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“Nutra” is one of the most popular verticals in affiliate marketing, dealing with nutraceuticals promotion. There are many affiliate programs with nutra offers, and it’s easy to get confused when choosing among them. To make it easier for you to choose, we have compiled our own rating of nutra affiliate programs. We also want to share the secrets of successful promotion of nutra offers and the numbers of real earnings from affiliates.

LemonAD is an affiliate network and direct advertiser in the nutra, adult, and e-commerce (whitehat) verticals. They have been in the market as an advertiser for over 9 years and as an affiliate network for over 2 years, previously working exclusively in private access. They offer over 500 different offers to affiliates with the most profitable GEOs among Tier-2 countries.

CPA.House is an affiliate network from the advertising platform Push.House. It offers over 3255 offers in CPA, CPS, CPL, COD, and CPI. The main vertical is nutra and beauty and health products, targeting the CIS, Europe, and Asia. However, they also accept gambling, dating, IVR, sweeps, and storefront offers.

LuxeProfit is an affiliate network that came out of private access in 2019 and now offers over 1,000 offers for affiliates for any GEO. The creator of LuxeProfit is Evgeny Ovchinnikov, an affiliate who has been working with gambling, betting, and nutra offers for 18 years.

Yellana is a CPA network that has been operating in the market since 2023. At the moment, the affiliate network offers over 700 offers in various verticals, including gambling and betting. Yellana offers truly competitive rates — for example, in gambling it can be up to $650 per deposit.

iMonetizeIt is an affiliate network with over 7,300 active offers and over 10,000 advertisers. The affiliate network operates in dating, sweepstakes, nutra, XGames, and iGaming verticals. One of the main features is that there are no geo restrictions. Also, its affiliates have access to the signature smartlink.

How to Choose a Nutra Affiliate Network?

Nutra is a vertical related to beauty and health. This includes weight loss products, joint treatment remedies, adult nutraceuticals (potency drugs, gels-enlargers), and much more.

4 Best Nutra Health Affiliate Programs 2024 2024

Important Note: Nutra is sometimes confused with Pharma (pharmaceuticals). However, pharma is a narrower and more specific niche. It only includes real medical products that are sold without prescription and can be marketed through the network. Nutra offers are not medical products, as it is often stated in the disclaimer on the landing pages.

Choosing a good nutra affiliate program is not an easy task. It may seem that all affiliate networks offer decent rates for nutra offers. However, you need to evaluate not only the rates. Here’s how to choose an affiliate network for nutra:

  1. Determine what countries you’d like to target. Rates are higher in Tier-1 markets, but targeting is more difficult due to the language barrier.
  2. Explore the ratings of CPA networks and nutra affiliate networks. The top-lists usually provide descriptions of the main features of each affiliate network.
  3. Compare the conditions for the same offers in several affiliate networks. The rate should only slightly differ. If it is significantly higher or lower than in similar networks, this should raise suspicion.
  4. Look for reviews. But be careful, as fake reviews are now being used on forums. It is better to read not the reviews themselves, but the discussion of campaigns in a particular affiliate network, and draw your own conclusions.

To help our readers, we have compiled our own top-list of nutra affiliate networks. Only relevant affiliate networks of this year are included in the rating.

Top-list of nutra affiliate networks 2023: how did AffDays compile the rating?

Here are a few signs of best nutra affiliate networks:

  • Relevant offers – fresh for the proposed GEO. The best nutra affiliate networks have offers from direct advertisers. And if you have consistently good traffic, you can request access to private offers from your manager in an affiliate network.
  • Good promos – ready-made landings and pre-landings. And together they build entire sales funnels, eventually engaging users. Of course, the landings should be available for editing.
  • New GEOs are constantly being added – best nutra affiliate networks expand the list of GEOs to work with.
  • There are many affiliate marketing tools – affiliate network teams do everything to make it convenient to work.
  • Payments are made on time and under convenient conditions.

Best nutra affiliate programs often give out promo codes for services for affiliates. We took all of these signs into account when compiling our top-list of affiliate networks for nutra. In all affiliate networks from our rating, there are only fresh and profitable offers with high-quality promos. The technical part is also constantly improving. New affiliate marketing tools are being added. And the payout terms are convenient for an affiliate. And of course, all payouts are made honestly – the best nutra affiliate networks do not shave.

How to start earning on Nutra?

So, you’ve chosen a partner network to make money. The next step is to decide on the offer and its payment model. The best Nutra affiliate networks offer several payment models:

  1. COD – payment for the product upon delivery and receipt;
  2. SS – online payment upon purchase. The affiliate receives a commission as soon as the payment is confirmed;
  3. Trial – payment with a linked card. The buyer will receive a product sample for free, and payment for subsequent orders will be automatically deducted.
4 Best Nutra Health Affiliate Programs 2024 2024

The best Nutra affiliate networks offer a COD offer – a request is left, and the order is confirmed through a call center.

It’s hard to say which payment model is better to start with. Firstly, you need to take into account the GEO – for example, for the CIS countries COD is still the leader, but due to the pandemic, it has begun to lose to online payment. Trial is more suitable for Tier-1 countries with a high level of trust in online auto-payments.

Another important point is how long you plan to run campaigns on offers. Trial is designed for those who are set up for a long-term campaign. The better the quality of the rebills (repeat orders), the higher the commission rates.

