9 Nude AI Image Generators and Undressing Services

9 Nude AI Image Generators and Undressing Services in 2024 2024

The popularity of artificial intelligence in 2024 is high, as it gives an opportunity to generate various types of content, including the NSFW one. Such services include AI tools capable of generating nude images and deepfakes based on user-provided descriptions, and also a wide range of AI applications in the NSFW category that allow for undressing of a person in a given image. As a result, the internet is overfilled with AI nudes generators now, and people — regardless of their needs — struggle to find what’s best to use. That’s why we’re here to explore 9 most popular nude photo generators, as well as 3 bonus undressers. We suppose that these services might be useful in the affiliate marketing sphere, too.

Is it possible to generate nude AI images?

Yes, it is possible to generate realistic nude images and high-quality deepfakes using AI.

AI was initially focused on generating textual content, but there was increasing user interest in graphics as well. Modern tools allow for the fairly accurate generation of images based on given text prompts in various themes — though the NSFW category was prohibited until recently.

Nowadays, a significant number of AI programs capable of generating nude images have been developed. This art genre is now even creating serious competition for the porn industry. However, most of the tools that create AI generated nude images are not omnipotent as their developers have imposed several restrictions. For example, there are limitations on certain words and prompts that can lead to prohibited content.

9 Nude AI Image Generators and Undressing Services in 2024 2024

9 AI nudes generators for creating nude photos by description

You can create a high-quality nude image of a girl according to your description (prompt) in just a few minutes. To do this, select the generator or application you like that will perform the tasks from our list below.


SoulGen.AI is one of the best and most popular AI nude images generator. This tool transforms text into NSFW pictures, anime and any other characters according to the user’s description. Requires signing up to work. To unblur the created image, subscribe to a paid plan for $9.99 per month.

9 Nude AI Image Generators and Undressing Services in 2024 2024


  • Clear interface — greatly simplifies the process of work;
  • Lifetime preservation of a unique image;
  • A clear drawing of the contours of the face and other parts of the body in the created images;
  • Free trial — no watermark on the photo, but there is a blur;
  • Stylistic directions of pictures, the possibility of making subtle adjustments;
  • Payment option — PayPal, debit or credit card;
  • Quick result — in just 1-2 seconds.
9 Nude AI Image Generators and Undressing Services in 2024 2024


PicSo is a quite similar service based on AI that creates realistic or art-like images. This AI nudes generator is designed specifically for the production of nude photos of girls. It recreates any descriptions entered by the user. The paid version provides full functionality and has no limits on the number of created works. AI works on Android, iOS and web version.

9 Nude AI Image Generators and Undressing Services in 2024 2024


  • The trial version image has a watermark, but it can be easily removed in the editor;
  • NSFW images are of high quality;
  • Support for all styles of nude and sex trends;
  • Ample opportunities for adjusting AI generated nude photos of girls;
  • Payment: Paypal;
  • The ability to work from mobile devices.

The free test version of the generator has a reduced functionality — it is allowed to make only 1 image per day. All AI features are unlocked in a paid mode for $9.99 per month.


DeepSwap is an online application that is focused on creating deepfakes in photo, video, GIF formats. This AI nude image generator allows you to create nude AI deepfakes of celebrities of different genders. In addition to AI generated nude photos, there is a possibility of editing a 10-minute video. The free trial period does not work properly — consider there isn’t one.

9 Nude AI Image Generators and Undressing Services in 2024 2024


  • A modernized version for creating nude AI images and deepfakes, based on the work of machine learning and neural networks;
  • High quality of the result — it is difficult to tell if it’s real or not;
  • No watermark and other content filters;
  • Payment — cryptocurrency, PayPal;
  • Easy work with the tool — it does not freeze.
  • The application requires $9.99 per month.
9 Nude AI Image Generators and Undressing Services in 2024 2024


PornPen is a nudes generator that will help you create high-quality content. Artificial intelligence based on built-in prompts provides you with NSFW AI generated nude content in excellent quality. The only downside is the inability to add your own keywords — however, the user is offered a wide combination of tags that allow you to adjust the shape, face, hair color, chest size, and almost anything you want. The trial version is given for 2 days with all the functionality: signing up is required, it can take up to 5 minutes. A watermark is placed on the pictures, but it can be easily removed or cut off in the editor.

9 Nude AI Image Generators and Undressing Services in 2024 2024


  • The AI tool draws a wide range of AI nude images;
  • NSFW content can be made for free on the Pro version for 2 days;
  • Payment option — BillPay, Visa, Discover.

The system can be used for free, which is convenient for beginners in working with AI. But after 2 days, you have to subscribe to a professional plan for $15 per month. You can link a card, use it for free for 7 days, then you can unlink it.

