Alanbase 2024

Launching your own affiliate program involves many aspects: you need to effectively collaborate with partners, advertisers, control traffic, analyze statistics and much more. Your team’s efficiency depends greatly on how many features the chosen solution provides. Today we will discuss Alanbase, a SaaS platform for creating affiliate programs and tracking affiliate traffic.

What You Need to Know About the Alanbase Platform

Alanbase is a SaaS platform for creating affiliate programs in gambling, betting, nutra and other verticals. This tool allows you to create niche CPA networks, multi-vertical affiliate programs, and also offers a solution for media buying teams. The platform has customizable functionality. You can configure your affiliate program according to your goals and needs. If you are unable to customize it yourself, the Alanbase team will assist with implementation and feature enhancements.

Advantages of Alanbase

We have examined the platform and will now outline its key benefits:

  • Customized Statistics. You can create detailed reports for company employees and partners;
  • Smart Goals. You can set your own formulas;
  • Customizable Events with Flexible Functionality. Tailor events to your specific needs;
  • Cohort Analysis. Analyze traffic quality over time;
  • Flexible Payment System. CPA, RevShare, Hybrid; automatic reward calculation and invoice generation;
  • Instant Support. The Alanbase team will assist in setting up the affiliate program and answer any questions just round-the-clock;
  • Custom Enhancements. If you require specific functionality, the team is ready to assist in finding a solution.

Key Features for Affiliate Programs

Alanbase’s functionality allows you to launch an affiliate program in iGaming, nutra, legal e-commerce, EdTech and other verticals. The platform provides everything you need to operate smoothly.

Here are some of the capabilities of Alanbase:

  • Goals according to formulas;
  • Cohort analysis. Analyze user behavior, provide information about the target audience to partners and employees;
  • Customizable statistics columns. Provide partners with detailed information on traffic, conversions and separate statistics between departments;
  • Custom dashboards. Display information on a single page;
  • Ability to restrict access for affiliate program employees. For example, financial experts can see financial information, while creative specialists can only access creatives;
  • List of advertisers and partners with categorization of active partners, those under moderation. Users can be added manually;
  • Adding offers with different access levels: public, private, under pre-moderation;
  • Mass editing of offers and products. Simplifies affiliate manager’s work and allows for quick updates to selected positions;
  • Extensive functionality for financial flows. CPA, RevShare, hybrid; automatic reward calculation and invoice generation;
  • Handling of landing pages and promotional materials. Quick addition of any promos and creatives;
  • Launching contests in an affiliate program. You can incentivize partners to promote the affiliate program or specific offers;
  • Broad functionality for informing partners. Send emails and messages in Telegram based on interests, chosen offers and other parameters.

These are just a few of the many features provided by this SaaS platform. Now, let’s take a closer look at the account.

How to Get Started with the Alanbase SaaS Platform

The Alanbase platform offers flexible settings for advertisers and affiliate programs. They have a wide range of settings that may seem complex at first glance. To make it easier for you to get acquainted with the platform, the team provides assistance in the initial stages and offers demo access to familiarize yourself with Alanbase.

To get demo access and discuss details with a manager, go to the main page and click on ‘Start 14-day free trial’. In the opened form fill in the required fields, which include:

  • Name;
  • Phone;
  • Email;
  • Telegram;
  • Request — you can provide information about your vertical, products and any other relevant details;
  • Company name.
Alanbase 2024

Click ‘Join now’. Your request will be sent to a personal manager who will contact you using the provided contact details. Typically, managers schedule calls with clients. During the call, they showcase the platform’s key features, settings, what needs to be done to get started and other nuances. The manager will also provide demo access.

Overview of the Account

When you log into your account, the ‘Dashboard’ will open by default. Here, you’ll find a summary of statistics related to the affiliate program. It can display metrics such as clicks, registrations, deposits, deposit amounts, order counts and other relevant information. Since Alanbase offers flexible statistics settings, each client will have their own customized data displayed. For example, gambling affiliates will see one set of statistics, while nutrition affiliates will see another.