Sources of Traffic in Nutra

The next step is to choose how you will promote. Here are the best sources of traffic for promoting Nutra:

  • Contextual advertising – yes, promoting Nutra through contextual advertising can be difficult. Without whitelisted landing pages or cloaking, it can be almost impossible. However, the audience is ready, especially from search ads, and the reach is enormous. Experienced affiliates can even run ads for adult nutra on Google Ads.
  • Push and teaser ads – we have combined them because they have common advantages. There is no strict moderation for teaser and push ads, and the traffic is cheap. However, it’s “cold” promotion, with a lot of clicks.
  • Social networks – Instagram is still on top, but Facebook has begun to give way to alternative sources. The reason for this is the mass blocking of ad accounts. TikTok, Pinterest, and Snapchat have all performed well for promoting Nutra.
  • Organic traffic – websites and blogs. For example, a blog about a healthy lifestyle is a gold mine for promoting Nutra. Doorways are still alive – these are networks of websites created for keyword groups.

In addition, conditionally free traffic is also suitable for promoting Nutra. It’s conditional because minimal investment (for copywriters, posting, etc.) may still be required. These include crowd marketing (posting on forums, review sites, etc), classified ads, and your own YouTube channel. There are many options, and it all depends on your creativity.

Making money on nutra affiliate networks

Earnings on nutra affiliate networks can bring in impressive sums of money. Here are a few of the latest cases that prove this.

$2,700 in 3 weeks – promoting weight loss product to Uzbekistan with profit

  • Affiliate network: M4Leads
  • Offer: KETO POWER
  • GEO: Uzbekistan
  • Period of promotion: 11.06 – 30.06.2021
  • Traffic source: Facebook, Instagram
  • Expenses: $1800
  • Revenue: $4480
  • Profit: $2680
  • ROI: 249%

This is a case from a small team of 10 people, but the approach can also be useful for a solo affiliate. For promotion on Facebook, purchased accounts and self-regions (on physical SIM cards) were used. Creatives were specially made for this campaign.

4 Best Nutra Health Affiliate Programs 2024 2024

Some promos started to convert only after changing the font or image. And of course, everything was coordinated with the affiliate manager. The landing pages are also made unique – they are rewritten, and if necessary, “whitewashed.”

It is difficult to work with Facebook traffic without cloaking when promoting nutra offers. They used Keitaro for cloaking. According to the author of the case, the actual profit was higher since there were some integration issues. But even the approximate numbers are quite good.

Helping Filipinas Regain Youth: Almost $10,000 Profit in 2 Months

  • Affiliate network: DrCash
  • Offer: Derma Tea
  • GEO: Philippines
  • Campaign period: 02.05 – 27.06.2021
  • Traffic source: Facebook
  • Expenses: $5,133
  • Revenue: $14,101
  • Profit: $8,968
  • ROI: 174%

Many affiliates are afraid of the language barrier when running campaigns in foreign countries. However, this case proves that there is no need to be afraid even when running campaigns in exotic GEOs such as the Philippines.

The offer for an “anti-aging” product was chosen due to its good approval rate of 61% in the affiliate network. The target audience was also immediately clear: women over the age of 35.

To run the campaign on Facebook, 9 accounts were used, including 6 auto-registered, 2 logins, and 1 rented. Each account had its own email and even a sim card. The accounts were warmed up for 3 weeks. OctoBrowser was used as an anti-detection browser. However, it did not save the accounts from the Facebook ads ban system. Blocks were lifted with the help of a Telegram bot that provided document templates.

The creatives were videos with overlayed music covers that were popular 20 years ago. Their goal was to evoke memories of youth in the target audience. The approach worked, with each creative having a CTR of around 15-17% and a lifespan of about a week. The neural network perceived the creatives as “white”, which was helped by numerous likes from users.

4 Best Nutra Health Affiliate Programs 2024 2024

By the way, the language of creatives was English, as this language is often used in print and online media in the Philippines. The pre-lander was also quite soft, with a story about a groom who ran away from the wedding after finding out the true age of the bride.

There was also a mention of “the man in the white coat” – this is a well-known figure in the Philippines, Dr. Ong.

The campaign used manual bidding with a daily budget of up to $250. They set bids twice as high as the recommended auto-bidding range, ranging from $4.5 to $5.5.

As a result, they earned $14,101 over two months, with a profit of nearly $10,000. The approval rate was even higher than that stated in the affiliate network – 64.69%.

4 Best Nutra Health Affiliate Programs 2024 2024


Nutra is not only evergreen but also one of the most profitable verticals in affiliate marketing. We hope that our top-list of affiliate networks for nutra will help you choose the best affiliate network. We wish you success!

Why is nutra an evergreen vertical in affiliate marketing?

Nutra remains popular because people always want to be healthy and beautiful. Some nutra offers may become irrelevant, but in general, the niche remains in demand. Even during the coronavirus pandemic, when some other verticals suffered, nutra remained relevant.

What are the advantages of affiliate marketing on nutra?

There are many advantages to affiliate marketing on nutra. The main one is that the vertical is always in demand. Fresh offers appear regularly, and the choice of GEOs in affiliate networks is expanding. Another advantage is good commission rates and a selection of payment models.

How to choose the best nutra affiliate network for earning?

The best nutra affiliate networks are listed in our rating. We compiled the top-list based on feedback from affiliates and affiliate networks managers. We also tested the nutra affiliate networks from our top-list with test campaigns.

How to run nutra on foreign markets?

Commission rates in nutra affiliate networks are higher for foreign markets. However, there are several factors that can discourage affiliates, such as language barriers and cultural differences. Taking into account the local culture when preparing creatives is essential. We have previously discussed how to run nutra campaigns in Arab countries, and you can find some useful case studies there.

How much can you earn on nutra affiliate networks?

Earnings depend on the GEO you are targeting, the demand for the offer, and a well-selected combination. Payment model also plays a role in nutra campaigns. For example, initial rates for trial offers are slightly lower, but if the rebills have good quality, they will increase. You can find examples of earnings on nutra affiliate networks in this review.

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