9 Nude AI Image Generators and Undressing Services in 2024 2024

Unstable Diffusion

Unstable Diffusion is a website that combines several artificial intelligence generators at once. Thanks to this, the functionality and capabilities of the site are extensive — and, of course, there is a possibility of creating nude images. User can set their own description and negative keywords, as well as select the number of images and the genre — Digital Art, photo, anime, universal, etc.


  • Trial period — 45 credits, no watermark or other restrictions;
  • Long processing — you need to wait at least 10 seconds, sometimes it freezes;
  • Simple to use — just enter a description of an AI nude image you like, then you can start the generation;
  • A wide range of settings for photo editing;
  • There is an opportunity to communicate with other creators of explicit content;
  • Payment methods — Visa, Master, American Express, Discover.

Membership is free after registration. Paid plans start at $14.99.


PornJourney is a service that allows you to create perfect images of girls using ready-made tags. Artificial intelligence produces real masterpieces in the nude direction. The editor has a wide functionality that allows you to adjust almost everything — from ethnicity to the size and shape of breast.

9 Nude AI Image Generators and Undressing Services in 2024 2024
9 Nude AI Image Generators and Undressing Services in 2024 2024


  • Creation of photo, anime, hentai, video;
  • In free mode, the service is often overloaded and does not give a result;
  • A Premium plan for 15 euros — providing, among other things, high detailing of pictures;
  • Payment options — Visa, PayPal;
  • Wide functionality for correction.


OnlyFansAI is another popular service from where you can download ready-made photos of naked girls created by pros or ordinary users in a generator or Photoshop. Creating an image from scratch in this service is not yet available. However, everyone can find unique pictures with excellent quality and on almost any topic.

9 Nude AI Image Generators and Undressing Services in 2024 2024
9 Nude AI Image Generators and Undressing Services in 2024 2024
Hermione in NSFW format


  • Free images are loaded with a watermark, but it is easy to remove;
  • Paid images cost from $3;
  • Payment options — PayPal, bank card.
  • The functionality of the site is constantly being improved, which allows the introduction of new options.

PixAI Art

PixAI Art is a unique generator that creates nude AI anime pictures from a text description. A wide range of tools allows you to perfect your skills in AI generated nude anime content. It is also possible to see works of other users.

9 Nude AI Image Generators and Undressing Services in 2024 2024


  • Free plan — the system gives each user 17,000 bonus credits if they log in daily for 10 days;
  • The system is free to use, but, as in other cases, registration is required.


SexyAI is a simple service with a concise black interface that allows you to create AI nude images by description and negative keywords in several styles: realistic, art-like, hentai, LGBT, and others. You can create AI nude photos of girls without special programming skills.

9 Nude AI Image Generators and Undressing Services in 2024 2024


  • Free plan — 12 thousand free credits, only after that the system offers to switch to a paid mode;
  • Created pictures are saved only in WEBP format;
  • Pro membership for $10 per month provides more options;
  • You can create 2 nude AI images at once or even more;
  • Payment options — not specified;
  • Registration is not required to get started.
9 Nude AI Image Generators and Undressing Services in 2024 2024

3 AI Undress Generators to Undress Girls by Photo

In addition to nude photo generators, there are AI tools that can ‘undress’ girls. In such programs, you only need to upload photos, and then the AI will do everything. This is an interesting option for experimenting and creating deepfakes. Below are the top three most popular strip programs in 2024.


Deepnude.cc is a popular AI-based tool that allows you to see naked any person and create deepfakes. Paid plans start at $29.95 per month.

9 Nude AI Image Generators and Undressing Services in 2024 2024


  • Free access and a wide opportunity to generate nude and sex photos;
  • Option to undress from the uploaded image;
  • Free version is blurred;
  • Paid version has no blur, with a wider range of options;
  • No restrictions on the number of downloads;
  • Functionality allows for correction of breasts, face, hips and other parts of the body;
  • Payment options — credit or debit card, bitcoin, litecoin;
  • Among the shortcomings — in the free version, each time you have to confirm that you are not a robot – and this lasts 30 seconds.
9 Nude AI Image Generators and Undressing Services in 2024 2024


DeepNude is a powerful undress generator, which allows you to quickly and accurately expose a girl in a photo. The artificial intelligence of this program does not just draw a standard body, but makes assumptions. Based on the analysis, an image without clothes is formed. In fact, the AI takes into account anthropometric parameters, and ‘takes off’ clothes step by step.

The generation process may take several minutes. At the same time, you need to understand that the first time it is unlikely to get an perfect result. Due to this, several generations will be required, which will provide the perfect photo of a naked girl. It is advisable to use pictures in a bikini, which will increase the accuracy of the result.


  • Free plan blurs photos;
  • Premium plan allows you to create up to 500 images for $29.99;
  • Payment options — bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, binance, USDT.


