Review of Trafee: Multi-Vertical Affiliate Network with 4,000+ Offers

Trafee Multi Vertical Affiliate Network with 4000+ Offers 2024

Trafee is a multi-vertical affiliate network with 4,000+ offers in the dating, adult games and cams, sweepstakes, and iGaming verticals. The latest addition was made quite recently to diversify the affiliate offers. The dating vertical remains the main one with plenty of offers.

In this review, we will talk about the advantages of working with Trafee that webmasters can benefit from if they join it. 

What you need to know about Trafee

Trafee is an affiliate network with innovative traffic monetization. There is an automatic smartlink system without managers and access requests for affiliates (although, if needed, your personal manager will assist you with everything). In the dating niche, the affiliate network is one of the leaders in Europe. There are over 4,000 offers available at Trafee and they are accessible in over 100 geos. These two factors significantly increase the chances of finding what suits you best.

Trafee Multi Vertical Affiliate Network with 4000+ Offers 2024

The affiliate network is aimed at experienced affiliates and webmasters, so newcomers won’t be able to join. The registration process consists of two stages: the first involves filling out registration details, and the second — an interview with a manager. You will be asked to talk about your traffic sources, geos, advertising formats, and also to provide statistics. After this, SmartLink will thoroughly analyze your traffic and select the most relevant creatives that will help maximize your revenue. Account approval takes up to 48 hours, and access to offers up to 24 hours.

Trafee accepts the following traffic sources:

  • Mobile applications;
  • SEO;
  • Social networks;
  • Email;
  • Media buying;
  • Chats.

The affiliate network managers share insights, including upcoming promotions, new offers, cases, bundles, and creatives.

Advantages of Trafee

The affiliate network indeed has many advantages. In addition to a large number of offers, affiliates have access to:

  • The SmartLink system, which operates based on AI and automatically matches traffic with the most suitable offers, making this process as comfortable as possible for affiliates.
  • Exclusive offers from direct advertisers. Right now, they recommend promoting LocalFlirt and TopLocalSingles.
  • Real-time statistics on the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. It is maximally comprehensive, transparent, and contains all the necessary data for traffic analysis. It is oriented not on sub-accounts but on sub-sources, which can be numerous. Everything is available in the personal account.
  • Global presence. Trafee operates worldwide thanks to multilingual landing pages, which sets the affiliate network apart from competitors. Its smart links work in 100+ countries in 20+ languages.
  • Optimization for all devices. Trafee works perfectly on all types of devices: whether they are mobile phones, laptops, computers, and is compatible with almost all operating systems.
  • Customer support ready to assist affiliates with any questions.
  • Referral program with 5% commissions.
  • Blog with useful materials.

For newcomers, there is a very powerful starter package, which includes priority support from the entire Trafee team, access to all offers, reduced withdrawal amount, 10% bonus on the first withdrawal, gift merchandise after four payments, bonus points for the currently ongoing contest. You can learn more about the terms here.

Contests and promotions are held every six months, and sometimes they are really large-scale. For example, right now a promo is being held, where you can double your profits if you earn more than $1,000 during the contest period.

If you have significant volumes and quality traffic, you can negotiate individual cooperation conditions. This attributes to the above mentioned promo as well.

Registration in Trafee

To register for the affiliate network, you need to fill out quite common information: email, username, password, and messenger.

Trafee Multi Vertical Affiliate Network with 4000+ Offers 2024

After that, you will need to confirm your registration by clicking on the link in the email you’ll receive, and you will gain access to your personal account. You will be able to familiarize yourself with its functionality, but to start promoting offers, you will need to undergo an interview.

Trafee Personal Account Overview

There are many tabs in the personal account, but they are all highly functional and contain just the right amount of guidance needed. You won’t have to read a lot of text to understand what each is for.

The first tab, ‘Dashboard,’ will display the performance of your campaigns for the specified period in the most understandable way – graphically, showing impressions, clicks, conversions, and profits.

Trafee Multi Vertical Affiliate Network with 4000+ Offers 2024

On the ‘Smartlinks’ tab, you can manage your smartlinks. These are ‘smart’ links that allow you to direct traffic to offers selected by AI based on the information received and historical trends. You can launch them for each category separately.

Trafee Multi Vertical Affiliate Network with 4000+ Offers 2024

Offers are managed on the same-name tab. Direct smart offers, as well as already launched and requested ones, are available here. You can view, configure, get reports, and archive offers. Categories have been added for navigation convenience.

Trafee Multi Vertical Affiliate Network with 4000+ Offers 2024

In the ‘Reports’ tab, you can request data on profits and referrals, as well as export everything needed, create a graph, and set a period. 

Trafee Multi Vertical Affiliate Network with 4000+ Offers 2024

In the ‘Conversions’ tab, information about coversions is displayed. 

Trafee Multi Vertical Affiliate Network with 4000+ Offers 2024

On the ‘Balance’ tab, you can view data on your earnings.

Trafee Multi Vertical Affiliate Network with 4000+ Offers 2024

In the ‘Domains’ tab, you can add a new domain, but only with a subdomain. All format hints appear when adding a domain, so there should be no difficulties.

Trafee Multi Vertical Affiliate Network with 4000+ Offers 2024

Also, there are two tabs — ‘News’, where you can familiarize yourself with the latest news from the affiliate network, and ‘Support’, where you can submit a request or search for answers yourself in the FAQ section.

How to withdraw money from Trafee

Money is withdrawn from the personal account through the ‘Payments’ tab. You can withdraw once a week without a hold from the second payment onwards. You can arrange withdrawal upon request with your personal manager. The minimum withdrawal amount is quite accessible – only $100.

You can do this through:

  • PayPal;
  • Webmoney;
  • Paxum;
  • Wire;
  • Capitalist;
  • BTC;
  • USDT.

Adding new withdrawal methods is not provided, but if there are many requests, this possibility will be definitely considered.


Leave your feedback about Trafee in the comments to this material.

Share your experience, tell us what you like and what could be improved. Also, attach screenshots with statistics so that other readers know how much you can earn in the affiliate network.

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