verified by the Adscore platform — meaning all bots and fraudsters are blocked here.

RichAds are available to advertiser in 220 geos with over 5 billion impressions daily.. This means the entire world is open to you. The best verticals to advertise via RichAds are gambling, antivirus, utilities, betting and nutra.

HilltopAds is an international CPM advertising network that works with clean, premium traffic. This means that advertisers’ ads are only seen by active and interested users, while publishers earn a stable income from their websites.

Visually, in-page pushes look identical to classic push notifications that users see on mobile devices. This means in-page pushes do not include large images, regardless of whether users receive them on mobile or desktop.

Unlike standard pushes, in-page pushes fall under banner advertising. Users do not need to agree to receive notifications on the site to see them.

In this case, users will see a pop-up push when they visit the publisher’s page where the advertisement is placed. This is achieved by installing code on the site, without any subscription database ties. Both Android and iOS device owners will see these pushes.

Due to simpler technology, in-page pushes are protected from issues related to browser updates. No subscription consent confirmations are required, as no subscription is needed.

Advantages of the in-page push format include:

  • It’s a new advertising format, making users more likely to respond to it.
  • For media buyers, this translates to high CTR and good conversion rates.
  • Accessible to iOS audiences.
  • Not dependent on browser updates.
  • Brings in fresh audiences.
  • In-page pushes are noticeable but not intrusive.
  • Operates on CPC and allows for easy expenditure calculation.
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