FaceSwap is another interesting tool for ‘undressing’ and creating photo and video deepfakes. The program is compatible with all types of operating systems, which allows you to work with a PC and a mobile device. The last option is not the most convenient, since the software requires a lot of video card resources. The main advantage is the wide functionality that allows you to make various adjustments in working with nude photos. The program is free and serviced by high-quality technical support.

9 Nude AI Image Generators and Undressing Services in 2024 2024

There are also many other similar services — for example, Midjourney.

Why nude AI art is needed and how you can use it

AI tools make it easy to generate photos of naked girls and create deepfakes. This may raise a question— why do people do that? There are several reasons for this:

  1. For my own purposes. Many people choose to view this type of content to satisfy their sexual fantasies. Most often, generation is carried out with the participation of celebrities.
  2. Earnings. The pictures created by an AI tool are very popular in the porn industry, which makes it possible to monetize such nude AI content. For example, you can generate a character and create NSFW pictures and publish them on OnlyFans to make money on it. At the same time, it must be clearly understood that the distribution of erotic images and sex materials may be punishable by law.
  3. Art. With the help of artificial intelligence, you can really get unique images in an erotic style. This allows you to create catalogs of beautiful pictures without direct nude overtones.
  4. Insult. Unfortunately, such programs are also used with malicious intent. Deepfakes when shared publicly can damage people’s reputations, which can also result in legal action.
  5. Blackmail or revenge. Another hard-hitting reason for the use of graphic creations of artificial intelligence.

Also, deepfakes and nude art are essential in adult vertical offers. They are indispensable for creating unique creatives.

Yes, this ‘undressing’ is fake… but we’re living in the era of deepfakes, so what can you do? By the way, if you’re interested in the deepfakes phenomenon, we wrote an article on what deepfakes are and how they are made.

Other ways to use AI tools

In addition to NSFW image generation, the use of AI tools simplifies many tasks that used to take a lot of time in the past, for example:

  • Concept art: Artists and designers can use AI to visualize characters, environments, and products, rapidly refining ideas before starting the detailed work.
  • Illustration: AI can be a useful tool for creating illustrations for books, games, and other media, combining human creativity and AI-powered efficiency.
  • Photo manipulation: AI tools can enhance or modify existing photographs, adding more elements or subtly changing specific details to achieve the desired visual effect.

Potential downsides

Of course, AI image generation can be used in many ways, including for the NSFW content, but before you start implementing it, consider this:

  • Non-consensual content: Image generation can be misused to create deepfakes or non-consensual nude images. This can be a serious privacy violation and damage a person’s reputation.
  • Privacy concerns: Some AI image generation tools require users to upload their own data or provide detailed descriptions, which can raise privacy concerns.
  • Copyright: Copyright laws toward generated images can vary by country. To avoid legal troubles, we recommend checking the regulations in your region before using generated images.
  • Bias: AI models can sometimes reflect biases present in their training data. This can lead to the generation of images that are stereotypical or offensive.

Such tools are powerful, and, unfortunately, can be misused to create inappropriate content. We strongly discourage the generation of NSFW content and recommend the responsible use of these tools. Be aware of the legal issues surrounding the use of AI image generation, particularly when it comes to:

  • Deepfakes. Creating deepfakes of people without their consent can be illegal in some countries. Deepfakes can be used to damage someone’s reputation or cause emotional distress.
  • Distribution of explicit content. Distributing explicit content, even if generated by AI, can be illegal in some countries as well.

So, not only can it be bad ethically, but also can lead to legal issues. If you don’t want to sit in the court of law because you made a silly naked picture of somebody, play it smart and responsible!


We looked at 12 services for generating nude photos, explicit pictures, and deepfakes using AI tools. We have also briefly covered some ethical and legal considerations that you should take into account when using these AI tools. Now it’s up to you to decide what’s best for you and how to use it.


Can AI generate a nude image?

Modern AI tools are able to create nude AI pictures in a fairly high quality. Moreover, there are many functions and options that allow you to make detailed adjustments.

Is it possible to generate a nude image of a naked girl from a description?

AI nude images can be generated by AI programs according to user’s description. Some AI nude generators work only using template tags, which limits the possibilities a bit.

Is it possible to undress a girl from a photo using AI?

Yes, there are graphical AI tools that allow you to undress a girl and get a photo with good detail. For the highest quality result, it is advisable to use pictures where the girls are depicted in a swimsuit or with a minimum amount of clothing.

The use of AI tools that undress a person is not punishable by law. But you should understand that the distribution of such content is prohibited and may result in legal proceedings.

How much does it cost to use the program for undressing girls?

Most sites and programs for working with nude photos of girls are paid. The monthly cost is about 10-20 dollars. At the same time, there are also free undress generators, but their capabilities and the quality of the final result are lower.

Is it possible to make nude pictures on your own with the help of AI?

The creation of nude content by AI nudes generators is not a problem. All that is needed is to make a small description (prompt) of the desired image and make additional adjustments.

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