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ScroogeFrog Service Provider Review Exclusive Promo Code 2024

ScroogeFrog is a service provider and a supplier of quality agency ad accounts which gives exactly what webmasters and advertisers need. A strong advertising account is crucial because it allows you to spend significant budgets for an extended period without getting banned. ScroogeFrog’s mission is clear — to provide businesses with an opportunity to effectively attract clients through smart advertising strategies.

In our review, we will explain how to work with this service provider, what its main features and advantages are. We will also analyze a case study on working with agency ad accounts in the Forbes vertical from ScroogeFrog.

What’s Important to Know about ScroogeFrog

ScroogeFrog Service Provider Review Exclusive Promo Code 2024

ScroogeFrog is an advertising agency and service provider, has been working since 2008 in the niches of finance, insurance, e-commerce, and iGaming across 100+ geos, including exclusive ones. The team of experts optimizes advertising networks for clients, selects highly accurate targeting, and analyzes audience behavior across more than 20 parameters.

The main advantage is that they handle accounting and support at all stages, their accounts have fewer problems with bans, and receive direct support from each network during moderation. They know how to handle account blocks and what to do to avoid them.

ScroogeFrog utilizes both international and local traffic sources. They provide turnkey services from creative to traffic tracking with optimization across various platforms:

  • Facebook (Meta Ads);
  • Tik-Tok;
  • Applovin;
  • Microsoft;
  • Taboola;
  • Bigo;
  • Outbrain;
  • Google Ads;
  • Snapchat.

ScroogeFrog offers agency ad accounts from over 100 native and social sources. These professionals know how to avoid issues with bans and payments. The experts regularly expand their database with new sources. Collaborations with ScroogeFrog can start with a budget of $300.

Advantages of the ScroogeFrog Service

The ScroogeFrog service offers a signature checklist with detailed rules for working with advertising accounts. Professionals know how agency ad accounts differ from automatically registered accounts, so these platform’s advantages are undeniable:

  • Comprehensive assistance with moderation of accounts and creatives;
  • Advanced technical support;
  • Reduction in expenses on continuous farming;
  • Pre-moderation of target pages;
  • High approval rate;
  • Refund of the budget and transfer of balance between accounts in case of a ban;
  • Brand safety, working according to international agreements;
  • Reduction in advertising costs by decreasing ads shown to clickers and bots;
  • Reduction in fraud during the launch of contextual and banner advertising;
  • Quality check of new traffic sources;
  • Optimization of conversion costs by disconnecting low-quality sites and users;
  • Free anti-click fraud connection to native networks.

The service offers non-standard and local traffic sources and assists with comprehensive analytics.

ScroogeFrog issues agency ad accounts for promotion. The team of experts with unique experience helps at every stage of cooperation. Much useful information can be found on the service’s blog. The professionals have been working in this niche for a long time and know how to work correctly with agency ad accounts.

For example, experts have prepared a presentation on ‘How to Prepare Advertising Assets for Uploading iGaming Verticals to Facebook’ and explained how to extend the life of an advertising campaign:

  • Mask fan pages and creatives on prohibited topics.
  • Use unique domains, whites, and creatives without mentioning money like ‘+$100’.
  • Carefully set up the Business Manager.
  • Use cloaking, avoid spam floods and campaign copies.
  • Do not make corrections to the landing page after the campaign launch.

Aspects of a good Facebook page:

  • Avatar and background matching the site;
  • Posts with ‘Like’ marks;
  • Organic captions and iterations;
  • Filled company information;
  • Available reviews.

On the landing page, all buttons should work, including the lead form, and legal addresses of the company should be listed. In the product catalog, prices are listed in the geo’s currency. The information about the offer, privacy policy, and company is detailed, and the bright creatives only hint at the offer for the user. Application pages correspond to the theme, without triggers. The app has a detailed description and update history, good ratings, and reviews.

Another example that confirms ScroogeFrog’s expertise — a case in the Forex vertical with Facebook agency ad accounts. Facebook doesn’t like this topic and any advertising associated with it.

ScroogeFrog Service Provider Review Exclusive Promo Code 2024

The agency offers Chinese Meta ASP accounts which means:

  • No spending limits;
  • No risk of a ban due to billing from Meta ASP;
  • High trust in the account;
  • Low risk of an instant ban for creatives;
  • Offers through cloaking are permitted;
  • High likelihood of unblocking via appeal;
  • Support from Meta representatives.
ScroogeFrog Service Provider Review Exclusive Promo Code 2024

The statistics for the accounts over the last six months have shown good results. The agency’s ad accounts are reliable, and a ban can be avoided in 90% of cases. If an account is blocked, the agency will request a refund and transfer the money to another account.

Thanks to the agency account, the client registers in the system as a legal entity on behalf of a marketing company. The business status is documented, and Facebook trusts this account, offering favorable traffic conditions, connection to a large number of business accounts, and extended support.

ScroogeFrog Service Provider Review Exclusive Promo Code 2024

The campaign results for the flashlight show a CPL of 1.22 EUR, for the knee pads a CPL of 3.22 EUR, and for the vibrating belt a CPL of 2.31 EUR.

Experts use one advertising account, one business manager, and one current offer on the Facebook page (FanPage) with a warmed-up audience for each offer.

How to Register with the ScroogeFrog Media-Buying Agency and Start Working

ScroogeFrog Service Provider Review Exclusive Promo Code 2024

To start working with ScroogeFrog, you’ll need to press the ‘Get a consultation’ button and fill in your:

  • Name;
  • Email;
  • Contact info.
ScroogeFrog Service Provider Review Exclusive Promo Code 2024

After a while, you’ll be contacted and granted access to the platform. 

User Reviews on the ScroogeFrog Audit Service and Media-Buying Agency

Users leave positive reviews about working with ScroogeFrog. They appreciate that the service integrates with Google Ads,, AdNow. The system offers a range of free services, including integration with MGid, RedTram, Direct/ADVERT, Actionteaser, VisitWeb, Medianet.AdLabs with autoban. Users manage to save advertising campaign budgets through optimization, fraud reduction, bot detection, and rejection of sources with low-quality traffic.


ScroogeFrog is a service for agency ad accounts on the most popular networks. With it, users receive comprehensive assistance from managers, extended technical support, and reduce expenses on constant farming. And if the account gets banned, the money will be refunded to the balance. All this is a big plus for the ScoogeFrog agency and distinguishes them as professionals in their field, because they have been in this business for more than 15 years and travel to large conferences in all countries of the world to see clients and partners.

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