Alanbase 2024
Example of a Dashboard page for the gambling vertical

The menu contains links to the main pages:

  • Dashboard;
  • Product: products and offers;
  • Statistics;
  • Customers;
  • Payment;
  • Promotional materials;
  • Promo codes;
  • News;
  • Members: administrators, advertisers, partners.

How to Add an Advertiser

To launch an affiliate program, it is necessary to add an advertiser to the system. To do this, mouse over the ‘Members’ menu item and select ‘Advertisers’. On the opened page, you will find a list of advertisers. You can use filters to display active advertisers, users who have not completed registration, banned users and rejected users. Accounts under moderation are in a separate tab.

Alanbase 2024

If advertisers register independently in the affiliate program, open the ‘On moderation’ section, review the basic information, contact the user and activate the account. If you are manually adding advertisers, click on ‘New Advertiser’. A form for adding a user will open.

Alanbase 2024

In the form, fill in the mandatory fields for operation:

  • Email;
  • Password;
  • Status;
  • Name;
  • Traffic sources;
  • Skype;
  • Telegram;
  • Advertiser information (About me);
  • Manager.

Save the changes. The profile will be added to the system. In the future, you can edit it, view basic advertiser information and perform other actions with the account.

How to Work with Products

Once you’ve added the advertiser, you can add a product to the system. For example, a casino brand or a nutritional product. To do this mouse over ‘Product’ and select ‘Products’. Then click on ‘New Product’. A form for filling in the details will open.

Alanbase 2024

Fields to fill in:

  • Advertiser;
  • Product name;
  • Category;
  • Internal note.

Click ‘Create’. The product will appear on the respective page. Each of the products is listed with the name, category, advertiser (email), status, note and creation date.

Alanbase 2024

After adding, you can add offers, events, goals, formulas and landing pages.

Alanbase 2024

How to Add Offers and Work with Them

Through Alanbase, you can provide detailed information for webmasters, configure necessary goals, categories, limits and other settings. The more details you fill out for each offer, the easier it will be for partners. Webmasters will be able to access all the necessary information for each offer. To configure offers, mouse over ‘Product’ and select ‘Offers’. Then click on ‘New offer’.

Alanbase 2024
Alanbase 2024

Fields for adding an offer:

  • Offer Name: You can provide a brief name, such as a brand. You can also include additional information: collaboration model, geos, etc.;
  • Type: Public, private, pre-moderation. You can specify the required access type. For example, if you choose ‘public’, partners can generate links without prior moderation, while with private access, they need to request the offer through their personal manager;
  • Product;
  • Poster image: Upload the product logo;
  • Description: You can provide detailed information about the product, including conditions, information about the target audience, best traffic sources and other details. You can add descriptions in different languages;
  • Tags: Keywords that help quickly find relevant offers;
  • Day Limit: Relevant if the advertiser has set limits;
  • Hold Period;
  • Postclick: Specify the time during which the user will be attributed to the partner;
  • Count postclick from: The value from which to count post-click, usually from a link click;
  • Tracking Domain;
  • Target Link;
  • Trafficback URL;
  • Internal Note: A field for affiliate program staff.

Please note that Alanbase offers flexible settings for clients. If additional fields are needed in the offer card, you can contact your personal manager and request enhancements to the functionality.

How to Work with Partners

To achieve success, every affiliate program must establish effective partnerships. In this regard the platform provides all the necessary tools, from quick moderation to timely assistance for partners. Let’s take a look at how to work with partners.

Hover your cursor over the ‘Members’ menu item and select ‘Partners’. This will open a list of active accounts. Next to each profile, you will find the partner’s email, manager, balance, hold and other relevant information.

Alanbase 2024

In the ‘On moderation’ tab, you will find partner profiles that have registered in the affiliate program but need to be reviewed by a personal manager.

