LeiaPix AI Tool: Bring Pictures to Life

LeiaPix AI Tool Bring Pictures to Life 2024

With each passing day, AI tools reach new heights, providing users with vast possibilities. They could only poorly generate images at the beginning of the AI journey, now they can even animate images, giving motion to individual elements. Today, at AffDays, we want to discuss such an AI tool, namely LeiaPix. It was created by Leia Inc., an American company producing 3D lightfield products and software applications. LeiaPix is an AI tool that will add a bit of movement to any static image, turning it into a video.

Please note that to use the service, you need to disable AdBlock in your browser. Some creative tools rely on technical processes that adblockers might misunderstand. Disabling it can help ensure LeiaPix functions smoothly for the best experience.

The Difference of LeiaPix from Other AI Tools

LeiaPix is an early tool in the field of AI-powered image animation. It allows users to transform static images into short video clips. Additionally, you can adjust picture elements using the AI tool by rotating the image.

LeiaPix AI Tool Bring Pictures to Life 2024
Leiapix homepage

These features allow affiliates to add motion to static images, potentially making them more engaging for creatives. After all, static images often convert better due to their vividness; now, this can be combined with a more noticeable and engaging video format.

If you want to assess what the AI tool can do, just visit the website and refresh the page (you can press F5). You will see various options for adding dynamism to different images. It is worth noting that the functionality of the service is broader than it appears from the dynamic splash screen on the website and allows you to animate almost any element.

LeiaPix Functionality

The side panel in the service is fully functional, and there are many customization tools available. For instance, you can:

  • Choose the direction of the image or its elements (to animate specific elements, you need to paint all other components of the image using the “Depth Map” tool (we will talk about it in more detail below);
  • Adjust the animation speed;
  • Shift the focal point by zooming in the image;
  • Enable or disable contour blurring (the contour will blur due to the movement of the image);
  • Highlight specific elements/areas that you want to keep static (using the “Depth Map” tool).
LeiaPix AI Tool Bring Pictures to Life 2024

In addition to selecting one of the tools, you can adjust the vector in which the image will move. For example, the image or its individual elements can move circularly or linearly.

LeiaPix AI Tool Bring Pictures to Life 2024
Adjusting the image movement vector

Overall, the service’s toolkit is extensive, so you can easily implement most of your ideas. Additionally, it’s easy to understand how each function works since the image on the left displays the result of the changes made every second, which helps to adapt quickly.

How to Use LeiaPix

Before getting started, you’ll need to register – the easiest way to do this is by using a Google email account, through which you can simply log in. Then, a window for uploading an image will appear. Upload the picture and start editing.

LeiaPix AI Tool Bring Pictures to Life 2024
Start page after authorization

Let’s upload the same picture we processed earlier and try to make the cat move its head left and right. To do this:

  1. In the “Animation Style” tab, select “Horizontal”;
  2. In the “Amount of Motion” tab, slide the slider to 100% to make the head movement more pronounced;
  3. In the “Animation Length” tab, set it to 2 seconds to make the cat’s head move quickly and noticeably (you can set it from 1 to 10 seconds);
  4. In the “Focus Point” tab, slide the slider to the middle to keep the image static while only the head moves;
  5. In the “Edge Dilation” tab, slide the slider to the maximum to remove blurring of the moving object’s contour;
  6. In the “Depth Map” tab, paint the image up to the middle (up to the cat’s head) to animate only the upper part of the picture. You can choose “Overlay” to better see the objects you are painting.
LeiaPix AI Tool Bring Pictures to Life 2024
The “Depth Map” tab with activated “Overlay” for convenient highlighting of unnecessary elements

After obtaining the result, you can export the video by clicking the “Export” button in the top right corner. You can download the video in 720p for free, but if you want to increase the quality, you’ll need to spend credits, which are initially issued at 100 units and can be purchased afterward.

LeiaPix AI Tool Bring Pictures to Life 2024
Export of the video

Strengths and Weaknesses

LeiaPix allows users to add motion to static images. Here’s a breakdown of its strengths and weaknesses:


  • Precise Control: LeiaPix stands out for its ability to adjust individual elements within an image. This allows for precise control over the animation, making it ideal for nuanced movements.
  • Intuitive workspace for easy experimentation: The intuitive workspace makes it easy for beginners to experiment and create animations without additional learning processes.
  • Real-Time Preview: The ability to see your edits come to life instantly allows for quick adjustments and ensures you achieve the desired effect.


  • Limited Free Export: The free tier only allows exporting animations in 720p resolution, which might be insufficient for professional use. Upgrading to higher resolutions requires purchasing credits.
  • Dependence on Internet Connection: As a web-based tool, LeiaPix relies on a stable Internet connection for optimal performance. This can be limiting for users with unreliable internet access.

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We can say that LeiaPix is a promising AI tool that can help animate static images. All that is required of the user is to undergo a quick authorization and understand the service’s functionality within 10-15 minutes, after that you can create your own videos, adding some motion to any static images.

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