Review of Affiliate Top: Direct Advertiser of Trading Platforms Binomo and Stockity

Affiliate Top Affiliate Network Review Details 2024

Affiliate Top is an affiliate program in the financial vertical that entered the market over 10 years ago. It’s also a direct advertiser of two trading platforms: Binomo and Stockity.

Your level as a webmaster doesn’t matter at all; they accept everyone, from beginners to large teams. If you’ve always wanted to try yourself in financial offers, then this affiliate program is a great place to start.

Affiliate Top Affiliate Network Review Details 2024

What You Need to Know About Affiliate Top

Affiliate Top is a direct advertiser of trading platforms that offer their users trading in various assets, including cryptocurrency. Among the main features: both platforms offer fixed-time trades, an easy-to-understand interface, straightforward and open registration, a large number of trading pairs, clear partnership terms without fine print. High conversion is ensured by a good reputation and a large number of traders worldwide. They also invest in marketing: large-scale advertising campaigns and contests for their partners!

Affiliate Top Affiliate Network Review Details 2024

Affiliate Top is suitable for webmasters of any level: no confirmation of experience, interviews, or statistics from previous traffic uploads will be required to drive traffic to offers. Also, joining is open to bloggers and creators of thematic content who are willing to post affiliate links in their profiles on popular platforms.

The affiliate program offers two main cooperation models:

  • Classic RevShare — new users here receive 70%. However, this figure can increase up to 90%, which will be one of the highest in the niche in principle. To achieve this, your traffic must convert into FTD users — the more of them, the higher the income from the profits of the traders assigned to you;
  • Turnover Share — in this model, you will receive a certain percentage of profit from the monthly trading turnover of the traders you attracted. The rate here is fixed at 6.5% excluding commission.

Income levels are updated on the first day of each month. In addition to RevShare and Turnover Share, you can negotiate hybrid and other conditions. For example, you can set personal goals for achieving certain metrics: say, you can bring in a certain number of FTDs per month, and the program will pay a fixed rate for it.

You are not limited by geo — the whole world is open to you. Any traffic sources are allowed based on quality. The only condition is not to contradict the requirements and corporate policies of advertisers.


In addition to the ability to negotiate individual terms with the affiliate program, Affiliate Top has other advantages:

  • Direct advertiser always implies maximum payouts as there is the shortest chain without intermediaries;
  • A full set of useful tools for work: smart links, postbacks, trading signals, and API (upon request);
  • Open and instant registration: you can start right away;
  • Instant access to all features: everything is available here and now;
  • Highly detailed traffic statistics and analytics for sales funnel optimization;
  • Best and promising geos: CIS countries, Latin America, India, Indonesia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Turkey;
  • Localization in 8 languages;
  • Telegram bot for automating certain processes: for example, it will notify about new deposits, registrations, balance updates, and more. Detailed information about it is available in the corresponding tab of the personal account; it is available as a separate tab in the personal account immediately with all the necessary setup instructions;
Affiliate Top Affiliate Network Review Details 2024's telegram bot
  • Free promotional materials: banners, landing pages, creatives;
  • Referral program of 5%, but it’s possible to negotiate a higher rate.

Additionally, once or twice a month, there are promotions and contests with valuable prizes — you can win additional payouts for the number of FTDs, registrations, high conversion rates, and so on. Recently, the team even raffled off $50,000 among partners, divided into categories based on traffic volume, meaning the conditions were fair: most performing partners competed with most performing partners, small partners with small ones.

Also, we’d like to mention the support service. The team responds in the same eight languages ​​that the site is translated into and quite quickly. Regarding urgent matters, they’re available even on weekends. For all questions related to your work and traffic, it is better to communicate with a personal manager who will be assigned to you.

Registration in Affiliate Top

Registration in the affiliate program is simple, standard, and open. You can do it with any email. You don’t even need to go through verification or specify additional channels for contacting you. Account approval is instant: confirm your email, accept the affiliate agreement, and start using it.

Affiliate Top Affiliate Network Review Details 2024

You can skip leaving the messenger, although it’s not recommended — this earns a definite thumbs-up, as you can explore your personal account yourself without worrying that someone will start bothering you. However, later on, you will need it, as communication with your personal manager is conducted through Telegram.

Overview of Personal Account

At the top of the main page are important notifications. For example, in our case, a reminder to add a payment method.

Affiliate Top Affiliate Network Review Details 2024

Otherwise, the account consists of sections familiar to most webmasters.

Main page offers an overview of the tariffs and conditions of each trading platform, contains a block of useful links, and basic statistics on registrations and FTDs.

Affiliate Top Affiliate Network Review Details 2024

The current contests are placed in a separate tab titled the same. For instance, right now, you can win $30,000 for your dream trip.

Affiliate Top Affiliate Network Review Details 2024's contest banner

In ‘General affiliate report,’ you can view overall statistics, reports by partners, traders, referrals, graphs, and registrations. Everything conveniently fits into several windows. The period for displaying data can be set using the corresponding filter:

Affiliate Top Affiliate Network Review Details 2024

The ‘Promo materials’ section contains promotional materials for each trading platform. Here you can select the advertising format — banner, landing page, application — and specify all necessary settings such as language, resolution, and others.

Affiliate Top Affiliate Network Review Details 2024

In ‘Referrals,’ your unique link with the terms of their attraction is placed:

Affiliate Top Affiliate Network Review Details 2024

In ‘Finances,’ you choose the payment method and can also suspend payments if necessary.

Affiliate Top Affiliate Network Review Details 2024

In ‘Postbacks,’ you can configure the transfer of data across multiple parameters, such as in a tracker:

Affiliate Top Affiliate Network Review Details 2024

There are also several other sections: ‘News’, ‘Support’, FAQ, ‘Information’ with legal documents, ‘Training’ with instructions. You will find everything you need there. Conveniently, there is no need to leave the website.

How to Withdraw Money

Affiliate Top withdraws money once a week without delays. There are no holds. This is fixed for all partners. The minimum withdrawal amount is indeed minimal, just $10. Around 15 payment methods are available. All popular ones are naturally available:

  • BTC;
  • Advcash;
  • Litecoin;
  • USDT (TRC/ERC 20);
  • Ovo;
  • Dana;
  • Shopeepay;
  • Gopay;
  • Pix;
  • Papara, and others.


Leave your feedback about Affiliate Top in the comments section of this review.

Share your experience, tell us what you like, and what could be improved. Also, attach screenshots with statistics so that other readers know how much you can earn in the affiliate program.

To stay updated with the news, subscribe to the affiliate program’s Telegram channel and to their Instagram page.

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