Alanbase 2024

To activate the account, go to the profile, view the contact information and get in touch with the partner.

Alanbase 2024

Another important feature in partner management is that managers can access the partner’s personal account. To do this open the list of active profiles and click ‘Log In’.

Alanbase 2024
Partner’s Dashboard

This feature allows for quick assistance to partners and addressing work-related inquiries. For example, if a partner requests help with link and postback settings, a manager can log into the partner’s dashboard and configure everything manually. For convenience, you can take screenshots and explain each feature, so the partner can set up links and postbacks independently next time.

Statistics: Detailed Settings

When partners or internal media buyers start to drive traffic and the first conversions occur, they need to analyze the results. You can provide them with the most detailed statistics. To configure this, go to the ‘Statistics’ page and click on the ‘Table Settings’ icon. If you want to add a new column, click ‘Add Column’.

Alanbase 2024

In the statistics, you can provide all the information that partners and internal departments may need. Examples of columns that can be included in the statistics:

  • Traffic: impressions, number of clicks, unique visits;
  • Conversions: total, confirmed, in hold;
  • EPC (Earnings Per Click);
  • CR (Conversion Rate);
  • Revenue: for CPA, RevShare and other models;
  • Casino statistics: first deposits, deposits, losses, winnings.

For each of these parameters, you can specify the necessary and additional conditions. For instance, to display information on RevShare, you can set up a formula, value, currency and output format. There are pre-set values in the fields. Just click the corresponding button and the system will automatically fill in the formula.

Alanbase 2024

Similarly, you can create and modify any values in the statistics. You can also create statistics for individual partners and teams. For instance, if you collaborate with a team where multiple departments work in different affiliate verticals, you can create statistics for each team. Partners can then analyze their results within the scope of their work.

Case Studies: How Alanbase Helps Clients

The company has already assisted many partners in resolving internal and external issues. We’ve identified several case studies of Alanbase clients and will share them with you.

SeriousPartners Launches CPA Network in iGaming Vertical

SeriousPartners a well-known affiliate program in mobile subscriptions, is continually expanding and exploring new directions. The company turned to Alanbase to launch a second affiliate program in the iGaming vertical.

Company Goals: To create an affiliate program in iGaming with a user-friendly and intuitive interface, event tracking categorization and flexible payout options.

Solution: The Alanbase team assisted with setting up client accounts, prepared the platform for launch, and designed a convenient integration model with advertisers. The needs of all parties were taken into account to ensure everyone’s comfort and ease of operation.

Refinement: Attention to details and needs was given throughout the process, allowing for timely adjustments and improvements to the affiliate program. This ensured that the client had the necessary functionality.

Outcome: SeriousPartners successfully launched their second affiliate program. A simple and intuitive interface, event categorization and flexible payout options improved collaboration with partners.

AffGods Team Case: Custom Solution from Alanbase

The AffGods team reached out to Alanbase with plans to replace the inconvenient Keitaro tracker with another tool.

Team Objective: To improve control over statistics, traffic and enhance the efficiency of all team members.

Solution: The Alanbase team identified the team’s needs and proposed several solutions, including:

  • Integrated offers. The platform’s team implemented custom settings that allowed them to receive all information from advertisers. All statistics are updated in real-time, eliminating the need to wait for report exports;
  • Created media buyer dashboards. Each team member has their own dashboard where they can access links for traffic, view statistics and other information. This increased efficiency and improved result monitoring.

Functionality Enhancement: Based on the client’s requests, the Alanbase team enhanced functionality. Multiple roles were assigned to each media buyer, allowing for flexible access control and task distribution among team members.

Outcome: The AffGods team received a tool that improved control over traffic and statistics while also enhancing team efficiency.


As we can see, Alanbase provides flexible settings for creating an affiliate program and tracking affiliate traffic. You can customize goals, events, provide detailed descriptions of offers, moderate partner and advertiser profiles, and perform other tasks. The platform encompasses all the functionality needed for launch.

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